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This issue has not come up in Massachusetts. Bob.

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Subject: [BULK] Lawsuit

Hi everyone:

Sorry if you receive two of these messages but I'm trying to contact as
many state attorneys as possible.

Pennsylvania and US DOL have been sued in US District Court by Geneva
College alleging violations of its rights of freedom of "expressive
association," free speech, free exercise of religion, and equal
protection under the Constitution and the Religious Freedom Restoration
Act.  The lawsuit arose after the Department would not permit the
College's employer job listings to include religion-specific criteria on
its government-funded job order system without a showing that the
College's criteria met the requisite bona fide occupational
qualification requirements of state law.  

Has anyone been involved in a similar issue especially an organization
wanting to add religious criteria to job orders on your Wagner-Peyser
funded employment system?  Anything you can add to this, including state
or federal cases you know about, or your experience with this issue and
with DOL, please let me know?

This case and the issue raised by it will affect all states and their
operation of Wagner Peyser funded public employment service.

Thanks JP

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