<USS Banshee> "Paradise"

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By: Lt. Commander Sara Kaelyre
It was a habit hard to break. A habit started some time ago when she could  
not sleep nor lay peacefully awake next to her lover. A habit that took her 
from  the warmth of the richly decorated bedroom that once reflected the moods 
a  small girl, but now remembered the spirited young woman whoâd left it 
behind for  star ships, golden pips, and the grown up life of a married woman. 
habit that  now had her sitting alone on the veranda behind the house she grew 
up in,  watching the brilliant orange glow of the fire burning warmly in the 
large clay  outdoor fireplace. 
The desert was cold at night and the gentle wind that blew through the  
leaves of the trees surrounding the house, caused Saraâs pale skin to goose  
but she didnât care. She simply sat there in one of the two arm chairs  
the fireplace, eyes closed, head back, silk night grown dancing around  her 
bare legs, filling her lungs with the clean Arizona air, and recharging,  
reconnecting. As she sat there she thanked whom ever was listening that the  
Betazoid festival of relics had coincided with her and Cyanahâs shoreleave,  
it meant that the rest of her family were all on Betazed, leaving the  house 
in Arizona completely empty. 
Sheâd spent the day of their arrival showing Cyanah the house, the dessert  
around them, and breath taking way the sun set behind the Camelback Mountains.  
The following day had been spent in town shopping. The two days that followed 
 that had been spent at the spa at the Royal Palms. Sara had beamed with 
pride  each day as she showed her Imzadi the wonders of her Earthly home, a 
that  Cyanah had once shared with her when sheâd been shown Delos for the 
first time. 
Although she loved showing Cyanah every single reason why this valley was  
called paradise, this time alone was just as special. Sara had been born on a  
starship, but she had been raised in the shadow of the mountain, nestled 
happily  in the desert. Her heart belonged to her Imzadi, but her soul was 
to  this valley like the saguaro. 
The soothing calls of the night birds were suddenly joined by the distant  
cry of a coyote, and Sara knew that the sun would be up soon. Theyâd kept  
missing the sun rises because reconnecting with each other had taken priority,  
Sara wanted Cyanah to see this before they headed off to spend the weekend  
~Wake up, Imzadi.~ Sara thought softly. ~The sun will be coming up soon,  
come watch it with me.~ 

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