<USS Banshee> Eyes Part 3

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:05:15 EDT

"Their really going to release me?" He asked, quietly, not sure if there were 
others near or not.
"Yes, they need you alive more then a corpse.  They will make a deal with 
you, not just kill you.  That would be stupid." She said as she started to 
finish off her work, seeing that he was healing even better then she had 
expected. She stood up and stepped away for a moment.  He started to feel 
hope once more.  He was going to escape!  They were going to release him.  He 
would be able to see Earth again, his family again, most of his friends 
again.  He could not help but smile as she stepped back into view, this time 
she had someone with her, that was hearing a black hood, and had their hands 
behind their back.  He struggled to look to see who it was, but he could not 
see, as the hood covered the face completely.  But, he started to pick u p a 
scent.  He knew that scent.. Where did he know that scent from?
"Oh, by the way, do you know that first guard that you killed?  You remember, 
you came up behind him, and took out your knife, and cut his throat, from ear 
to ear.  Remember?  He rolled around on the ground and grasped at his throat, 
eventually he aspirated on his own blood.  Remember him?"  The woman's voice 
was still so very compassionate sounding.  Did she save that man? Was that 
him?  He was fairly sure he was dead.
"Y…yes, I remember." He said slowly, not sure what to say.
"Good, he was my husband." She said in a calm voice.  She then removed a 
disruptor pistol from a holster on her hip and put it against the black 
hooded figures head.  She pulled the trigger as a disruptor bolt leaped forth 
and burned threw the figures head and slammed into the wall beyond it, 
leaving a scald mark.  The figure slumped first to it's knees, then to it's 
stomach.  She knelt down next to it and looked back at J'van.
"Look at this." She stated calmly.  As soon as she started to remove the 
hood, he saw the hair, it couldn't be…
"NO!  You BITCH!  I'm going to KILL YOU!" He screamed in a most frightening 
way.  It was one of those screams that sounded like it could not be produced 
by a man.  It was supernatural almost; it scared even him a bit, but nothing 
compared to whose face lie under that hood. As he focused once more on dead 
eyes, this time, they belong to the woman he loved.  Captain Rhiannon 
Morrigan's corpse stared back at him as blood oozed from her nose and mouth 
and the gapping holes in both sides of her head.
"No, you won't." The Cardassian woman said as she smiled.  She slowly stood 
before him, and placed the barrel of the disruptor to his forehead.
"This time, you don't escape us, J'van D'Nalls" She spat the words at him as 
the gun suddenly roared, the last thing he saw was a flash, and those eyes…. 
Those empty eyes.

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