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How embarrassing.  I admit, that I hadn't thought of that.  At the
moment I have the FAX machine (which doubles as a laser printer) in
there, just because that's where the cable drops are.  However, there is
no phone line in that room, at the moment.  

There is an office right next to the room, which (so I learned later)
was supposed to get the FAX machine.  However, it TOO, doesn't have a
phone line to it.  How a FAX machine is supposed to work without phone
lines to it, is a mystery to me, but I just do what they tell me, put
things where they say they're supposed to go, etc.

But, the important thing is that, there I was, planning on locking the
door to stop theft of the equipment, and thus effectively prevent people
from using it.  Oh well, dumb move on my part.  I'll have to think of
something to both safeguard the equipment and allow access to it so
people can use the FAX machine.


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>From: Jim Kenzig <jimkenz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [windows2000] Re: How much heat can switches, FAX machines
>PCs withstand?
>I wouldn't worry about it unless the temperature in the room gets above
>95-100 degrees fahrenheit with the door closed which is not likely
>you live in a hot climate and do not own air conditioning.

The theoretical operating temperature for most electronics is about 
30F-125F, however whenever possible components should be kept between 
68F-72F for optimum use.  The greatest single cause of failure for 
electronic components is thermal shock, and a stable temperature is much

more important than an optimal one.  Just a minor point, but if there
fax machines in there, how do you plan to keep it locked?

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