[wdmaudiodev] Re: pelase help memory issue

  • From: "Philip Lukidis" <pagefault0x0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 17:38:51 -0500

Has anyone seen a faulty topology causing this before?  I'm reviewing my
topology but so far I don't see anything wrong.  Thanks in advance,

Philip Lukidis

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From: "Philip Lukidis" <pagefault0x0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 3:43 PM
Subject: pelase help memory issue

> Hello.  On Win2k SP4, I have several memory leaks in portcls.sys when
> verified with driver verifier (it seems to be mny fault, see below).  I
> a portcls based audio and MIDI drivers which reside above a 1394 "bus
> driver".
> I have both wave and MIDI drivers, but it seems related to wave as it also
> occurs when I disable the MIDI drivers.  I'm pretty sure it's my fault, as
> have tested with other audio products and I have not seen this.  Althought
> am not 100% sure, it seems that I *don't* need to stream audio for these
> leaks to happen.  Any thoughts on what this may be related to?  For
> it seems that KsoO is allocated in portcls!xDispatchCreate.  Yet what
> control over this do I have?  I do NOT override any PnP IRPs of portcls.
> Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.
> Here is a dump from "!verifier 3 portcls.sys":
> Driver Verification List
> portcls.sys (820daf88) NonPagedPool=234, PagedPool=b10: loaded
> Paged Pool Usage Peak      : 0x00000069 allocations 0x00003db8 bytes
> Paged Pool Usage Current   : 0x00000015 allocations 0x00000b10 bytes
> NonPaged Pool Usage Peak   : 0x000000b0 allocations 0x0000948c bytes
> NonPaged Pool Usage Current: 0x0000000c allocations 0x00000234 bytes
> PoolAddress  SizeInBytes    Tag       CallersAddress
> A5FC3F88     0x00000074     PcCr      F769908B
> A5FC7DE8     0x00000218     PcFp      F7697DE9
> A5FDFF60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
> A5FDBFC0     0x0000003c     PcSt      F7697F02
> A5FF3FE8     0x00000014     PcSt      F7697F02
> A5FDDFF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
> A5FF7F60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
> A5FF5FF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
> A602BF88     0x00000074     PcCr      F769908B
> A602FDE8     0x00000218     PcFp      F7697DE9
> A6047F60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
> A6043FC0     0x0000003c     PcSt      F7697F02
> A605BFE8     0x00000014     PcSt      F7697F02
> A6045FF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
> A605FF60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
> A605DFF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
> A6087F88     0x00000074     PcCr      F769908B
> A608BDE8     0x00000218     PcFp      F7697DE9
> A60A3F60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
> A609FFC0     0x0000003c     PcSt      F7697F02
> A60B7FE8     0x00000014     PcSt      F7697F02
> A60A1FF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
> A60BBF60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
> A60B9FF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
> AD0F1FF0     0x0000000c     KsoO      F7699D73
> AD0F3FD0     0x00000030     PcCr      F7697014
> AD0F5FF0     0x0000000c     PcIc      F76970BB
> AD38BFF0     0x0000000c     KsoO      F7699D73
> AD38DFD0     0x00000030     PcCr      F7697014
> AD38FFF0     0x0000000c     PcIc      F76970BB
> AD625FF0     0x0000000c     KsoO      F7699D73
> AD627FD0     0x00000030     PcCr      F7697014
> AD629FF0     0x0000000c     PcIc      F76970BB

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