[windows2000] Just how does DNS work on W2k3

  • From: "Rick Fogarty" <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "W2K" <Windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 09:17:19 -0500

Well, we broke out and installed a new W2k3 domain.  Setup our DNS server
and all appears to be going well.  We have some clients that are student lab
machines that we use TweakUI to automatically login using a domain account.
It appears that tweak ui is moving too fast to always catch the login
The student system is on the 172.16.12 network.  The DC sits on the network
and has 3 NICs - one for each of the three subnets that its assigned to
(172.16.12, 172.16.20 and a public IP - 198.85.X.X).  This worked quite well
for us in our NT4.0 environment and worked fine for our test environment.
So, when a student machine logs in automatically using TweakUI it doesn't
get the login script.  However, when we force a login w/o using TweakUI, the
login script processes fine.  We put a sniffer on the network and found the
When the student asks for permissions to login it sends a message asking for
a DC.  I was told that it returned the three address of the DNS server
(which in this case is also the DNS server)  So, it traverses our network
finding the subnet that responded first.  In one case (.20) the client
side(on the .12 network) will never see that side (the .20) of the network.
If 198 responded, the client's traffic traverses through the network out
past the router to come inbound and get on the 198 side of the network.
Thus, the client not waiting for the traffic to return - so it appears to
time out and use the cached credentials.

So, I guess my question is... how is this process supposed to work?  When a
client wants to login to a DC that it is a member of, what actually happens?
Client is XP Pro SP1 - Server is W2k3 Server all patches.
To me, it appears we have something incorrectly setup on the DC/DNS.  In
NT4.0, when a client on the .12 network requested something from the DC, it
responded on the .12 network.  Almost as if it was intelligent enough to
determine the subnet the request came in on....
Any ideas?

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