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Hello Don,

late answer, MSVAD driver is a software enumerated PnP Driver. You can use the normal SetupApi stuff to install this driver. This means

you can use the WDK devcon.exe to install the driver with your genrated PnP ID and your INF file.




My question is "unusual" in the sense that it doesn't pertain to audio kernel programming per-se but rather the installation of such driver (which is always part of such project):


Is it possible to "properly" install one of the MSVAD samples (say, "Simple") using DPInst?


I know that it is possible to install it using Control Panel's [Add Hardware]. It works perfectly using this manual method (which unfortunately necessitates interactive steps). It also uninstalls very well that way. 


But I need an automated method (optionally silent) and my experiments with devcon.exe and DPInst.exe so far yielded very frustrating results. In the case of devcon.exe, the results were inconsistent as well.


My understanding is that despite being virtual, an MSVAD driver *is* a PnP driver. Am I wrong?


Also, a clarification of why Microsoft decided to place the "hardware id" in the Description statement in the .inf file in the "CompatibleIds" field (instead of the "DeviceId" field) would be very helpful. I am talking about the following line in msvad.inf:





What does Control Panel's [Add Hardware] do that is missing from devcon.exe and DPInst.exe? What do I need to do in order to create an automated install for MSVAD simple? Is my only recourse to write a dedicated installation program from scratch using the DifxApi? 










Best regards,

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