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Sim recap:
"Romulan Readings"
Officers present: Commodore Fyrstk, Commander Marqusa, Lt. Commanders Haas, Lost, & Dr. Hamza, Lts. Matsu & Fox, Dr. Melody, A-Ensign Fyrstk
NPCs used: Lts. Soren (Marqusa) & Vanik (Haas), Cns Dennex (Fyrstk), Cadet Wren (Lost)
Stardate 60551.82 (07/21/2383 (10:00 hours)

While on-station with the USS Athena, the science and tactical stations are ordered to maintain long range sensor sweeps for possible Enclave interference.  Lt. Matsu picks up a quick energy blip which she identifies as a possible Romulan attack shuttle.  A probe is launched and soon communications from the shuttle are intercepted.  After confirming with the Athena that all her attack shuttles are docked, the Eagle goes to investigate.

End recap
GwenivereMarqusa: ::AA::
ltyoshikomatsu: ::AA::
stephenfox01: :AA:
T L Lost: ::AA::
RomnHaas: ::AA::
ltjgmelody: ::AA::
Malachi Styles: ::AA::
CommoLukasFyrstk: Captain's Log, Stardate 60551.82 (07/21/2383 (10:00 hours)
*** ltteboktrkhev has joined the chat.
CommoLukasFyrstk: We are remaining on station with the USS Athena, in the Beta 
Quadrant, on the fringes of the Enclave borders.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Captain Mergahn has asked we wiait around whahle she gets 
things in order aboard her ship.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Commander Marqusa has officialy reported back aboard tis 
ship, but will be available to answer any of Capt. Mergahn's questions.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Whahle we wait, Ah have instructed both the scahence and 
tactical stations to keep long range sensors monitoring the area.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ((Not putting in the official log, but everyone will note Lt. 
Fox has reported for duty.  Welcome Lt.))
stephenfox01:  (:bowes to all: Thank you sir)
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::ends his log entry and glances around the bridge.::
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM> :: making minor station keeping adjustments::
RomnHaas: CENG> ::in Main engineering checking his duty schedules::
GwenivereMarqusa: Lt. Soren><tac>::at her station, having the computer 
programed to continually scan the area::
stephenfox01:  AENG>:Reports to engineering for the first time after comming on 
board, jaw drops at how big the engineering room is compaired to that of the 
Da' Venci (SP)
ltteboktrkhev: [Da Vinci]
ltteboktrkhev: [that is if you mean Leonardo Da Vinci of The Da Vinci Code]
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>::Sitting at her station watching the sensor readings.::
stephenfox01:  (Thank you.  My spelling is way off today)
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::in is quarters doing his daily lessons::
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>::walks into her office to see what kind of mess Tru has 
made of it::
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::In sickbay, in her office::
T L Lost: <HPW>::at the Ops station, glances over to the Captain, then back to 
her console::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Sitting in the Councelors office reading waiting for Dennex 
to return.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS> :Enters his office, mug of coffee in his hand::
stephenfox01:  AENG> :picks his jaw up off the floor and flags down an non com 
to show him where the Chief Engineer was, walks over to Haas: Lt. Stephen Fox 
reporting for duty sir.
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Looks up from her book.:: Hello Councelor.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION: Long range science scanners pick up a momentary power 
reading the is familiar to the computers::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir the sensors have picked up a power reading.
RomnHaas: CENG>  [AENG]  Ah.  Finally found your way down, eh Lt?
stephenfox01:  AENG> :stands at Attention: Sorry sir. My physical with the 
Doctor took looker then I expected sir.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS>  Ahh, Dr. Melody.  What do you have for me?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI] Can you be more specific, Lt.?
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Hands him the PADD she wrote with her assesment of Cadet 
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>::raises an eyebrow:; This looks almost exactly the way I 
left it.  
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS> ::Looks over the data as he sits behind his desk 
sipping his coffee::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>It's reading as a Romulan ship sir. But it is on the very 
edge of the sensors so I can't be positive.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  A warbird, Lt.?
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> I believe it is an attack shuttle sir.
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>[tac] ::scans the area that Yoshi found the reading::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::thinks a moment not remembering any being launched from 
the Athena since they had been there. Taps comm badge::+[XO]+ Fyrstk to 
Commander Marqusa.
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>+co+ Marqusa here Captain.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>+[XO]+  Gwen, are there any of the Athena's Romulan 
shuttles out on assahgnment rahght now?
ltjgmelody: AMO> That was the impression of her that I got during our brief 
conversation on the bridge. I didn't get to interview her. She declined when I 
asked her.
RomnHaas: CENG>  ::Chuckles::  I know how that can be, Lt.  ::hands him a 
padd::  Here are some beginning duties just to familiarize yourself with the 
Eagle and how we operate.
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>+co+ No Captain.
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>+co+ Why are you asking sir?
stephenfox01:  AENG> :Takes the pad:  Thank you sir.  I would like to say I am 
looking forward to serving on the Eagle.  Captain Gold and the Da Vinci was a 
good ship.  But still a small ship sir.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>+[XO]+  Thank You, Commander.  [OPS] Cadet Hailey, contact 
the Athena.  See if Captain Mergahn launched any during the sleeping hours.
T L Lost: <HPW>[co] Aye sir.  ::sends a message over to the Athena asking for 
the requested information.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  Launch a probe, Lt. Matsu.  See if we can get 
some better information.
stephenfox01:  AENG><CENG> Nothing like the the Eagle sir.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Hai Captain. ::Configures a probe and launches it.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  Atehena sends a message back that all their shuttles 
are aboard ship and accounted for.::
T L Lost: <HPW>[co] Captain, The Athena says that all of their Romulan Shuttles 
are all onboard and accounted for.
RomnHaas: CENG>  The DaVinci is Sabre-class, isn't she?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Thank you, Cadet.
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>::decides to head to the bridge to see what's going on::
stephenfox01:  AENG> <CENG> Yes sir.  One of the ships on loan to the Corps of 
engineers sir.
RomnHaas: CENG>  Well, the Eagle is certainly different, Lt.  I-I think you 
will like it here.
ltjgmelody: AMO> So what do you think?
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>::absentmindly plays with the new ring, enters teh TL::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  The data starts coming in from the probe as it nears 
the area.  Slight traces of ion trails look as if they could be from a Romulan 
atack shuttle.::
stephenfox01:  AENG><CENG> Thank you sir.  With your premission, I will get 
started on the list of duties you have assigned me on this padd.
RomnHaas: CENG>  Absolutely.  If you have any questions just give me a shout.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir reports from the probe show signs of an ion trail 
that seems to match a romulan attack shuttle.
stephenfox01:  AENG> I will sir, Thank you.  :walks away from the CENG work 
area and looks over the info on the padd in detail:
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>::exits the TL onto the bridge, looking around, then 
moving downw towards the command area::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  The OPS console suddenly lights up with intercewpted 
communications picked up by the probe::
T L Lost: <HPW>[co] Captain, I have intercepted some communication coming 
through the probe.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS>  [AMO]  It says here you did not get a chance to 
interview the cadet.
*** stephenfox01 has left the chat.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Let's hear it.
ltjgmelody: AMO> Yes sir. As I said this was my impression of her after our 
conversation on the bridge.
T L Lost: <HPW>::puts the communication over the speakers
*** stephenfox01 has joined the chat.
stephenfox01: (duh)
CommoLukasFyrstk: COMM> (translated from Romulan) Base.  We have patroled the 
outer sector.  All is quiet.
CommoLukasFyrstk: COMM> Ie, erturn to inner perimeter and hold position.
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>::takes a seat in the middle, raises her eyebrow at the 
message:: Where is that coming from?
CommoLukasFyrstk: COMM> Ie.  Returning to inner perimeter.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[OPS]  Contact the Athena. Let hem know we are going to 
.... take a rahde.
T L Lost: <HPW> Aye Captain.  ::sends message to the Athena::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[CSCI]  Get on theat recording.  Make certain it is 
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[TAC] Lt. Soren?  Any sahgn at all of Enclave actifity?
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>[co] No sir.  
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Hai Sir.::Starts recording.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[TAC]  Keep a close eye out for them
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>[co] Captain, what sector did that intercepted message 
come from?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [HELM]  Mr. Vanik.  PLot a course after the probe.  Warp 
stephenfox01:  AENG>:moves over to a panel and pulls up the diagrams for the 
main power grid, reviewing it as ordered on his padd:
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>::keeps scanners running::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> The probe is in sector 42.7
RomnHaas: CENG> ::Notices a sudden activation of the engines.  Checks the 
monitor to see what's up::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::turns to Gwen:: That is out of Enclave territory isn't 
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS>  I see a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo here, 
Melody.  Just waht an instructor would like to see.  Tell me in your own words 
why you think she would not give you te interview.
stephenfox01:  AENG> :looks over at the warp core as the ship jumps to war: ~If 
a warp core could be considered beautiful, this one would be.~
ltjgmelody: AMO> She doesn't like councelors.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS>  That is obvious, but ehy?
CommoLukasFyrstk: @wht
CommoLukasFyrstk: (grrrrr... why))
GwenivereMarqusa: (LOL)
ltjgmelody: AMO> That I don't know. She didn't say and wouldn't expand on it 
when I asked.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS>  No... theories of your own?
ltjgmelody: AMO> I can only guess that she might have had a bad experence with 
councelors in the past and isn't willing to take the chance again.
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo> No captain, it's not
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  AS the probe gets closer, it's sennsors clearly show 
the Romulan attack shuttle::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir the sensors are showing that it is indeed a romulan 
attack shuttle.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI] Halt the probe where it is.  As soon as we start 
picking up te information with our own sensors, recall it.
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>::checks out more details on the sector:: [co] The Athena 
hasn't even been near that sector Captain.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS>  That is one of the biggest challenges we face 
in trying to do our jobs, Melody.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS>  We need to find a way to get through to those 
who do not trust us.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [XO]  Then what in blazes is a Romulan atttack shuttle 
doing way out here?
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>[co] That I can't answer Captain.  Maybe we should have 
talked with the new Athena XO.  
ltjgmelody: AMO>Any tips on just how to do so?
CommoLukasFyrstk: Dennex: CNS> Earn their trust.  Never lie to them, and never 
betray their trust.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [XO]  Well if this really turns out to be something, we 
will be.
ltjgmelody: AMO>::Smirks:: Now who is giving text book answers?
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  The Eagle comes into sensor range of the sector 
where the shuttle is.::
GwenivereMarqusa: <xo>::nods:: The Eagle is just a magnet for the weird
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>Sir we are in sensor range of the attack shuttle
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [HELM]  All stop, Mr. Vanik.
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM> Aye, sir.  ::Answers all-stop::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  Full scan of the region, Lt.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Hai sir. ::Starts a full scan.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  Yoshiko's scans show not only the Romulan attack 
shuttle, but a second one on the other side of the system, and...
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sir There appears to be a second attack shuttle on the 
other side of the system
CommoLukasFyrstk: a class M planet in the center with listening sattelites 
surrounding the planet.  Al bearing Romulan signatures.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: PAUSE SIM

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