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Oh Karen.

I am in tears reading this!  I am so sorry!  If there is anything I can do 
please let me know.

Cindy and Mesa who sends labby kisses to Karen

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> It is with an enormous amount of greif that words
> could never fully contain that I let you all know that
> Met is free. I sat here last night and wrote an
> extensively long email to the epilepsy lists where we
> were a part of the community there since 1998 but then
> the shock and numbness wore off and try as I might
> today I have not been able to duplicate for you the
> way Met has touched my life.
> Chimette was that one dog in few who despite not
> seeming right initially for public access work, not
> only proved me and many people so completely wrong but
> did so in the grandest of ways.
> In the early days, weeks, and months we considered him
> my little disaster. Smile
> But that little disaster changed my life in ways I
> could never begin to portray completely to all of you.
> He was adopted to be trained as a hearing dog but no
> sooner had I decided he did not have what it would
> take for public access then he began to change in
> amazing ways- he began to blossom, began to take on
> the world and above all began to do some of those
> amazing
> life saving things. He took me from someone who was
> merely existing rather than living and showed me the
> beauty that life had to offer. He brought me out of my
> shell and gave me back a side of adventure,
> determination, and independence. As my disabilities
> progressed he became not only a full fledged hearing
> and service dog with public access rights, but he took
> on the role of my guide. There could never be a better
> more intune dog as Met has been to me and all my
> numerous needs.
> Last month when Met stepped out of harness but still
> wanted to be my service and hearing dog, I had no idea
> that in a months time he would be stepping out of life
> itself. This is such a scary uncertain time for me-
> losing my combo trained service dog has me uncertain
> how I am going to make it, but I love Met way too much
> to have made him live in the condition his body had
> faltered to.
> Many of you know that Met was a special needs service
> dog... that is one with his own problems. Epilepsy did
> not take Chimette from me. In fact he had
> been seizure free since November 6, 2003 (almost 4
> years)He remained seizure free through surgery in 2006
> a big feat IMO, through the horrendous effects on his
> weak blood brain barrier which was somehow
> re-triggered this past summer and even through the
> complete removal of his meds 4 days ago to give him
> the peace he needed from the torment his body was
> going through. Met had severe spondylosis where his
> lumbar and sacral areas were evidently fusing together
> and was in horrid pain that could not be stopped. I
> was told that spondylosis in canines was not usually
> problematic, but then Met was not a pet and Met does
> not have a habit of doing anything the *usual* way. He
> also had some serious issue going on that
> affected him with horrid anxiety, frenzy type behavior
> that followed the consumption of
> all meds and food until we pulled his meds and
> supplements for good a few days before his death. A
> risky venture, but a necessary one. Since Monday Met's
> system just really began shutting down. His hearing
> was failing him and he was downright terrified at
> times by the changes going on. His kidneys were also
> failing fast.
> On Tuesday I told him it was time to rest- that he had
> been the bestest service dog I could have ever asked
> for and that I would be OK. He separated himself from
> me more and more as the days progressed, no more
> petting, no more walks, a level of confusion that just
> broke my heart.
> Yesterday with the help of his vet who returned from
> vacation that day, we set Met free in the side yard at
> my folks place where he so often loved to run and play
> and show us how rapidly he could water all moms
> plants.
> Though I know it was his time, it does not make this
> journey I have travelled these last couple weeks
> especially an easy one. He will always and forever be
> in my heart, be my sidekick. He has taught me so much
> about life, about animal health and above all about
> not taking veterinary information at face value. Any
> vet who had the experience of caring for my special
> man, came away with a vast amount of knowledge that
> you won't find in any veterinary manual.
> Gosh my heart hurts so badly- I am so numb and I feel
> so lost... There was nothing anyone could have done to
> stop this from happening. We know they are going to
> die some day, but we just never expect it this way...
> people have questioned with me today if he could have
> gotten ahold of anything out of China but honestly I
> don't think that was the case- at least not in terms
> of food though I know we had struggled the last months
> to find a good solution for him. Supplements though is
> a topic that has me wondering... who knows though? I
> can't beat myself up over this.
> Met never got the genetic cancer that was uncovered in
> his family history when he was about 4 years old which
> truly terrified me. It sent much of his
> family to early graves. Tonight I imagine him with all
> his family, with his girlfriend and with my special
> tiels who went before him. This loss is just so
> unbelievable!
> Run free baby boy with your full lucious coat and the
> ability to jump and twist and tumble without feeling
> anything but pure joy!
> Momma loves you
> Karyn and Angel Chimette
> *We Treasured the Moments* 

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