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"Honky Tonk" 
By: Oridian Starfire and Jenny Bartlett
"Relax, everything will be fine buddy." Oridian strode down the hallway,  
trying to get as relaxed as possible as he talked to himself. He did this 
often, both in engineering and out. Dressed relatively nicely, a polo shirt 
and  long pants, he had planned out a date with Jenny, and if all things went 
well,  then it will be a good follow up for the last night. However, right now 
the best  plan was for Oridian to be as much of himself as possible.
Sick bay had been a buzz for the last couple of days. Sara wanted  everything 
perfect for the ever looming expectation by the visiting ambassador,  which 
was all well and good for her. She was after the all the head of the  
department, but that was in itâs self an issue. There was no mistaking that 
the  tiny 
little redhead chief new the meaning of âdelegation of responsibilitiesâ  
well. Jenny sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. She no longer  
looked tired, but looks could be deceiving. She was rather glad that Oridian 
asked her out, she needed a evening of down time and he was a pleasure to 
spend  time with. 
 A door was probably one of the biggest fears someone could face,  especially 
in a situation like this. As he stood infront of the door, Oridian  thought 
to himself weither or not this is even a good idea. He had so much that  needed 
to get done back in the department. Things just needed to get tidied up,  but 
with his staff anything could happen. He heard the chime almost before he  
had pressed the call button, but all of that business in main engineering 
 matter tonight. 
Jenny smiled at the sound of the door chime. She looked at her reflection  
one last time, fussed with her hair, and then went to the door and opened it.  
Evening Mister Starfire.â
"Good evening Miss Head Nurse Jenny" He smiled at her and kissed her  lightly 
on the cheek. "Are we ready to go? I've got something planned I think  you'll 
really enjoy." He smiled again, he wasn't entirely sure wither the kiss  was 
appropriate or not, but he decided to take the risk. 
âLets go.â Jenny replied as she stepped out of her cabin. âIâm sure 
ever you have planned itâll be nice, just as long as it doesnât involve 
cleaning  and or updating anything.â  
He smiled as they started walking down towards the holodecks. "Oh? I  thought 
for our date we'd go organize the medical cargo bay."After a few minutes  of 
walking they arrived at the holodeck and Oridian checked to make the program  
was still ready to go. He felt more relaxed now, so was looking so amazing  
tonight too... "After you." He motioned to the holodeck door after checking to  
make sure everything was ok.
Jenny looked over at Oridian with a not funny look. âItâs a good thing your 
cute.â Her features softened when she smiled at him. She liked how he allowed 
 her to enter the lift or holodeck first, and how he opened doors for her. 
Little  details like that had been long forgotten by most men. The scene that 
appeared  before her as she walked into the holodeck made her smile. It was a 
nice little  restaurant with what looked like a county band setting up on the 
stage in the  corner. âNice touch.â
He chuckled as they walked over to an empty  table. "I got the idea from an 
old academy friend of mine who grew up in  Tennessee. Wrote it myself, even 
practiced dancing a little, though I can't  guarantee anything spectacular." He 
held out her chair for her before sitting  down himself. It should be a fun 
night, nervousness was starting to go away,  slowly though, very very slowly. 
âItâs been a long time since Iâve been dancing so I canât guarantee  
anything either.â Jenny replied with a warm smile. 
"Well then I guess it will be an educational experience for both of us." He  
laughed as the waitress walked over and took their drink orders. Sitting there 
 idly for a moment, Oridian almost started to graph the new circuit system he 
was  planning on using until he suddenly broke out of it. "So Sara has been 
keeping  you guys busy over there in Sickbay? I know we've been working like 
mad in  engineering." 
Jenny nodded as the waitress put her drink in front of her. âYeah, sheâs  
uptight about this tour thing. Iâve worked with my share of CMOs in my days 
they all have a certain degree of pride that causes them to be anal about 
their  sick bays, but itâs more with her.â Jenny paused to take a sip from 
beer.  âMust be the whole âfamily legacyâ thing.â
"True, though with her name change I wonder if our visitors will know of  her 
heritage." He nodded as he took a sip from his drink. "I just hope nothing  
goes terribly wrong in engineering, though with folks like Wallace onboard it  
will be tough." Conversation Oridian, think of something worth talking about.  
"So did you enjoy our extra free leave at the starbase?"
âThey may not know but she does and thatâs driving force.â Jenny said  
before moving on to his next question. âThe only time I really took off was 
we went with Tel and Bruce and Cam to the arcade. I pretty much kept to my  
normal shift. I did get to make some calls home which was nice. What about  
 "Nothing really aside from little medical arcade fun. I had to go  onto the 
starbase to pick up some new supplies for engineering and chatted with  the 
starbase crew for a bit. Other then that nothing, just keeping things  
operational onboard." He smiled and turned again as the waitress returned and  
their food orders. "Yeah, I'm glad we have Cam and Tel onboard with us.  Always 
fun to have a child onboard."
âMust be kind of lonely for Cam though.â It was nice to just relax and talk 
to someone about something non-medical related. âTelâs a good kid. Been 
under a  lot of stress though.â
Oridian nodded. "I could only imagine though whenever I talk to she seems  to 
be alright." He looked over suddenly as the band was tuning up. "Well, they  
should be ready to go soon, but first we'll eat." He laughed as the waitress  
came with the meals. 
Somehow a nice holographic setting seemed to make replicated food taste  
better. They ate slowly and continued their conversation. âSo what kind of  
did you practice?â 
"A couple, mostly line dances though. Something about a shuffle, maybe a  
blue shuffle or something like that. I think another one was called square  
dancing. Very confusing if you ask me." He laughed at himself when he was  
practicing with the holograms, he could have sworn that they were laughing at  
him too.
Jenny laughed lightly. âI guess if you tried to remember what they were all  
called you could get confused. We normally just do what the other folks are  
doinâ no need to know the names.â
"Yeah, well lets just hope I remember them that well." Oridian smiled  again, 
the band was starting up their first tune. "Well, if your finished with  
dinner then would you care to dance the night away?"
Jenny forgot all about being tired as she started dancing with Oridian.  They 
line danced, two steeped, and boot scooted, and she had to admit that  
Oridian wasnât to bad. âNot bad for a novice.â
He laughed as the band took a short break. "Yeah, well I guess I can learn  
quickly. Those last 2 I had no idea what I was doing, just kinda went with the  
flow. You were out there like a pro though, I'm very impressed."
âWhen we were little my parents would dance in the living room on Saturday  
nights and when we were big enough they taught us how.â Jenny told him as 
walked back to the table. 
Oridian nodded and looked at his watch for a moment. "Well then, its  getting 
mightly late, and by that I mean if we were on a planet the sun would be  
rising soon. That plus the fact that I'm beat from trying to keep up with your  
amazing moves" and amazing looks he thought. "Ready to head on home?" Overall  
this night had gone wonderfully well he thought, and it seemed as though Jenny 
 was having a good time, couldn't have been better.
âI think thatâs a good idea. I need to be in early.â Jenny replied as she 
stood up. She walked along wide Oridian as they made theyâre way back to her  
quarters. âI had a nice time, Oridian.â
 He smiled as he leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. "I had a  nice 
time too, and I just hope that we can find more in the future for nights  like 
âMe too, Oridian.â Jenny returned his kiss before opening her door and  
stepping inside. âGood night.â She said with a smile just before the doors  
closed between them. 

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