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I use IPSec IP Filtering on my web server. I block all incoming ports except
port 80. Get to IP Security Filtering by going to your Local area connection
properties, Internet Protocol, click on the properties button, then click on
the advanced button on the IP screen. 
Then click on the options tab and highlight TCPIP Filtering and click on the
properties button. Check the box to enable IP Filtering and only allow the
ports incoming that you want  people to access.

Jim Kenzig

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Take a look at this document.


You will be using the IPSEC console but not really using IPSEC, more =
like a filter.  But it works.  I used it on my DNS server before we got =
a PIX.  Oh yeah I highly recommend a hardware firewall.  Way better then =
ISA server, which I used before.

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Hi list,

I have a server out at a Web host that I access via Terminal Services.
I could also have it so that I could map drives to it and everything
else if I really wanted to.  With this server sitting out there running
TS just waiting for anyone in the world to connect to it and try to
guess my password, I am of course, a little uncomfortable with that.

I was thinking about buying ISA server, but that may be overkill.  But
then I thought that I could use IP security policies to block on
non-port 80 traffic from everywhere but my computer at home.  Is the
IPSec reliable?  Secure?  Do I even understand what IP Sec is?

I know that some people will say "get Zone Alarm" or something like
that.  I don't want to run third party apps...  It's either some
built-in solution or ISA Server.

Thanks a lot,

Ray at home

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