[wdmaudiodev] Re: USB Audio :: Support for bmaControls[1] and bmaControls[2] :: Independent channel volume control (recording)?

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Hi Matthew,

That's great news!!!  It made me Google "microphone properties" and scan 
through the resultant images.  In some of them I do find the "Balance" button 
that you're referring to, but like many others - my system does not show that 
balance button.

Any ideas why that balance button is missing from my system - USB Audio device 
is confirmed to support stereo, and is working on MAC OS - as previously 

Many thanks in advance,
Troy Gentry

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>Subject: [wdmaudiodev] Re: USB Audio :: Support for bmaControls[1] and 
>bmaControls[2] :: Independent channel volume control (recording)?
>Yes, Windows supports per-channel device volume. Sound Control Panel | 
>Recording devices | double-click relevant device | Levels tab
>Look for a “Balance” button next to the main volume slider.
>This is also exposed to apps via IAudioEndpointVolume and other APIs.
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>Subject: [wdmaudiodev] USB Audio :: Support for bmaControls[1] and 
>bmaControls[2] :: Independent channel volume control (recording)?
>I've added independent channel volume control support to my USB Audio 1.0 
>recording device.
>Under MAC OS, Audio MIDI Setup (AMS) directly supports this independent 
>channel volume control of USB Audio 1.0 recording devices.  All is as expected 
>on Mac OS.
>However, I've been unsuccessful getting this to work under Windows 7.  Windows 
>appears to send the exact same control messages with the exact same data (in 
>rapid session) to master (0), left (1), and right (2) - when the master volume 
>control (record) is manipulated.  Even so, if I try Audacity and split the 
>stereo streams, I don't see any control messages sent as these channel volume 
>controls are manipulated?
>Does anyone know if Windows supports independent channel volume control (USB 
>Audio 1.0 recording device)?
>This page is a little thin on supported capabilities ->
>Also, does anyone have another favorite page to reference when questions about 
>usbaudio.sys capabilities come up?
>Many thanks in advance,
>Troy Gentry

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