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  • Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 11:21:11 -0800

From: "Farrugia, Paul" <pfarrugia@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sorry if this is a little confusing, this is the first time I am dealing
with something like this and I am trying to word this as best I as I

No problem, recognizing when you have a problem is the first step in solving it.

All of the computers (workstations and servers) on my network are on a
public ip address range. They are currently using the scope of It has been like this since before I was
here. Does anyone see a problem with this???

1) It's incredibly wasteful of your companies monetary resources, renewing such a large block from your ISP on a regular basis has to be expensive.
2) Since everything is publicly routeable, you're going to be even more vulnerable to both interior and exterior security threats. NAT isn't much of a security barrier to any competant hacker but it can keep out the malicious but ignorant.

From various threads I have read I see that most networks are configured
on a private ip range ...192.168.1. xxx...anyway...I wanted to know if
this something that I should be looking to change? Is this just common
practice or is there a reason for it?

I highly recommend that you change to one of the private address spaces. Right now if anyone rigs up a bootleg internet connection such as a modem you don't know about your entire network would be publicly exposed.

I know that changing the ip's on my servers will be more a pain then I
need right now but as far as the workstations go..would I just have to
create a new scope and have the DHCP server give out those addresses?

Changing the workstations would be an excellent first step. Once that's done you should look at which servers actually need public addresses and which do not.

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