[windows2000] Re: HP printers and Windows Server 2003

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  • Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 16:57:11 +0200

Oki, huh? Would the Oki 6000-series roughly be the same thing as the Xerox 
3600-series or HP Laserjet 4300-series in terms of speed and stuff?

I'm going to assume the Oki 6000-series are real network printers, not some 
crappy disguised host-based/GDI junk, right?

Just checked the OKI B6250DN. Seems a likely candidate. Apparently it's got a 
complete PCL/PS support, something that to me sings "no GDI". It's pretty 
cheap as well. There's got to be a catch somewhere... 8-/


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>I have had nothing but trouble with Xerox everywhere i have been in my 
>career.  14
>years now, every place i have been with Xerox has had trouble.  My last job 
>was at a
>Hospital and we hada dedicated Xerox employee in house who's sole job was to 
>around fixing our Xerox printers and copiers.  they jammed, they broke, parts 
>needed replacing and one actually caught fire.  Users hated them and we spent 
>fortune on them.
>HP was always been the workhorse but my grief with them is that every time 
>change models (even withing the same "family") none of the supplies are
>compatible.  then there are the driver issues everyone seems to have with 
>they've had driver issues since the NT 4 days and they still have problems 
>I generally buy Oki printers these days when I can.  The units are usually 
>cheaper to
>begin with.  Supplies are usually cheaper too and they remain consistent 
>among the
>same "family".  So the 6000, 6100, 6200 all take the same toner and drum. 
>also don't have to do some funky slide maneuver to change toner either.  It 
>straight up and straight down.  The drivers and firmware has never given me 
>either.  We had them  on our nurses stations and our nurses never managed to
>break them.  Nurses can break anything.
>On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Sorin Srbu <sorin.srbu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>       Hi all,
>       Looking for recommendations basically.
>       We have a new HP Laserjet P2055DN that just won't play nice with our
>       Win2k3-based printer server. After having searched the 'net and HP's
>       site for a couple of hours, I've now found that the reason for this is 
> most
>       likely HP's (host-based) Universal Printer Driver and the fact that the
>       is a GDI-printer in disguise. In any case, it's just plain buggy and 
> slow
>       connected to the network and the printer server.
>       Connected over a usb-cable, it prints fast and nice, although it can't
>       single-sided documents for some reason, it prints duplex whatever
>setting I
>       set... Flashed it to no avail... 8-/
>       So, would you guys have any recommendations on what to buy, that is
>       honest-to-god real network printer like HP *used* to be five-six years
>       I've heard Xerox is supposedly pretty good and that they normally don't
>       this silly hidden host-based junk like most all HP have nowadays. But
>       model should I look into you think?
>       Hints and recommendations appreciated! Thanks.
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