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  • Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 11:41:15 -0500

Ok I tried the shields up test and it will only detect the ip address
for my ISA Server .....
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are you using Network Address Translation at the Gateway? Is your
external IP the address of the last hop router/device
Try looking at Shields Up on www.grc.com
this will help you check for security weaknesses and give you your IP,
if this corresponds to your machine IP then its publicly accessible.
Servers have static IP's. workstations have DHCP addresses.
a private range 192.168... may make it easier to guess important
machines on your network. i've been told to avoid this.
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        From: Farrugia, Paul [mailto:pfarrugia@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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        Subject: [windows2000] IP Addresses
        Sorry if this is a little confusing, this is the first time I am
dealing with something like this and I am trying to word this as best I
as I can...
        All of the computers (workstations and servers) on my network
are on a public ip address range. They are currently using the scope of It has been like this since before I was
here. Does anyone see a problem with this???
        From various threads I have read I see that most networks are
configured on a private ip range ...192.168.1. xxx...anyway...I wanted
to know if this something that I should be looking to change? Is this
just common practice or is there a reason for it?
        I know that changing the ip's on my servers will be more a pain
then I need right now but as far as the workstations go..would I just
have to create a new scope and have the DHCP server give out those
        Thanks in advance for any help

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