<USS Banshee> Samantha and Sara and Science

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  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 12:57:01 EDT

Greetings, Banshee inmates!

Just in case you've missed it or haven't been paying attention.  Lt Mason and 
Lt Crusher have a set of logs at the Paradise World website that are a MUST 
read!  (And according to Glenn, they have other sets of things that can't be 
missed either.)

<A HREF="www.paradiseworld.net">www.paradiseworld.net</A>

Click on Sketch of the Day

If you scroll down on today (Wednesday's) SotD, the previous 2 logs will be 
there for your reading pleasure as well.  (I suggest you start on Parts 1 & 2 
before reading 3.... they'll make more sense that way.)

Thank you, Sam and Sara for sharing this insanity with us and I look forward 
to an exciting conclusion!

The Captain

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