[wdmaudiodev] pelase help memory issue

  • From: "Philip Lukidis" <pagefault0x0@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <wdmaudiodev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 15:43:39 -0500

Hello.  On Win2k SP4, I have several memory leaks in portcls.sys when
verified with driver verifier (it seems to be mny fault, see below).  I have
a portcls based audio and MIDI drivers which reside above a 1394 "bus
I have both wave and MIDI drivers, but it seems related to wave as it also
occurs when I disable the MIDI drivers.  I'm pretty sure it's my fault, as I
have tested with other audio products and I have not seen this.  Althought I
am not 100% sure, it seems that I *don't* need to stream audio for these
leaks to happen.  Any thoughts on what this may be related to?  For example,
it seems that KsoO is allocated in portcls!xDispatchCreate.  Yet what
control over this do I have?  I do NOT override any PnP IRPs of portcls.
Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

Here is a dump from "!verifier 3 portcls.sys":

Driver Verification List

portcls.sys (820daf88) NonPagedPool=234, PagedPool=b10: loaded
Paged Pool Usage Peak      : 0x00000069 allocations 0x00003db8 bytes
Paged Pool Usage Current   : 0x00000015 allocations 0x00000b10 bytes
NonPaged Pool Usage Peak   : 0x000000b0 allocations 0x0000948c bytes
NonPaged Pool Usage Current: 0x0000000c allocations 0x00000234 bytes
PoolAddress  SizeInBytes    Tag       CallersAddress
A5FC3F88     0x00000074     PcCr      F769908B
A5FC7DE8     0x00000218     PcFp      F7697DE9
A5FDFF60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
A5FDBFC0     0x0000003c     PcSt      F7697F02
A5FF3FE8     0x00000014     PcSt      F7697F02
A5FDDFF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
A5FF7F60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
A5FF5FF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
A602BF88     0x00000074     PcCr      F769908B
A602FDE8     0x00000218     PcFp      F7697DE9
A6047F60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
A6043FC0     0x0000003c     PcSt      F7697F02
A605BFE8     0x00000014     PcSt      F7697F02
A6045FF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
A605FF60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
A605DFF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
A6087F88     0x00000074     PcCr      F769908B
A608BDE8     0x00000218     PcFp      F7697DE9
A60A3F60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
A609FFC0     0x0000003c     PcSt      F7697F02
A60B7FE8     0x00000014     PcSt      F7697F02
A60A1FF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
A60BBF60     0x000000a0     PcSi      F76981AA
A60B9FF8     0x00000004     PcSb      F7697F19
AD0F1FF0     0x0000000c     KsoO      F7699D73
AD0F3FD0     0x00000030     PcCr      F7697014
AD0F5FF0     0x0000000c     PcIc      F76970BB
AD38BFF0     0x0000000c     KsoO      F7699D73
AD38DFD0     0x00000030     PcCr      F7697014
AD38FFF0     0x0000000c     PcIc      F76970BB
AD625FF0     0x0000000c     KsoO      F7699D73
AD627FD0     0x00000030     PcCr      F7697014
AD629FF0     0x0000000c     PcIc      F76970BB


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