[windows2000] Re: How many Internet Explorer windows?

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On Wed, 3 Sep 2003 07:17:55 -0400, Timothy Mangan wrote:

>Offhand I would guess the limit you hit was VM.  Iexplore is a pig, and 46
>instances adds up to a lot of memory on a desktop pc.  768 - 128 for the OS
>would leave 640MB for the IEs.  On a simple home page, XP-Pro IE seems to
>take about 13-15MB.  15*46=690.

According to the task manager I came up to (peaked at) approx 416M
with plenty to spare left... 

What happens to the other 300M ram that are appeartely free and
available? Can't windows use it?? It's weird...

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>Hi all,
>I was troubleshooting a laptop with lockup problems, when I opened
>up 46 IE instances. It would seem not more than 46 IEs can be
>opened at one time. Is this hardcoded in some way??
>I run win xp pro, the latest IE6sp1 and the laptop in question has
>768M ram.
>Also when 46 IEs are open I can't get the My computer properties to
>Same problem on my stationary admin-workstation, except it has 512M
>ram and can only open 42 IEs.
>Has anybody else seen this?
>Not much of a problem really, thought it was a strange thing
>though. 8-)



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