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Cassette tape or 8 1/2" Floppy?  I was the manager of a Radio Shack Store
when the model one came out and even when the first true PC the Tandy 1000
came out.  What always amazed me is the RS did not put a POS using a
computer until only within the last 8 or 10 years.  They used handwritten
tickets.  We used a hybrid of the Tandy 1000 called a Tandy 2000 to run the
store and do inventory but nothing else. Those were the days.  Back then a 5
MEGABYTE, yes Megabyte, hard disk for the Model II/III weighed about 150
pounds and was the size of a standard desktop PC and costed over $5000! I
sold one once.

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My first PC was a TRS 80.  I had to learn to program at age 5 to get it to
do anything whatsoever.

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