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  • From: "Karyn and Thane" <bcpaws4me@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Vi-clicker" <vi-clicker-trainers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 08:27:47 -0700

This is an intriquette one but I believe that Jackie and I are having a 
similar thought here.
When I had Met, I tried to change the protein source of his diet a few 
times. Each time he became less confident in his guide work and even 
developed some sound reactivity. When I put him back on the beef protein, he 
went right back to a normal guiding pattern.
I have experienced the same thing with Thane, the last time was just last 
month when I tried him on Nature's Varieties raw patties. Interestingly it 
was the same protein source as his kibble but he was hesitant in his work. I 
had to keep telling him *forward, forward, forward* It was getting really 
old. Around the second week, Thane erupted in hives shortly after his meal. 
At that point I said enough and put him back on his other food. He went 
right back to his confident guiding.
In the holistic field of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) there is the 
concept that if you have a dog who is less confident by nature, feeding them 
a protein source from a more confident animal will bring about more 
confidence. I have tried this enough times to see it displayed that I am a 
strong believer in it. So if the issue is not allergy, it could be related 
to something such as this principle.
I don't know how the handler works with her dog or if her dog is a *soft* 
temperament dog like both my boys have been, but if that is the case, its 
really important for her to check her own emotions as well. Keep in the 
moment and don't be tense about the situation. Use happy encouraging tones 
rather than frustration. I know easier said than done sometimes. Thanes work 
will volley if I let my emotions or how I am feeling interfere. I have a lot 
of practice now with checking my emotions when Thane just seems a little off 
and more times than not, I've been tensing up or being a bit hard with him 
and his inconsistencies- perfectly normal inconsistencies IMO for the age 
and level of experience he has.

Anyway- Food for thought

Karyn and Thane 

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