[windows2000] Re: HP printers and Windows Server 2003

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  • Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 16:37:31 +0200

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>We have a new HP Laserjet P2055DN that just won't play nice with our
>Win2k3-based printer server. After having searched the 'net and HP's
>site for a couple of hours, I've now found that the reason for this is most
>likely HP's (host-based) Universal Printer Driver and the fact that the
>is a GDI-printer in disguise. In any case, it's just plain buggy and slow
>connected to the network and the printer server.
>Connected over a usb-cable, it prints fast and nice, although it can't
>single-sided documents for some reason, it prints duplex whatever setting I
>set... Flashed it to no avail... 8-/
>So, would you guys have any recommendations on what to buy, that is an
>honest-to-god real network printer like HP *used* to be five-six years ago?
>I've heard Xerox is supposedly pretty good and that they normally don't
>this silly hidden host-based junk like most all HP have nowadays. But what
>model should I look into you think?

Looked at Xerox Phaser 3600EDN. Seems like this one is a real network
printer, with real drivers for both Windows and Linux. Anyone have one of
these printers, or similar, and can tell a bit about it?


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