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I am not sure if this solution is enough for you, or not, but...


A friend of mine had a similar problem, so he started a script at logon
that monitored mouse/keyboard activity.  If there were neither for 5
minutes, the workstation logged itself off.  This was correlated weekly
with the users' supervisor and the users' calendar in outlook/exchange.
Policies were such that, excluding emergencies, any requested off-time
had to be scheduled two weeks in advance by the user, meetings, etc,
could only be scheduled by supervisors, etc.


This actually worked quite well in a 400 + call center that was
answering the phones 24x7.


About 1 year later, the in-house developers started integrating their
systems more, and actually integrated call routing with Outlook's
Journal.  Again, the calendaring and supervisors were involved in
correlating the data for validity, but inappropriate changes were more
difficult to fake, due to database access records for caller ID pop-ups,



I hope this helps.



Daniel Curry



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Sorry for the re-post but there was some confusion this morning and I
would like to ask this question under a different thread.

I need to track when a user logs on in the morning and when they log off
at night.  Also I would like to track when they lock their work station,
if possible.

Is anybody doing this out there?  What can I do?  For logon/logoff I can
write a script that spits the info to a database.  But for workstation
locks, I don't know what to do.



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