Re: how to copy and move files with wily?

  • From: Bill Trost <trost-fl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 19:58:11 -0800

Tommy Pettersson writes:
    I wanted to write two scripts named cpto and mvto to have in
    directory tags, so I could select a file in another directory and
    B2B1 on mvto/cpto in the target directory's tag to move (or copy)
    the file to this directory.

    The needed information about the command window's label is not
    available in the environment of the scripts, but that could be
    creeped into the code by passing along an extra argument to run()

    Does it sound favourable, or is there already a better way to move
    and copy files with wily?

That sounds like a good idea, although there is currently a
definitely-not-better way to do what you want in wily: If you put the
text ">xargs to . ln" in the tag of the target directory, you can link
files thereto by B1-sweeping the file(s) to be linked to, and then
B2-sweeping the tag-text.

Really, I think consensus was that the ">", "|", and "<" really should
run in the directory of their input, not the directory of the command,
so if that bug gets fixed, then my trick no longer works and we're back
to your original anyhow.

Oh, and for what it's worth:

# This is a shell archive.  
# This archive contains:
#       /home/trost/.bin/to
echo x - /home/trost/.bin/to
sed 's/^X//' >/home/trost/.bin/to << 'END-of-/home/trost/.bin/to'
Xshift 2
Xexec "$cmd" ${1+"$@"} "$dest"

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