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The deadline for the September Thrasher articles would normally be the 15th of 
August. Since Linda & I are going to be in Maine for an Audubon workshop from 
the 13th to the 20th, I won't be able to do anything with articles I receive 
during that time. If you can send your article by the 11th or 12th, please do 
so, and maybe I can work on it before we leave. Otherwise, just get it to me by 
the 21st. I plan on having it ready to go to the printer on the 24th and I'll 
need at least a couple of days to finalize, so don't send it after the 21st 
without letting me know in advance. 
The meeting is set, but I'll need the usual field trips, president's message, 
kitchen window, and any conservation or other committee reports you can do at 
this time. I have one article on the Arctic Wildlife Refuge already to go, and 
also a Kids' Korner article. If you know anyone who could use an ad in the 
Thrasher, let me know who to contact.
Also, the auction is getting under way. Be thinking about donations you can 
obtain. Linda will have an article for this issue.
Change approved by the Board: Starting next year we will be going to 7 
Thrashers a year instead of 10. The issues will be:
Jan/Feb, March, April, May/June/July, Aug/Sept, Oct, Nov/Dec. Please note this 
change and plan accordingly. This takes into account the spring and fall 
migrations and the auction. It will mean earlier upfront work some months for 
field trips and a few other folks, but less for most of the other articles. 
We'll have to have speakers' information for both Jan and Feb meetings for that 
issue. The rest won't be affected, except September, which we usually have in 
August anyway. At least that's what we hope.

Al Warfield
Thrasher Editor

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