<USS Banshee> Chat log 1/22/2004

  • From: Victor Andros <victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 11:41:28 -0800 (PST)


Commander Victor Andros

Executive Officer, USS Banshee

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You have just entered room "Celestial Prime."
Victor Andros: I'll prolly forget to save the chatlog anyways
Victor Andros: Okay. We're starting.
Victor Andros: First, the e-mail that I sent to J'van came back as no such address, so he is officially gone.
I JoeCastillo has left the room.
Victor Andros: In his stead, I am promoting Joe to Chief of Security.
Victor Andros: ::hangs head:: D'oh
Lt Sara Crusher: talk about timing
Lt SamanthaMason: hahaha
Victor Andros: In lieu of promises that have been made, I will refrain from acting on replacing him as Second Officer.
I JoeCastillo has entered the room.
I JoeCastillo: ::aa::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::staples him down:: Stay put
I JoeCastillo: ((i wasn't even done dialing up to aol and i was already getting a danm popup))
Victor Andros: First, the e-mail that I sent to J'van came back as no such address, so he is officially gone.
Victor Andros: In his stead, I am promoting Joe to Chief of Security.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::claps:: Yay Joe!
Lt SamanthaMason: ::applauds:: Congratulations Joe
Cyanah Kaelyre: Yay!
I JoeCastillo: ::looks surprised:: Who me?
I JoeCastillo: ((test))
Lt Sara Crusher: (B+)
I JoeCastillo: Thank you for having faith in me sir i won't let you down.
Victor Andros: ::nods:: I know.
Lt Sara Crusher: someone send Telsia Ehling and invite please.. Mine arn't working
Victor Andros: Neither are mine
Cyanah Kaelyre: I don't see her online.
Lt SamanthaMason: I just did
Lt Sara Crusher: she signed back off
Victor Andros: AIM is really being a whore tonight
I JoeCastillo: how do you do an invite?
Lt Sara Crusher: it's under people
Victor Andros: Click on the "chat" button on the buddy window
I JoeCastillo: ok shes invited
Telsia Ehling has entered the room.
Victor Andros: Yay!!
Lt Sara Crusher: cool
Telsia Ehling: hey guys
Telsia Ehling
has left the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre: That was fast.
I JoeCastillo: good evnieing Telsia
I JoeCastillo: evening even
Telsia Ehling has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::staples her down too::
I JoeCastillo: ::prepares the hot glue gun::
Telsia Ehling: YAY!!!!!!!!! I'm in!!!!!!!
Victor Andros
: Okay. It's now an hour after our official starting time. Still want to sim?
Lt Sara Crusher: Yes!
I JoeCastillo: ::nods:
Lt SamanthaMason: this is typical for DSG1
Telsia Ehling: but damn it I have lag ::grumbles::
Lt Sara Crusher
: gotta get this plot on the move man.. I have a girl to marry!
Lt SamanthaMason: then I can't make them leave after 9 hours
Victor Andros: Alright, well, seeing as how it's unanimous and all...
Cyanah Kaelyre: Hey, I didn't vote.
Telsia Ehling: brads not coming
Cyanah Kaelyre
: <w> Sim
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::grins::
Victor Andros: Okay, now it is.
Lt SamanthaMason: Cy> ::busy putting her pigtails up::
I JoeCastillo: wait my minions are online but not in the room
Cannon Everett has entered the room.
Victor Andros: Prepare for brief...
Cyanah Kaelyre: Cy> ::busy weighing down the toes of her junk-kicking boots:
I JoeCastillo: ((is mortok on this ship or not?))
Cannon Everett: ((Hah there. Is it too late for me to join in?))
Victor Andros: Sara and Vic had just beamed over to the Nightengale to meet with Inspector DeHaan.
Victor Andros: and hopefully get some answers about this rock.
ESNMORTOK has entered the room.
Telsia Ehling: am i still here?
Victor Andros
: yes.
Telsia Ehling: guess there is no lag now
Victor Andros
: Questions?
Telsia Ehling: nope, theres lag
Lt SamanthaMason
: nope.
Cannon Everett: No sir.
I JoeCastillo: whos in charge on the bridge?
Telsia Ehling has left the room.
ESNMORTOK: (( Hey all I can't stay I am still at work I just got on to tell ya the heads up. Sorry for missing last and this week but it's really hectic right now. ))
Victor Andros
: um... Josh... was
I JoeCastillo: i know this
Victor Andros: but, seeing as how he's not here...
Cannon Everett: Ah'll do it!
Victor Andros: I suppose it would be Cannon.
ESNMORTOK: (( So I will see ya laters. Night all. ))
I JoeCastillo
: wow i was about to type the same exact thinig
I JoeCastillo: same wording and all
ESNMORTOK has left the room.
Cannon Everett: Ah'll do a right good job, too!
Victor Andros: better.
Victor Andros: Anything else?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::would say Cy since she's the next ranking officer and Morri has put her in charge of the bridge before but would only get smacked for bring it up so.. shhhhhh::
Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
Cannon Everett: ::is on the bridge::
Lt Sara Crusher: @::in the midst of being beamed::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::in her lab, still working on her thesis for the SFSBOD::
Victor Andros: ::Shimmers into existence on the Nightengale::
I JoeCastillo: ::Heading towards the Security office::
Cannon Everett: Well ain't this just a hootnanny! Second day on the job and already Ah'm in charge a somethin'!
Lt SamanthaMason: ::left sickbay...completely naked, walking around the ship::
Cannon Everett: ::whistles loudly while monitoring tactical::
Victor Andros: Transporter Crewman> Welcome aboard.
Cannon Everett: ::eyes Captain's chair...raises eyebrows:: Hmm...
Cyanah Kaelyre: :is getting pretty bored with her thesis after all:
I JoeCastillo: Hmm on second thought i could probably monitor Vic and Sara better from the bridge. ::Heads back towards the TL:: Bridge
Victor Andros: TC> ::gestures to the two goons flanking him:: James and Will here will see you to the bridge.
Lt Sara Crusher: @::looks at the goons and wishes she wasn't so damn short::
Cannon Everett: ::prances over and plants himself in the empty Captain's seat:: Nah...ain't that comfy. But still...::looks side to side::...probably look durn important sittin' here!
Victor Andros: Vic> Let's go. We don't want to keep "the Inspector" waiting.
Lt SamanthaMason: ::disoriented and all that, so has no idea where she's going::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::nods::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::takes a padd with the local sensor data and enters the TL, just for a break::
Victor Andros: TC> Of course.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Bridge.
Cannon Everett: ::strikes an intelligent 'captain's pose':: Now what's a Captain thing ta say?
Cyanah Kaelyre: I can keep tabs on Sara there.
Cannon Everett: ::in a fake voice:: Engage! ::laughs to himself...gets up and heads back to tactical::
I JoeCastillo: ::Exits TL and enters the bridge and wonders who the guy is sitting in the Captain's chair::
Lt SamanthaMason: Computer! Where the bloody hell am I?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looking around the ship as they walk.. taking notes on which way they're going and how their caprting it better::
Victor Andros: James> Follow me. ::Exits the TR with Will in tow::
Lt SamanthaMason: ::wandering around::
Cannon Everett: Well hah there! Ah'm Ensign Cannon Everett!
Cmdr Tim has entered the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::exits onto the bridge and goes right to Sci1::
Victor Andros: J&W> ::Walk into the TL::
Cmdr Tim has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: ::Walks up to the man and offers his hand :: You're the new Ensign in Security?
Cannon Everett: Why yes Ah am.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::follow:: Who's the captain of this ship. I wasn't aware of any new medical ships..
I JoeCastillo: I'm Joe Castillo Acting Chief of Security.
Lt SamanthaMason: Computer> You are currently on deck 2, outside of the sickbay.
Cannon Everett: ::takes hand and shakes it too vigorously::
Victor Andros: James> DeHaan will explain everything.
I JoeCastillo: Whos in charge of the bridge Ensign?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> O! I am? Where am I going then??
Lt SamanthaMason: Computer> ::beep:: I cannot answer that question until you arrive.
Cannon Everett: Well slap my behind and call me Sally! Oh...well Ah guess Ah am, sir.
Victor Andros: <<Telsia sends her apologies, but AIM is a vicious little bitch>>
Lt Sara Crusher: (Not only does our computer say ow it has a smartass tude.. lol)
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> Where is... ::thinking:: Engineering! Yes, because I am the Chief of Engineering!!
Victor Andros: Vic> ::Walks in the TL::
Victor Andros: Vic> Where are we going?
Lt Sara Crusher: I'm sure she will..
Lt SamanthaMason: Computer> Main Engineering is located on Deck 5.
Victor Andros: James> Bridge.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::rolls her eyes::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> Ah! Perfect! ::disorientedly walks into a TL:: Computer! Take me to deck 5!
I JoeCastillo: I see well I have to monitor the vitals of the Commander And Lt. Crusher from the Security station carry on Ensign.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::TL moves::
Cannon Everett: ::still arbitrarily shaking Joe's hand::
Cannon Everett: ::won't let go::
Victor Andros: ::TL opens up on a tiny bridge manned by three::
Lt Sara Crusher: What class ship is this? I thought the newset class's flag ship was to be offered to Commadner Crusher of the Enterprise..
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::finishes uploading into Sci1, turn sand looks at the bridge, amazed at how empty it is::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks out the TL doors:: Wow.. My office is bigger..
Cannon Everett: ::waves at Cy with other hand:: Hah, there.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::exits into main engineering:: 'Ello everyone!
Lt SamanthaMason: Engineering Staff> =-O
Cyanah Kaelyre: Hello. I don't believe we have met.
Victor Andros: DeHaan> ::Sees Sara and Victor:: Good. Follow me.
I JoeCastillo: ::Walks towards Sci1:: Lt. Kaelyre good to see you.
Victor Andros: DeHaan> ::Walks into a side room::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::follows::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::nods to Joe:: Likewise, Mr. Castillo. ::has trouble pronouncing his name::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> Oh. Dear. God.
Victor Andros: Vic> ::Shrugs. Follows::
Cannon Everett: ::lets go of Joe's hand, takes Cy's:: Ensign Cannon Everett, ma'am. And uh, ::pompously:: Ah'm in charge of the bridge. ::raises eyebrow::
Victor Andros: DeHaan> ::Sits behind a decent-sized mohagony desk::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Lt. Kaelyre, Chief of Science. Nice to meet you, Ensign.
Lt SamanthaMason: HOJU> ::notices Samantha:: BARRRRRGGGGGG!!!!! ::runs the other way:: SHEZZZ CRAZYSSS-IERRRS THANS EVERSSS!!
Victor Andros: DeHaan> Thank you for coming.
Lt Sara Crusher: You have some answers for us, I hope..
Victor Andros: DeHaan> Before I begin, I need to know how much you know.
Cannon Everett: And it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintence, ma'am. ::kisses hand::
I JoeCastillo: I was wondering if you could help me with something of mutual interst to us, I want to make sure that we can transport the Doctor and Co mander of the ship if theres any sign of somethinig going amiss.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::stands:: Hello ma'am... um... welcome back...to.......Engineering...
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> Why thank you!
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> Are you feeling alright!
Victor Andros: Vic> Everything.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::stands at her full height.. all 5'2 of her::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::smiles seductively at Janice:: Yes. ::leans in:: Why?
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::blinks at Everett::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::turns to Castillo::: Yes, that would be ideal.
I JoeCastillo: ::Turns towards Cannon:: Shouldn't you be monitoring the Nigtengale Ensign?
Lt Sara Crusher: The compound.. The Waste.. The computers and robs.. all of it..
Victor Andros: DeHaan> Good. Then you can help me.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> Er...um... well... you seem a bit out of...uniform. I'm going to inform the bridge that you're...I guess...back... ::whines and runs away::
Cannon Everett: Oh! Yes, sir, Ah should sir, be right on that sir. Lieutenant Josh Asper was givin' me some lessons on etiquette so you'll find that Ah know how to call you sir, sir!
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> Well very good then! Now... what has been... going on?
Lt Sara Crusher: Help you with what?
Cannon Everett: ::hops back over to tactical::
Cannon Everett: ::sees everything is normal::
I JoeCastillo: I can monitor their vitals from the Security console, so we'll know the second something happens, the thing is making sure we can Transport them right away if somethinig does.
Lt Sara Crusher: Miss DeHann.. I'm afraid your being a little to vage for my liking..
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> +taps+ Bridge, this is Lieutenant Janice Athena Lockheart. Um... Lieutenant Samantha Mason is back...umm...er... on duty.
I JoeCastillo: ::Turns back to Cannon:: Very good ensign.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Everett, establish a constant link with their commbadges, please. Ensure a transporter lock can be kept at all times.
Victor Andros: DeHaan> I am Commander Madison DeHaan, SFI. ::Spins a computer screen around showing a dossier detailing that fact, with Starfleet logo and all::
Cannon Everett: Yes, ma'am, right away ma'am! ::thinks:: Ain't Ah in charge here? ::shrugs it off and establishes link::
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> Well ma'am... ::looking at her bare boobs, can't breath right::
Victor Andros: DH> Ju Ju was a waste site, as you've likely guessed.
Cannon Everett: ::to Joe:: So one could say you're the Sheriff of the ship, huh, Mr. Castillo?
Lt Sara Crusher: We found the dumping site.. yes
Victor Andros: DH> More and more people are finding out about this, but it cannot become common knowledge.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Mr. Castillo, with that transporter lock and the monitor of their vitals from the Security console, we should be able to auto-activate transporters if something goes wrong.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::gets no response from the bridge:: Okay... +Bridge+ Well...um... okay...I guess it's Okay then! Um... I guess that means engineering is back on Lieutenant Mason's control even though she's naked! Hello?
Lt Sara Crusher: Well if you wanted it to be a secret why send the Banshee here on a medical assigmnet
I JoeCastillo: You could say that, Mr. Cannon I try to keep order on the ship although it's not too difficult Star Fleet personell are very diciplined.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> +Bridge+ You really have to help us! We are so screwed! But no one's paying attention... stupid idiots... what I am going to do about this...
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::realizes that she's the ranking officer and should answer the phone:: +Janice+ Bridge here.
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> ::can't breath right::
Victor Andros: DH> Because, at the time, it was not known why people were becoming sick.
Cannon Everett: Oh is THAT what that ringin' is?
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> aHH!! :: hears Cy:: +taps+ Um... Hi. Bridge. This is me, um... Janice Athena Lockheart... um... Lieutenant Mason is back...
Lt Sara Crusher: They were drugged.. Not sick.. according to my scans that is..
Victor Andros: DH> It was only after we arrived, before you, and did a little digging that we realized what we had. This site was sealed up several decades ago.
I JoeCastillo: Excellent Lt. I guess all theres left to do then is wait ::Frowns:: I never was good at waiting.
Cyanah Kaelyre: +Janice+ IS she cleared medically?
I JoeCastillo: ::Perks and eyebrow:: Lt. Mason is back on duty?
Victor Andros: DH> ::Sighs:: Some of them, yes. The ones that were sick did not survive.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> +taps+ Back on duty...but...she's um...completely out of uniform and um... I...I don't know. I thought thatmaybe you could tell me...
I JoeCastillo: She hasn't been cleared to go back on duty.
Cannon Everett: Who's Lt. Mason, Sheriff?
Cyanah Kaelyre: +Janice+ Out of uniform?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::looks at her oddly::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::takes her padd and circles around to the center of the bridge, looking up Mason's records::
Victor Andros: DH> Radiation poisoning, if untreated, is fatal.
I JoeCastillo: She's our Chief Engineer but she's been out of commission because she caught a rare disease.
Cannon Everett: Out of uniform...Ah can go take care of that, sir!!
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> +taps+ Um...like...out of uniform...out of...all of her clothing!
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::Blinks::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::tries not to say yeah well duh! I'm a doctor and knew that::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> +Bridge+ ::whispers:: You have to do something!
Cyanah Kaelyre: +Janice+ One moment.
Cannon Everett: Ah'll do, it sir!
I JoeCastillo: ::Turns to Cannon:: You're in charge of the bridge at the momment Ensign i'll have someone else take care of that.
Victor Andros: DH> The ones that are drugged were witnesses. We purged them of radiation, but we couldn't let them out.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Mr. Castillo, please take care of the situation in engineering.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> +Bridge+ Oh and Ensign Measley is having breathing problems... oh my god he's going to die... his face is so red...
Cyanah Kaelyre: Lt. Mason is not cleared for duty.
Lt Sara Crusher: Yes Miss Dehann I am aware of the effects of radiation..
Lt Sara Crusher: So you keep them druged and isolated?
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> +taps+ I think his pimples are popping out of his head!!! EWW ...EWW EWW...all over my console!! Bridge!!! Do something!! EWWWW! I'm not sitting there anymore!! GROSSS
Cannon Everett: Shucks...::to self:: Naked chicky runnin' around and Ah'm stuck playin' Captain. ::checks tactical...nothing wrong:: And Mr. Boring Captain too.
I JoeCastillo: I didn't think she was. +Smith+ Lt. Castillo to Ensign Smith.
Victor Andros: DH> The drugs should wipe their memories, but they take time.
Lt SamanthaMason has left the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::sits down in the center seat and checks her PADD::
Lt SamanthaMason has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason: ((test))
I JoeCastillo: Smith> Wonder what he wants now. +Castillo+ This is Smith Sir
Cannon Everett: ((You're good, Sam))
Lt SamanthaMason: ((cool))
Lt Sara Crusher: (dude.. a word of adive... Don't whisper.. Cy can hear you.. lol)
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::is SO GLAD WALLACE TOOK THE DAY OFF::
Cyanah Kaelyre: +Janice+ Security will be there shortly.
Lt Sara Crusher: So why is this all a big secret?
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::giggling as she opens the door to her office and steps inside::
Victor Andros: Vic> ::nods, just listening::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> +taps+ ::whimpering:: Thank you.
Cannon Everett: So what do you do, Ms. Kaelyre?
I JoeCastillo: +Smith+ Kathy grab Johnson and head to ME, Lt. Mason is down there naked apprently and shes not cleared for duty yet. Escort her back to Sickbay.
Cyanah Kaelyre: I'm the Chief of Science.
Victor Andros: DH> Because the Federation denies that it ever did any research into advanced photo-nuclear technology.
I JoeCastillo: Smith> ::Blinks:: +Castillo+ Naked sir?
Cannon Everett: Nifty fifty!
Victor Andros: DH> We need to keep the proof of that from coming out.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::takes her seat and spins around, sighs:: Oh! It feels so good...
I JoeCastillo: +Smith+ Yes naked therefore you understand the gravity of the situation and the need for haste.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::gets a really bad feeling about this::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::finds the vibrate control on the chair:: ahhhhhh...
I JoeCastillo: Smith> +Castillo+ Aye sir i'll get right on it.
Lt Sara Crusher: and how do you plan on doing this?
Cannon Everett: ((oh my god!!!))
Victor Andros: DH> We scare the people into never going up there again. Leave a permanent garrison there so they can never get in.
Victor Andros: DH> Meanwhile, we clean it up and move it.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::pushes measley off her console with a broom::
I JoeCastillo: Smith> Hey Johnson we gotta escort some naked Engineer to sickbay pronto.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::looks back to Everett at tactical: How's that transporter lock holding up?
Lt Sara Crusher: The people who fired apon my team...
Cannon Everett: Holdin' up just fine, Ms. Kaelyre...and how are YOU holdin' up?
I JoeCastillo: Johnson> ::Gets a shiteating grin on his face:: Well what are we wating for lets go.
Victor Andros: DH> Sadly, yes. They had orders to keep everyone out.
Cannon Everett: ::smiles a big fake plastic smile::
I JoeCastillo: Smith> Men. ::Heads for the TL.
Lt Sara Crusher: Even people in star fleet uniforms..
Cyanah Kaelyre: How do you mean? ::looks puzzled::
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> ::shaking:: Is she gone?? I face feels like goo!!!
Lt Sara Crusher: I had peole injuried on that team Miss Dehann
Cannon Everett: Ah mean, how are you doin'?
Lt Sara Crusher: I don't like having my teams shot at..
Victor Andros: DH> And I hear you did a good number to them, as well.
I JoeCastillo: Ok, i have two of my personell taking care of the Mason issue.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> Yeah your pimples popped all over my console, um...where did she go?
Cyanah Kaelyre: Oh, I'm fine, thank you, Ensign.
Lt SamanthaMason: Measley> I don't know...
Cyanah Kaelyre: Thank you, Mr. Castillo.
Lt Sara Crusher: We returned fire.. yes..
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::sighs:: Computer where's... oh wait... she's not wearing a combadge...
I JoeCastillo: S and J> ME
Cannon Everett: Goooooood. ::bats his eyes at her::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::The gesture is lost as it has no significance in her culture::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Is there something in your eye, Ensign?
I JoeCastillo: You're very welcome Lt. Kaelyre. Vitals are still good.
Cannon Everett: Only you, Ms. Kaelyre. Only you.
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::tries Samantha's office:: Um...Lieutenant?
Victor Andros: DH> I apologize for that. I did not think that they would be faced with Starfleet officers
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> Are you in there!
I JoeCastillo: Smith> ::Enters ME along with Johnson.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::finally realizes what he's doing::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> OH YES!!
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> Okay...just checking...
Cannon Everett: ::smiles the fake smile again::
Lt Sara Crusher: Then perhaps you should be more in the loop.. seeing as how you clam to be SFI..
Lt Sara Crusher: It wasn't very smart having us sent to Ju Ju..
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::places her hand on the back of the chair so that her engagement ring is in plain view and half smiles:: Keep me updated on that link's status.
Victor Andros: DH> This was a rush job, I'll admit that.
I JoeCastillo: Johnson> Anyone seen the naked chief?
Victor Andros: DH> Too many people got scared too quickly.
Lt SamanthaMason: Engineers> ::point to Janice::
Cannon Everett: ::disregards engagement ring:: Oh Ah'll keep you updated, Missy. ::watches tactical::
Victor Andros: DH> That's why two separate missions were dispatched.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::doesn't trust SFI people""
I JoeCastillo: Johnson > ::looks disaponited:: She doesn't look very naked.
I JoeCastillo: Smith> Stop thinking with the wrong head.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Ensign, please do not address me as, "Missy," whatever that means.
I JoeCastillo: Smith> ::Walks towards Janice:: Excuse me Ma'm
Lt Sara Crusher: why weren't we called back.. or held over when we dropped off our gusts and captain at the star base..
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> What??? Not me stupid!! She's inside... ::points to the door:: Lieutenant! Could you come out here!?
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::waits for an answer::
Cannon Everett: Just a fancier way of saying 'Miss,' Miss, that's all.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> COMING!!
I JoeCastillo: ::Keeps one eye on the console and one eye on the scene thats about to play out smiling::
Cyanah Kaelyre: You may address me as ma'am. ::nods and smiles::
Victor Andros: DH> Different channels. We were an unofficial dispatch. The people who sent you along, never knew we were here.
Lt SamanthaMason has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: Johnson> ::tries to sneak a peak::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::mutters:: won't be the fist time..
Victor Andros: DH> They will find out soon enough, though.
Lt SamanthaMason has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: Oh?
Victor Andros: DH> They will be informed that SFI fixed the problem. Details are not neccessary.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::opens the door, very relaxed:: Yes?
Cannon Everett: Okey dokey, Ma'am.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::chair is still vibrating in her office::
Lt Sara Crusher: and what of the Banshee?
Cyanah Kaelyre: Can you get more power to that transporter lock, in case something... odd happens. And be ready with the shields.
Lt Sara Crusher: What was the point is working over our power
Cannon Everett: Yes, Mis...Ma'am. Sure will.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::leans against the door, playing with her hair:: Did someone call for me?
I JoeCastillo: Smith> Ma'm you're not cleared to be on duty yet.
I JoeCastillo: Smith> We're here to escort you back to sickbay.
Victor Andros: DH> I propose a partnership. We can help these people get back to their normal lives and preserve Federation secrets at the same time.
Cannon Everett: :;attempts to get more power but loses a little...doesn't say anything and fixes it:: There we go...
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::smiles at Smith:: I have been such a naughty girl!
Cannon Everett: ::to Cy:: So far Ah've got twenty percent more power. Shall Ah keep goin'?
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> I...I...I'm going to leave... ::backs away:: I don't need this...
Cyanah Kaelyre: That should be plenty.
I JoeCastillo: So Lt. How are the wedding plans comming along?
Cyanah Kaelyre: As solid of a lock as it can be.
Victor Andros: Vic> You want us to help you quash the truth?
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::chuckles at Joe::
Cannon Everett: ((oh my god this is getting gratuitous!))
Lt Sara Crusher: a partership.. ::does not look as if she trusts her::
Cyanah Kaelyre: It's a constant struggle with Sara's grandmother for control of the wedding.
Lt Sara Crusher: (That's just Sam... lol it's always like that..)
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::reclines in the center seat, careful not to damage Morrigan's butt indents::
Cyanah Kaelyre: But it'll work out.
Cannon Everett: ::thinks:: Sara...Cyanah...now THAT's what Ah'm talkin' about!
I JoeCastillo: Smith> ::clears her throat:: well um yes, will you follow us to sickbay now m'am?
Victor Andros: Vic> I'll have to talk with my senior staff about this.
Cannon Everett: ::stops giving the transporter lock power::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> We? ::flicks her eyes to Johnson:: Oh my, who's this?? ::smiling even brighter::
Victor Andros: DH> Do you?
I JoeCastillo: I'm happy to hear it I'm sure the two of you will make lovely brides.
Victor Andros: Vic> Yes. I do.
Telsia Ehling has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: ((whoops we kindda ignored telsia there didnt we?))
Telsia Ehling has entered the room.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Thank you, Mr. Castillo.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::smiles::
I JoeCastillo: Please call me Joe, Sara does.
Victor Andros: Vic> ::Stands:: Let's go, Lieutenant.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::nods:: Yes Sir..
Victor Andros: DH> Do you need help finding the door?
Victor Andros: Vic> No, I think we can manage just fine.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::stands and looks at her oddly::
Victor Andros: Vic> ::Turns on his heel and exits::
I JoeCastillo: Johnson> I'm crewmen Johnson m'am i work in Security.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::follows::
Cannon Everett: Y'know, mah friend Jason's gettin' married soon...
Victor Andros: ::Is silent all the way back to the TR::
I JoeCastillo: Johnson> ::Gives up on not staring::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::nods:: Of course, Joe.
I JoeCastillo: Smith> Please Lt. Follow us.
Cannon Everett: ((::waves:: Hi Telsia!))
Lt Sara Crusher: Am I the only one felling as if I've been snowblowed?
Victor Andros: Wait until we're home.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Is Jason on this ship?:
Lt Sara Crusher: ::nods::
Telsia Ehling: ((hey guys, I'm not sure if this will work but i'm gonna try))
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> Oooo...Johnson. ::holds her hands out and wiggles her fingers:; Are you going to cuff me, officers? ::blows Johnson a kiss::
Cannon Everett: Oh no, he's on another ship with his bride to be.
Victor Andros: ::Looks at the transporter operator:: Two back to the Banshee.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::steps up on the pad::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> ::hides under a console:: Stop being weird!!
Victor Andros: TO> Very well.
Victor Andros: ::Steps up on the pad::
I JoeCastillo: Ok, so i have their vitals and you have a lock on their comm badges, Whos jason?
Victor Andros: TO> Energizing.
Victor Andros: ACTION> Victor and Sara safely beam back to the Banshee
Lt Sara Crusher: ::gets all warm and fuzzy::
Telsia Ehling: (( no guys, sorry i just have major lag and it isn't working, sorry guys
Telsia Ehling has left the room.
I JoeCastillo: Smith> Not unless you force us to, if you come peacefully there won't be a problem.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::Feels Sara's presence:: They're back.
I JoeCastillo: There back on the ship!
Cannon Everett: Jason? Oh mah friend from back home in Colorado. His fiancee Jane...we're all good pals.
I JoeCastillo: ::Looks at Cyanah::
Victor Andros: ::Looks over at Sara::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::sighs.. being able to feel Cy again:: Man I'll be glad when that's more permint..
Cyanah Kaelyre: Everett, Castillo, get reports ready for the Commander.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~Love, how did it go?~~
Victor Andros: 0800 tomorrow.
Cannon Everett: Yessir.
I JoeCastillo: Yes m'am
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> Pooh! Well then... I guess... you'll just have to catch me!! ::backs off and runs::
Lt Sara Crusher: You wanna wait sir?
Victor Andros: A little bit. We'll let her stew.
Victor Andros: Besides, I'm beat.
Lt Sara Crusher: ~~I don't trust that woman, Cy.. Not one bit~~
Lt SamanthaMason: Hoju> AHHH!!! ::dives away from her:: STAY AWAYSSS!!!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::nods:: Yes Sir..
Cyanah Kaelyre: <<Is Hoju Smeegol?>>
Cannon Everett: ::prepares report...quite uneventful...but prepares it anyway::
I JoeCastillo: Smith> Jeesues after her. ::Runs after Mason with Johnson in tow::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> :;screaming at nothing::
Lt SamanthaMason: ((Hahaha...maybe!))
Victor Andros: See you in the morning.
Victor Andros: ::Walks over to the TL::
Victor Andros: Deck 1.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::assembles her own information on the PADD::
Lt Sara Crusher: Yes Sir..
Lt SamanthaMason: Mason> ::giggling as she runs::
Lt Sara Crusher: ~~Where are you?~~
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~I'm just glad that you're home safely.~~
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~In command of the bridge! Imagine that!~~
Victor Andros: ::TL doors open up::
Victor Andros: ::Walks out onto the bridge::
Victor Andros: Status!
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> Oh my god, that disease made her stupidier... I hope it's not contagious... OH... no... wait... she wasn't cleared from sickbay??/ She could be contagious!!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::stops in her tracks:: ~~Really!?~~ ::smiles and heads that way::
I JoeCastillo: Johnson > ::thinks to himself didnt know this day was gonna turn out so fun::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::stands:: Sir, everything's running nominally. Castillo, Everett, and I have reports ready.
Lt SamanthaMason: Mason> YOOHOO!! Here I am!!! ::keeps running::
Victor Andros: Good.
I JoeCastillo: ::Smiles at Victor::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::moves away from the center seat::
Cannon Everett: ::mutters:: Though mine's kinda borin'...
Victor Andros: ::Returns Joe's smile::
Lt SamanthaMason: Hoju> ::FACE FROZEN IN HORROR, urinates his pants::
Victor Andros: Where's Lieutenant Asper?
I JoeCastillo: S and J> ::Continue giving chase begin to gain ground on her since thier in better shape::
Lt SamanthaMason: Janice> Oh my god we're all infected!!!
Cannon Everett: He had some business to take care of, Ah think.
Lt Sara Crusher: ~~And I told you I'd be ok.. No buttons to push~~ ::laughs::
Lt SamanthaMason: Engineering> AHHHHHHHHH!!!! ::start to freak out::
Victor Andros: I see.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Something about needing to get to the head really fast.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Whatever that means.
Victor Andros: Uh-huh.
I JoeCastillo: Apprently sir, Lt. Mason is on the lose in engineering naked.
Lt SamanthaMason: Engineering> ::half of the engineers run for sickbay, Janice runs to her quarters, Hujo continues to water the carpet::
Victor Andros: How... interesting.
Cyanah Kaelyre: Yes, Janice Lockheart called in a panic, so Security was dispatched, as she's not cleared for duty.
Victor Andros: Set up a force field to contain her.
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::enters into the turbolift, laughing hysterically:: Computer, what's the highest you can go!!
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::TL moves up to the bridge!!::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::stands next to the main TL:: ~~any chance you'll be leaving the bridge soon? Bet you looked cute in that center seat~~
I JoeCastillo: S and J> Reach the the TL just as it's closing.
Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~I'm stuck here for a few more minutes... and yes, I did look damned cute! ~~
Cannon Everett: And tactical was the same the whole time, sir.
I JoeCastillo: Smith> +Castillo+ Smith to Castillo.
Victor Andros: Uneventful?
Lt Sara Crusher: ::standing alone in the hall way laughing::
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::grabs Johnson and pulls him in but not Smith, TL goes up to the bridge::
I JoeCastillo: +Smith+ Go ahead Kathy.
Cannon Everett: Yeah, a little bit, sir. Seems the Nightengale wasn't gonna start shootin' or anythin'
Victor Andros: ::sits in the center seat::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::enters the TL:: bridge
Victor Andros: Good.
Cyanah Kaelyre: We kept a boosted transporter lock and constant monitoring of your vitals at all time, sir.
Victor Andros: ::Sends off messages to all senior staff to assemble at 0800 tomorrow in CR1 for a meeting::
Victor Andros: I'm glad to hear that.
I JoeCastillo: Smith> +Castillo+ Lt. Mason evaded us and then got back in the TL, Johnson is in there with her.
Victor Andros: ++END SIM++
Lt SamanthaMason: Samantha> ::smiles dementedly at Johnson:: Hi big boy! ::licks his lips::
Victor Andros: ++END SIM++
Victor Andros: ++END SIM++
Lt Sara Crusher: paused
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::ends::
Lt SamanthaMason: ::paused::
Victor Andros: ::blows into whistle::
Victor Andros: Attention!!
I JoeCastillo: ::desaup::
Lt Sara Crusher: ::AA:-(::
I JoeCastillo: ::aa::
Cannon Everett: ::aa::
Cyanah Kaelyre: ::AA::
Victor Andros: ::Gives Sara a brownie::
Victor Andros: Good sim, everyone.
Lt Sara Crusher: ::shares it with Cy::
Lt SamanthaMason: Johnson is one lucky man!!
I JoeCastillo: lol
Victor Andros: Please congratulate Joe on his promotion to Chief of Security.
Victor Andros: ::claps::
Cyanah Kaelyre: Congrats!
Lt Sara Crusher: ::claps::
I JoeCastillo: Free copies in the security office later.
Cannon Everett: ::claps::
CaptKylePierce has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher: Yay Joe!
Lt SamanthaMason: Congratulations Joe!
I JoeCastillo: Thank you all.
Victor Andros: And, with nothing else, goodbye and good night.
Cannon Everett: Hah, Kyle!
Cannon Everett has left the room.
CaptKylePierce: Had play practice. :-(

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