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Why can't you use the logon/logoff screensaver or Winexit.scr from the NT 4 
resource kit and set the event viewer to track logon and logoff and extract the 
events from event viewer? You can use Dumpevnt for that 

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 Easiest way I can think of to do what you want is to write a screen saver
(there are examples on the web for screen savers written in VB) and have it
log to the event log, and then execute the stars screen saver or something.

I'm sure it would be a 20 minute job, if you are a programmer...

Glenn at home

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If it is not possible, it is not possible, what can I do.  I just think
it is kind of strange that there is no way to track this in Active
Directory.  It is just kind of baffling.  Even to track when a user logs
on and off, needs a separate application (custome or not).  It just
seems that this has to be possible.  Oh well

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I don't believe that locking the workstation is a trappable event.  If
you force authentication to unlock, ~maybe~ that would get you
somewhere, but I doubt it.  Is "this is not possible using the current
Windows operating system" an acceptable answer?

Ray at work

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