[windows2000] Re: Just how does DNS work on W2k3

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  • Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 17:16:01 -0000

Comments inline...

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> To: Braebaum, Neil
> Subject: Re: Just how does DNS work on W2k3 
> >> So what does route print give you? Specifically, is network 
> >> destination
> pointing to the interface you think it should be?
> Not sure what it's supposed to give... But here is what it says...
> Active Routes:
> Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       
> Interface  Metric
>     20

This one being the one I was most interested in, it is saying that the
NIC that is is the default NIC (unless it knows otherwise).

> >> You didn't answer this?
> Must've missed it.  What exactly do you mean by resolve.  If 
> by resolve you mean, can I do an Nslookup on any of the 
> subnets (NSLookup
> zeus.sandhills.edu) yes, they all resolve to the IP address (all three
> actually)

Actually the question was regarding whether all NICs (well their TCP/IP
configuration, really) register themselves with DNS.

> >> That didn't really answer my question. nslookup in 
> interactive mode 
> >> is
> merely typing nslookup with no arguments. You then should get 
> a '>' prompt. After that, type set type=srv <RETURN> (which 
> will provide matches for SRV records, then _ldap._tcp.<DNS 
> name of your domain here> <RETURN> which should show all the 
> hits that clients will get returned to them, when asking for 
> providers of _ldap.
> Sorry...  Here is it.  Not sure what it's supposed to say though.
> C:\>nslookup
> Default Server:  zeus.sandhills.edu
> Address:
> > set type=srv
> > _ldap._tcp.sandhills.edu
> Server:  zeus.sandhills.edu
> Address:
> _ldap._tcp.sandhills.edu        SRV service location:
>           priority       = 0
>           weight         = 100
>           port           = 389
>           svr hostname   = zeus.sandhills.edu
> zeus.sandhills.edu      internet address =
> zeus.sandhills.edu      internet address =
> zeus.sandhills.edu      internet address =

There you have it.

When the question is asked, there will be three results.

I suspect this may not be what you want. I could be wrong, but unless
you have other requirements, you may not want all NICs to be registering
themselves - maybe only one.

> >> And my other question, too, which I forgot in my first 
> reply - does 
> >> your
> DC / DNS server listen on all interfaces for DNS resolution - 
> and if so, is that a conscious, designed thing?
> You know, I'm not sure if it does.  How does one check that?  
> I didn't do it, but if it happens by default, then I'd assume so...

If you've left it to defaults, it will.

You can check by opening the DNS GUI / MMC and getting the properties of
the server.


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