<USS Banshee> Sublog>Morning light

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Sublog> Morning light
By Lt. Sara Crusher

Sara sat up slightly in the bed. She had awaken only a few minutes ago and at 
first had forgotten where she was. Until the sound of soft breathing coming 
from the sleeping form next to her had brought back the events of the past 
few hours. She smiled blissfully as she gently brushed some of Cyanah’s 
slightly ravaged red hair away from her face, being careful not to wake her. 
She sighed and closed her eyes as she leaned back against the pillows. She 
replayed the last few hours; every touch, every caress, every kiss and every 
softly spoken word flashed in her mind  as she allowed all of the new 
sensations, emotions, and desires, both physical and emotional to sink in. It 
had been everything she had hopped her first time would be. Cyanah was gentle 
and kind, she knew that Sara was scared and nervous and never pushed her into 
anything she wasn’t ready for. She didn’t just take Sara by the hand and 
drag her into the flow she had set. She made Sara an equal partner in the 
encounter. Making her take control of what she wanted and not just doing what 
she though Cy wanted. Something Sara normally didn’t do in her personal life. 
She had always been the type to conform for the comfort of the people around 
her. She would have made a hell of a Borg.

There would be questions to answer and decisions to make soon. But for right 
now all Sara wanted was to stay right where she was. She opened her eyes and 
sat up again as she felt Cyanah turn on to her side. Sara drew her legs in 
close and lied her head on top of her knees as she looked down at Cyanah and 
the out towards the door. Beyond this room, past those door was another life. 
A life she would have to return to come morning’s light. How badly Sara 
wanted to stop morning from coming. She wasn’t ready to give up the feeling 
of being safe and untainted feeling of being loved she had when she was with 
Cyanah. But there was nothing she could do to paused this moment in time. In 
a few short hours they would have to leave this place. Return to the real 
world. Return to the chaos that awaited them.. Or at least awaited her. 

Parts of that other life started to trickle in as Sara stared out into the 
darkness of the living room. Josh being one of those elements. She cared 
about him but not like this. She wondered how in the world she had managed to 
place herself in another situation like this again. She and Tony had come to 
terms with their feelings before he left. He admitted he was in love with 
her, and as much as it pained her to do so she admitted that she loved him 
but only in the way she had always loved him. As one of her closest friends. 
But this; this was different. She had thought she was in love with Josh and 
had told him so. A feeling that has not changed. She once again looked down 
at Cyanah and sighed as she watched her chest rise and fall softly as she 
breathed. The feels that she felt for Josh were unlike anything she had ever 
felt before. The feelings she had for Cy were totally new to her and scared 
the hell out of her. Two different sets of emotions about two totally 
different people.. Which set was real? They were both real in their own ways. 
The real question was.. which set did she want to be the most real? 

Josh was her boyfriend and Cyanah was her best friend and now her lover. Was 
it wrong to want both.. At least for now. 

Sara shook of the thoughts that danced around in her head. She only had a few 
more hours before morning and she wasn’t going to waste any more of her time 
with thoughts that could wait for a while longer. She slid easily and 
carefully back down into the bed, softly moving her hand down Cyanah’s arm 
taking the blanket that covered her downward with it. She delicately kissed Cy
’s bare shoulder and worked her way towards her neck until Cy turned back 
over on to her back and was smiling up at her. Sara smiled back as Cy reached 
up and placed a small gentle hand on her face, bring her down to her own. 
Sara closed her eyes as she once again tasted Cy’s kiss and she once again 
looked forward to falling asleep, tired and contented next to her, with her 
arm around her holding each other so close that they could feel the other’s 
heart pounding.  


"There's coffee in that nebula!" -- Janeway (The Cloud) 

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