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Hello all,

I rec'd this from another list I'm on.  I've gone to Yahoo! (the link is below) 
and "Opted Out" of the "Web Beacon Bug".  I do this with a lot of sites, but I 
didn't know that Yahoo! was doing this also.  The link and information is below 
and as I said, I went to it, and verified this before sending it.

So now they are part of my "Opt Out" list!

I'm really not happy with their antic's as of late... my spam mail has more 
than tripled... and the bad thing is even though we went up and clicked "No" in 
all those fine things the put us up for, the spammers already have the 
addresses... and they are just passing them on and passing them on and passing 
them on...

The worst thing is opening my email and seeing some VERY GRAPHIC pornography, 
I'm not talking about just a little nudity here either this was over the 
top,XXX hard core stuff... I have a 9 year old son... and he was right here!  I 
was trying to cover a 19" screen with my hand and trying to get rid of it and 
blocking him, all at the same time.  I was not in the least amused.  I don't 
like spam at all, but I detest an invasion that is very graphic like that... 

Verifying links are included in the following text.


===8<==============Original message text===============
Subject: Message from Yahoo! about changes to our Privacy Policy

Very important information about Web "Beacons" Bugs
(the real name) and Yahoo PRIVACY Policy. (This is not directed towards
email Ygroups-this is has to do with your Yahoo ID and personal info.)

On the web site you will see in the privacy statement a reference to "Web
Beacons" you need to click on the OPT-OUT button to opt-out. If you don't
Yahoo will follow you around on the Internet tracking the sites you visit
and every thing you do and sends this info back to Yahoo for "marketing"
info. This is a Web Bug. It is not cool and it is an invasion of your
privacy, but it is still legal.

All Yahoo HTML email that you receive also includes a Web Beacon (Web Bug)
this is so they can keep track of live email addy's and to see who is
opening up the email. All Commercial and HTML email you receive has a web
bug, not just that from Yahoo.

Here is the direct link to the Web Bug (Beacon) information. You will have
to click on the opt-out link to set the opt-out option which is just another
cookie. So if you delete your cookies you will have to go and opt-out

PLEASE read the privacy statement and all the other stuff. This is for
your private stuff and not email list stuff. You will be prompted a million
times to enter your password if you edit your information. I recommend
editing the info to suit your tastes.... For example, my phone number is
NOT in my profile and it never will be.

Following is the email that Yahoo is sending out over the next several
weeks. So if you haven't gotten you will. I'm just giving you a jump start
on things. I think Yahoo had to send this out because there are several
news articles about the way Yahoo handled the marketing and personal info.
I can find the links later if you want them.

(If you pass this around, please take off my email address. The verifying
links are included in the following text and above.)

----- Original Message -----

From: "Yahoo!" <yahoo_privacy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Sent: March 31, 2002 9:22 AM
Subject: Message from Yahoo! about changes to our Privacy Policy

This is an administrative email from Yahoo!.

Your privacy is very important to us here at Yahoo!. We
are sending you this email to let you know that we have
updated our Privacy Policy. You can read our updated
Privacy Policy by visiting Yahoo!'s comprehensive Privacy

Our commitment to privacy hasn't changed. We believe that
you should understand what we do with your information and
what choices you have. So why are we revising our Privacy
Policy? To streamline it and make changes to address several
important topics.

In recent years, we have added a Children's Privacy Policy
and Privacy Information for users of Yahoo!'s financial
products and services, in accordance with requirements
of federal legislation. We at Yahoo! have become
increasingly aware of questions about how data is treated
when a user's safety may be at risk, when fraud or illegal
activities may be occurring, or when companies are combined.
We feel that the time is right to streamline our privacy
policies into a single, comprehensive policy and to address
these and other issues in the process. Please take a moment
to visit our Privacy Center and read our updated Privacy

(Note: The Yahooligans! Privacy Policy, for our children's
web site, has not changed. Although the format and some parts
of the Yahoo! Privacy Policy have been updated, our collection,
use, and treatment of information from kids under age 13
remains unchanged.)

Yahoo! recognizes that while we've grown and changed, things
in your life have probably also changed. You may have a new
job, a different email address, a new house, or different
interests. We invite you to take this opportunity
to update your personal information

so you can continue to receive content and advertising that
is most relevant and interesting to you. Please do not
reply to this message. If you have any questions about these
changes, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Thank you,
The Yahoo! Team

Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/

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