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Our Governor personally signed the plan and I expect will this time too.
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Sooni, in Nebraska the Governor personally signed the first five-year plan and 
will sign the new five-year plan as well. 

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RE: Another topic - another topic-WIA state Plan


I am using this old e-mail because I am not sure if the previous one I sent on 
the list serve is working. If it is, my apologies. For the WIA State Plan it 
requires that the Plan be submitted by the Governor of each state. I am 
wondering if state Governors are actually signing these plans or if it is being 
designated to the Secretary or Director of the Workforce agency. Thanks for any 
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Perhaps the following should be included in our discussions. Even if it is only 
over a beer. 

WIA reauthorization bill approved by House last week allows religious 
organizations that receive federal funds for the administration of WIA programs 
to hire individuals on the basis of religion. Topic for discussion: Would your 
agency dispensing money under these conditions conflict with your state's 
antidiscrimination laws and/or your Constitution? 


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