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Here are the driving directions for birding in the town of Colonial Beach. 
These directions will provide many years of Winter and Spring birding enjoyment 
to one of my favorite birding locations.


Tyler Turpin

Directions for Colonial Beach, Virginia

From Route 3 

Take Route 205 (James Monroe Highway) and travel Northeast.

At Colonial Avenue and Route 205 take a right turn onto Colonial Avenue.

Go to end of Colonial Avenue and park along the street. (Public Parking is 
available by the curb . Cormorants and Scooters can be seen here)

Turn Around and   head back up Colonial Avenue. 

Take a left turn onto Washington Avenue.

If you want to visit the Coffee Shop on Washington Ave,  Parking is available 
along that street , or you can turn onto Irving Avenue diagonally in front of 
the shop About 200 feet after entering Irving Avenue,  it starts to run along 
the Potomac .

 As you go East on Irving Avenue stop in the parking lots. The Ruddy Ducks, 
Scaup, Canvasback , Goldeneye , maybe some Mergansers will be visible from the 
side walk. The parking meters are deactivated in the Winter and Spring.

At end of Irving ,  take a brief right onto Castlewood Drive which leads into 
the parking lot  of the Public Boat Landing.  Scan the entire inlet/bay called 
Monroe Bay. 
Red Breasted and Hooded Mergansers are often present despite a marina and a 
bunch of private boat docks on the bay .

From the parking lot of the Public Boat Landing , Travel south along Monroe Bay 
Avenue alongside Monroe Bay . Monroe Bay Avenue ends at Boundary Street . There 
is an unofficial space to park a car just beyond where the streets intersect. 
Bird from your car there .

Then turn around on Boundary Street and take a  left on Washington Avenue .

Then left on Colonial Avenue and depart town .

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