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Starfleet Command

Biographical Database
    Name: J'van Tyr D'Nalls
    Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Position: Chief Security Officer
    Ship: USS Banshee
    Gender: Male
    Species: 3/4 Betazoid / 1/4Human
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 245 Pounds
    Age: 28
    Birth Date: September 14, 2353
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Hazel


Family Information
    Father: Darryl D'Nalls (Deceased)
    Mother: M'va D'Nalls (Kr'vau)
    Siblings: None
    Marital Status: Single


Psychological Profile
D'Nalls seems to be open to most people, but he is also somewhat guarded.  He 
seems to be mysteriously hiding something, yet he claims to be totally honest 
and open.  It is believed that if he is indeed hiding something, it is not 
something that would necessarily be destructive to those around him, more 
like a personal conflict or fear. Otherwise, he has a slightly different 
ability telepathically then the typical Betazoid, no doubt due to his 
somewhat mixed heritage and the environment he was raised in. He tends to be 
a rather blunt and may come off as a bit arrogant, but he seldom says 
something that he can not back up.


Medical Profile
D'Nalls is easily one of the best specimens to be in Starfleet service 
presently.  He passed all tests with perfect scores, and his upbringing has 
toughened him up quite nicely.  He is in excellent health and his only 
downfall at the moment seems to be the occasional headache he gets, this is 
more then likely linked to his telepathic abilities.


Biographical Synopsis
    Born: September 14, 2356.
    Entered the J'rar Military Institute: May 1, 2362
    Entered Starfleet Academy: January 3, 2376
    Graduated Starfleet Academy: May 24, 2381
    (Graduated with Honors, with fields of study including: Military tactics 
and warfare, hand to hand combat (armed and unarmed), Tactical Systems 
Analysis, Advanced Tactical Systems Functions and Utilization, Advanced 
Energy Weapon Dynamics, Theoretical Thermodynamics and Energy Displacement, 
Xenobiolical Adaptive Combat, and Subspace Field Dynamics and Mechanics)


Service Record
    Assigned to USS Hermes May 30, 2381
    Assigned to USS Banshee July 11, 2381 with promotion to rank of 
Lieutenant Junior Grade


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