<USS Banshee> Samantha and Sara's Amazing Groping Adventure!

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  • Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 07:18:22 EDT

Banshee Crew:

Right now on Paradiseworld you can read Part I and II of "Samantha and Sara's 
Amazing Groping Adventure." You're probably wondering why it's on 
Paradiseworld, well as I mention, unlike the USS Banshee, Paradiseworld doesn't 
know a 
thing called "good taste" or "quality." Oh, and you can see a "thoughtful" yet 
nude picture of someone we all "know" and love (hint: "It's" not the 
slave-drving BBQ-lovin' gal). You're probably already "scared" of the title of 
this log 
because it's got two parts and has the word "groping" in it along with Samanth 
and Sara's names. Well if Jerry Springer is right about America, and he 
always is in his Final Thought, then we sure as hell love lesbians, and if you 
lesbians, then you'll probably be let down by this story!! 

To read it now goto: <A 
HREF="http://www.paradiseworld.net/";>http://www.paradiseworld.net/</A> and 
click on "Sketch of 
the Day." If you don't the terrible rabbit will come after you and "juice" you 
and you don't want to know how he "does that" or what that ultimately 
"entails." "Trust me." I know.

Samantha, who uses double quotes inappropiately to change meaning

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