[vip_students] Re: Free Inquiries With o2

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  • Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 20:28:26 +0100

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  It is excellent news Flor but if I an registered with it for landlie do I 
have to register with that form for mobile? I have a pin number at present 
which I give when I dial 196
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  Subject: [vip_students] Re: Free Inquiries With o2
  From: "Flor Lynch" <florlync@xxxxxx>
  Date: 24/07/2010 2:18 pm

  Hi Tony,

  I'm using O2.  To my surprise, I dialled 196 and got through to 
  Directory Inquiries right away.

  In answer to a question from eleanor:  this service is free as it has 
  been for land-lines for several years, and now it's free for 
  vision-impaired mobile phone users from most providers here also, once 
  you register.  You do this by filling out a form you can get from NCBI, 

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  Subject: [vip_students] Free Inquiries With o2

  > Hi Folk,
  > I wonder if anyone of you tried the 196 number using o2from your 
  > mobile?
  > Can't access it from my main mobile lately.
  > Contactting o2, no problem fromm there end.
  > Cheers,
  > Tony

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