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I'll give that one a try too

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Never tried it that way, but I know this works:
Make a .CMD file that has a single line:
Kix32.exe TSLogon.kix
and call that .cmd file as the script...

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Completely new to kix but I am doing some testing at the moment. I have a
W2K terminal server in a 2000 domain. The terminal server box is located in
a separate OU called Terminal Servers. I have a GPO called Terminal Server
policy linked to this GPO. I ahve loopback processing turned on. I am
creating a simple logon script for the Terminal Server Policy. I have the
script name set to kix32.exe and the script parameters as the kix logon
script (tslogon.kix). 
The problem is that it appears that the script is not being run, none of the
drives are being mapped. However, if I run the script manually from a
command prompt it does run. Do I have the script parameters set up

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