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"So There"
by Lt. Sara Crusher
& Lt. Joshua Asper

Deep Space Nine has always been a place of three different things. Much needed rest, gambling, and the occasional skirmish. Under the jurisdiction of the Federation, Deep Space Nine is stationed nicely in the Gamma Quadrant, far away from everything.

Sara rushed down the halls of the Banshee towards the transporter room. Things had been turned up side down in the last two days and she just really wanted to escape for a while. Being promoted and being given sickbay as the new CMO were a good life change, but having Anthony transferred to Starfleet Medical out of the clear blue was something she was not ready for. She took a deep breath as the tingle of the transporter took hold of her. At least she had Josh and he wasn't going anywhere. She smiled happily as she entered Quark's and saw him sitting there. She stood there a moment and just watched him. How in the world had he managed to get himself in her heart? She wasn't looking to fall in love with anyone let alone a fleeter on the fast track to command, but there he was.

Josh Asper sat quietly at a table in the far corner of Quark's bar, a cultural and exotic hot spot of Deep Space Nine. He took a couple of sips of his Vodka Tonic and stared aimlessly as the crowds continued to pass his table. He waited patiently for his 'significant other' and 'partner in crime', Sara Crusher. After being promoted upon their return from their encounter at Sirrus Five, it was to be a sort of celebrating toast.

Josh clasped the glass firmly with his right hand and took another sip. As he lowered the glass his eyes came across the top of his glass he spotted Sara standing there. His eyes brightened and a smile stretched over his lips. His eyes lingered on her as millions of things raced through his mind. Why had he been giving the angel and so many others been stuck with the last person that anyone would want to be with? Why was he granted the happiness that so many others deserved even more so than he?

Raising his hand in a motion towards the table, Josh used his other to call a waitress to come to the table. "Lt. Crusher, how are you this fine evening?"

Sara's heart still skipped a beat at the sound of her new rank, or was it from the sound of Josh's voice saying it? "I'm much better now." She teased as she sat across from him. "I hope I haven't kept you long but sick bay is a mess with all the personnel changes." She ordered a rum and coke from the waitress and then reach her hand out to take Josh's which rested on the tabletop.

His hand slowly entangled with hers and he gripped it tightly, trying to show is strength in love but not bust any bones in her hand. He just looked at her and smiled. He didn't know what to say; all he knew was that he was happy. "Didn't keep me waiting at all." Josh answered her question, "then again, I would wait forever for you."

Sara could feel her cheeks flush. "So what shall we do this evening?" She asked as her drink was placed in front of her. "This is our last night here we head out again tomorrow. I hear there is a great spa but I think that's more of a ?me and Cy thing?. There's the holodecks but we have those on the Banshee." She paused a moment to take a sip of her drink. "What do you think?"

"Do you like Video Games? As opposed to the holodeck thing, I mean. There's a cool arcade a couple of levels up, all free games and the owners are pretty gracious. What about that?" Josh let the idea of seeing Sara half-naked slip his mind as the spa idea went down the drain. So he settled on something a little more fun.

Sara thought about it for maybe a whole second. She hadn't been to an arcade since she was a girl. "If they have Skee Ball we're in trouble?I don't think we'll make it back by the deadline." She joked as she polished off her drink. She waited as Josh paid the tab and then took her hand in his. With their fingers interlaced her whole hand seemed to fit in the middle of his palm. She hid the grin that tugged at her lips as she watched his eyes trace her outline beneath her soft purple tunic.

They walked together down the promenade as the flurry of people passed them at a speed of warp ten compared to their much more slowly gaits. They weren't in a hurry. They approached the turbolift and Josh stepped aside, motioning her in before himself, as was his traditional custom. "Ladies first."

Sara entered the turbo lift with a smile. Normally she would have complained about this very old fashion custom but it had its perks. Josh entered the car and turned around to face the door, which gave Sara a nice view before she took a step forward to stand beside him. "How'd you find this place?" She asked as they rode up a couple of decks. She really didn't want to know but these types of old turbo lifts made her nervous.

"Some old guy was complaining that they didn't have anything that was popular in his time. Then again, I don't think they have any combustion engines left. That guy was older than old." Josh said as he looked at the level light. Josh looked down at Sara and took a gamble, "I love you."

Sara's eyes brighten at the sound of those words. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed Josh softly. "I love you too." She whispered as if there were fifteen other people in the lift. She took hold of his arm and snuggled in close to him as car came to a stop. They walked down the hall and into the arcade. It looked like something out of the twenty-first century. The main lights were dim; the whole place seemed to be lit by neon. The sounds of video games, pinball and laughter filled her ears. She let go of Josh's arm and took him back by the hand. She seemed to go from twenty years old to fifteen in a second. She led him right for the cotton candy.

Josh followed as the neon lights lit up his white tank top. Going from a bleached white it now was illuminated like a Ferengi Casino Barge. He knew where they were going and he wasn't going to fight it. "Somehow I figured you'd let your stomach take over, the Skee Ball machines are over there." Josh's eyes, dancing spastically around the establishment, found a bull-riding machine. He laughed, "I'm going to have to try that."

Sara stood next to the bull-riding machine with her large bag of pink and blue fluffy sugar. "You?re really going to try that?" She asked as she watched Josh climb on. He smiled at her. "Guess so...well just keep in mind that I'm off duty." She smiled back at him as she raised another strand of the sticky food to her mouth. She watched as he tightened the strap of leather around his right hand, and laughed a bit as the bull jerked into motion.

The bull started up as Josh almost fell head over hells off the front. He held tight, trying to move his body in the same opposite direction the bull was going, but he couldn't hang on. He fell off the side and landed right in front of Sara, who was now laughing almost hysterically. "OK, if anyone asks, I didn't do that."

?Are you OK?" She asked in between gasps of air from laughing herself silly. Josh nodded. His pride was hurt more then anything. Sara wiped a tear from her eye and then kissed Josh to make it better. "That was a?nice try," She told him. She wondered if she should show him the right way to do it or if that would be worse then his fall. "I told you were going to break your neck, you?re a city boy." She teased as she took another bite of cotton candy. She took him by the hand again but he wouldn't move. "Your not going to try again are you?"

Josh shook his head; "I would try again if I wanted to end my life in a horribly embarrassing way. I'm good for now, my next challenge. Moving my legs...? Josh said as he lugged himself to his knees. He pulled himself up off the blue cushion mat and stood to his feet, brushing himself off. "Pinball, that's where I'm going. I think I'll leave the horse riding to the people who are sufferers of technophobia." Josh snagged a piece of cotton candy and headed for the back where the pinball machines were, not looking back.

Sara waited until Josh ducked into the back room were the pin ball games were and then set her candy to the side. She climbed up on the bull herself and locked herself down. She tightened the strap around her hand and curled her legs around it the best she could. She nodded to the man running it and jerked only a bit as it started. It had been set higher then she was use to but she held on, her red hair whipping around and her arm waving in the air. She stayed on the whole eight seconds and when she went after her candy the man looked at her. "How'd you do that little bit?" He asked.

His accent gave him away as a misplaced Texan. "Born and raised in southern Arizona." She teased as she walked away.

Josh was leaning against the wall when Sara walked into the room. "Showing me up, huh?" He laughed as he went back to playing his pinball game. "Well, that's fine. I didn't want to do it anyway." He joked.

Once again she felt her cheeks get really warm. "Well someone had to show these people what the Banshee crew can do." She teased back as she watched Josh playing his game. She feed him another piece of candy before taking the last bite herself. After a few games a piece, one of which she caused Josh to tilt because she bumped it. They finally made their way to the Skee Ball games. As they past the prize counter a large white bear, bigger then she was, caught her eye. Once they started playing they quickly started picking on each other and Josh thought it was funny when she let one of the wooden balls drop on her foot.

"Last time I checked, the purpose of this game was to put the ball in the hole as opposed to letting it break bones." Josh laughed. "I'll be back, I've got to visit the Men's room, like you wanted to know, but anyway." Josh left her side, meandering through the rows of video games and the people that fed endless amounts of their time into the machines. He passed them quickly, not giving them a second look.

He approached the person behind the prize counter. "I want that white bear right there."

The man behind the counter was older than most, but didn't falter. "What are you going to give me for it?"

"What do you want for it?"

"Your watch."

"Ain't a chance in hell."

"Why not?" The man asked.

"My dad gave me this watch."

"I'm sure." The man looked around, "Always making up the excuses these people are."

Meanwhile, Sara found the whack-a-mole game after finding the snow cone cart. She held the padded mallet in one hand and her blue raspberry snow cone in the other. "That's for leaving." She said as she whacked the mole that she dubbed Scooby. "That's for being a sweet guy and making me fall for you." She said as she whacked the one for Josh. "That?s for scaring the living heck out of me." She said as she whacked another. She laughed at herself as she each mole took on another person she knew.

"What a great way to blow off steam." She was really starting to get good at when she finally noticed that Josh had been gone for quite some time. She let the last mole have it and then placed the mallet back on the game. Nibbling on her snow cone she walked threw the crowd looking for Josh. "What he do, fall in?" She asked herself as she stood on her tiptoes again; this time so she could see over the ball pit.

Back at the redemption counter, things were getting a little hot. "Are you calling me a liar?"

The man behind the counter put his hands firmly down, "I'm saying you don't want to pony up anything for that bear. You're cheap."

Josh took a step back and right into Sara's line of sight, and then stepped back towards the counter. His anger was rising at this sarcastic man that had replaced that nice southern man. "Look, all I wanted was the bear. What do you want?"

"The watch, for the second time."

"I told you, at least I remember telling you, that I wasn't giving it to you."

"You're a cheap bastard, that's why."

Josh started breathing a little heavier. Sara had felt Josh getting angry long before she seen him. But once she stopped him she wasted no time getting to him. When she stepped up to him she could hear the man's words. "What's going on?" She asked. The man behind the counter got a sick grin on his face. "Josh, what's wrong?" Sara asked.

"Is this the girl you?re trying to impress?" The man asked. Sara looked at that man and crinkled her nose in disgust at his attitude. "Do your self a favor kid, and get yourself some one who?s not so damn cheap."

Sara looked confused but something about the man was crooked and she didn't like him. "The only thing cheap around here is that two dollar toupee on your fat bald head."

"The boy wouldn't even give up his watch to get his girl a teddy bear. That's what I call cheap." The man said.

Sara rolled her eyes, "Is that the best you can come back with." She then turned to Josh. "You?re not going to give this blow hard your watch are you?"

"Of course not. Sara, I think it would be a good thing if we just left."

"Yeah, I'll offer you the bear if you will give me her." This suave man was getting more and more vulgar as the minutes went on, Josh's patience was beginning to run very thin.

Sara puffed herself up to her full height and stepped closer to the counter. "Look you nasty little moron. This is a federation supported establishment and despite my appearance I am not a kid, in fact I am a Starfleet officer." There was a new tone in Sara's voice that she had never used before. "And if I am not mistaken. The point of this counter is to redeem prize tickets." She reached into her pockets and piled a massive amount of tickets on the counter. "Now unless you want the station commander down here looking into the way you run things." She then smiled. "And my Captain down here chewing you out over the way you have treated her officers, then I would apologize for being a jackass and fork over the bear."

Josh laughed as the man behind the counter cowered in defeat. Josh was glad that he wasn't in that man's shoes. The man handed over the bear and Sara started for the door, Josh flinched in the man's direction, as if to punch. The man stumbled backwards and over a stool, slamming down onto his butt. Josh and Sara laughed as Sara proceeded to 'accidentally' drop her snow cone in the man's general direction. "Oops, that's gonna stain." Josh said.

The two walked hand-in-hand out back into the promenade and back towards the Banshee, towards home.

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