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  • Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2013 21:45:08 +0200

P wrote:
CMI8738 LX has no S/PDIF output. However, with this driver:
S/PDIF out works in CMI8738 LX.

I'm not sure I believe that.  If the chip has no S/PDIF output, then
there won't be an S/PDIF plug on the board, because there is no place to
solder the wires.  That driver supports the LX, SX, and MX, but only the
MX has S/PDIF pins.

I have Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6 (CMI8738 LX) and I use the S/PDIF output (CMI --> 74LV00 on separate board --> 330 ohm resistor --> S/PDIF output) on the card - via aforementioned driver.
With the original driver - S/PDIF does not work.

PCM2906 has an S/PDIF output, PCM2904 - no.
Is it possible to turn on the S/PDIF output in PCM2904, similarly as in CMI8738 LX?

The pinouts on the two devices are the same.  The two S/PDIF pins on the
PCM2906 are labeled "TEST0" and "TEST1" on the PCM2904.  If you want to
experiment, you could try connecting an S/PDIF connector to the those
two pins and pretending it is a PCM2906, but I suspect the engineers at
TI are smarter than that.

How for the PCM2904, PCM2906 pretend?
At the "S/PDIF output" pin in PCM2904 is 3.3V (Vcc).
When I connect an ammeter (at 200uA range / 1kohm resistance) between "S/PDIF output" in PCM2904 and ground - current exceed 200uA.


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