Re: small bugfixes for wily-0.13.41-9libs

  • From: Bill Trost <trost-fl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 19:45:07 -0800

Tommy Pettersson writes:
    Here are some bugfixes for wily-0.13.41-9libs....
Wow, way cool! Looks like someone's been eating their coder wheaties.

Ozan, are you going to roll a release? With all these good bugfixes being 
it's a shame to be distributing that old cruft that hasn't been touched since 
you took
over for the bozos who were originally maintaining wily.  (-:

    The big bug is that the main event loop keeps a local pointer to the
    currently focused view, and that view can become deleted so it turns
    into a bad pointer.

Ugh, another one of those. I'm amazed these dangling-pointer bugs keep
cropping up.

    I simply made the pointer global and set it to 0 in view_delete(),
    just like is done with the last_selection pointer.  Don't know if
    it's so pretty, but it works.

Pretty? This is wily. (-:

    A previous patch of mine added a colon the the endword regexp to
    protect anchors in the tag line.  A dot and a dollar sign will
    likewise protect some unusual names of running processes in the main
    tag.  This way of fixing it doesn't seem "clean" to me, but I can't
    think of anything else that is easy.

Hmm, looks good to me. 'endword' is only relevant in the context of
wily adding things to tags, and other than job names, these are all
well-known constant letteral strings, so all you're affecting is the
interpretation of those job names. It probably doesn't get much cleaner
than that.

    Here's a rendering bug.  If prop and fixed fonts have different
    heights and the font is toggled, the tag line of the window below
    can be partially erased.

Hurrah! This bug has been annoying me for years. Thank you!

Assistant Bozo, retired

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