[windows2000] Got new HD, put it in, don't know what to do now to rebuild RAID array

  • From: rfalanga@xxxxxxx
  • To: windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 16:13:48 -0600

I have already mentioned on this list how I am trying to rebuild a 
RAID-5 array.  (It uses SCSI.)  I have finally gotten the new drive 
in, and put it into place.  I have found out that I do not have a 
hardware RAID configuration.  It is all handled through software 
(Windows 2000 Server).  Let me describe the hardware, as I see it:

There are 4 hard drives.

They all must be SCSI drives, as they are all connected by the same 
data cable to the motherboard, where I see an Adaptec chip resides.  

OK, that is what I know, physically.   Before I put the new SCSI drive 
in, I made as certain as I could that the jumpers were OK, so that it 
would be the ID number in the SCSI sequence.  I used the old HD?s 
jumper configuration as a template, and wrote it down before taking 
off the jumpers.

Now I have turned on the server, and gone into Computer Manager.  Here 
is what I see there:

Disk 0: it has 3 partitions.  The first is for the OS and is a simple 
dynamic partition.  It is not a part of the RAID.  The second 
partition is a part of the RAID, and it has the status of ?Failed?.  
There is an unallocated amount of disk space as the third partition.

Disk 1: This has 2 partitions.  The first is a part of the RAID, and 
it has a status of ?Failed?.  The second is some left over disk space.

Disk 2: This is my new HD.  It has a status of ?Unallocated?.

Disk 3: This has the word ?Missing? next to it, but I can see that it 
is supposed to be a part of the RAID.  It has a status of ?Failed?.

Disk 4: This also has the word ?Missing? next to it, and I can also 
see that it is supposed to be a part of the RAID.  It has a status 
of ?Failed?.

I am, like you, mystified to see a fifth HD, when I can clearly see 
that there are only 4 HDs in the unit.  I don?t know why it thinks 
there is a fifth one there. 

That is the details.  What I don?t know is, what am I supposed to do 
next?  I had thought that just putting the new HD in, and turning on 
the server would have been sufficient for it to rebuild itself, but 
that doesn?t look likely, now.  When I use the search term ?rebuild 
raid? in Windows online help, I get nothing.  I big part of getting 
any help is knowing what it heck the online help wants, and since I 
cannot read minds, I am not always successfully in finding the magic 
words.  However, I did find another article titled, ?Repair a basic 
RAID-5 volume (stripe set with parity)?.  But that still doesn?t give 
me enough information to know what in heck I am supposed to do.  

So, I am asking you.  Please give me a step-by-step description as to 
what I am supposed to do to rebuild/repair/whatever a software RAID-5 
array on Windows 2000 Server.


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