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  • From: "Michael Shapiro" <sc.tanager@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 21:49:27 -0400

    While I, personally, have contributed to the discussion about energy and 
conservation, enjoy many of the articles posted on the listserv, and believe 
they are definitely bird-related, I do believe we have gotten off track (the 
discussion of the cartoon and the sniping (pardon the bird-pun) between two 
members whom I both like to think of as friends), I also believe that Irene is 
correct in at least one area: Computers do have delete buttons (just as the TV 
has an "off" button and an ability to change the channel if you see something 
you don't like - I'll get off that particular soap box now :-). No one is 
forcing anyone to read anything they don't like, and this listserv is by 
subscription so it's not like little kids are signing on and seeing anything 
they don't need to know about.
    That said, I would like to make a suggestion that I hope all will agree on: 
CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE. When you choose to reply to someone on the listserv 
(though it's just as easy to reply off as it is on), put in something about 
what your message is about (wind energy, interesting article, ZPG, etc....) or 
change it to "environmental discussion" or something so that anyone who is not 
interested will know what the posting is about without having to open it. S/he 
can delete it without wasting their time. The subject lien has read "re: 
Highland County" for at least a dozen postings by my count over the last couple 
of days, and once the subject moved away from whether or not to put 
"windmills"/"wind collectors" in Highland County, the subject line was 
Michael Shapiro
Short Pump
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