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Michael Johansen wrote:

The SYSVAD sample is complex with a lot of features you don't need. I started looking at the old Windows 8 SDK sample MSVAD. It is not a WaveRT driver but a WaveCyclic but it can give you an idea of what you need and what you don't. The main thing is to write an DataRangeIntersection method that forces the format you support..

Yes.  SYSVAD has become the exhibition hall for all new features in the audio stack.  I understand there needs to be an exhibition hall like that, but what MANY developers in the real world really want is just a simple virtual audio driver to act as a virtual audio cable, without frills.  SYSVAD is 54,000 lines of code spread across 127 source files.  My VAD based on the 8.1 MSVAD sample is 7,000 lines in about 20 files.  The WaveRT vs WaveCyclic thing is irrelevant without hardware.

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