[website-critique] Re: Opt Out of Yahoo's Web Beacon's Bug.

  • From: "Jack Hand" <jackhand@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: websitecritique@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 17:27:58


  If you want spam (which, of course, you don't), just
sign up on Hotmail.  I probably get around 500+ e-mails
daily (Mon-Fri) and around 400+ daily (Saturday-Sunday).
And, about 90-95% are spam.  So, I do mass deletes.

  Just don't open them.  You can tell the ones you want
to delete by the subject line.


>From: "Tee" <tchapman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hello all,

>I'm really not happy with their antic's as of late... my spam mail has more 
>than tripled... and the bad thing is even though we went up and clicked 
>"No" in all those fine things the put us up for, the spammers already have 
>the addresses... and they are just passing them on and passing them on and 
>passing them on...
>The worst thing is opening my email and seeing some VERY GRAPHIC 
>pornography, I'm not talking about just a little nudity here either this 
>was over the top,XXX hard core stuff

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