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"Comparing Notes" 
By Ensign Telsia Ehling and Lt. Sara Crusher

Telsia was sitting at one of the round tables, sipping some hot tea and 
enjoying the relaxed setting.  She had originally come here just to be out of 
quarters and to have time without Cameron around. She wanted to look over other 
peoples ideas for their weddings, and trying to decide if she wished to adopt 
any for her wedding with Josh.

Sara walked down the hall towards three forward with her eyes locked on a 
padd. She’d been bombarded with messages from her grandmother and figured 
Cyanah was still on the bridge she’d take a look over some of the old 
Betazoid's plans. She did plan on including some of her family’s traditions, 
mostly the 
final bonding of her link with Cyanah, but she hated the fact that her 
grandmother wanted to plan it all. "I hate carrot cake." She muttered as she 
into the lounge. 

There was a dress that Tel had a picture of that she absolutely loved, but 
wasn't sure how Josh would feel.  In fact, she didn't know how Josh felt about 
anything regarding the wedding.  She was puzzling over how to get him involved 
and keep her family out of it, when the doors opened.  Turning, she watched as 
the Doctor walked in, she seemed to be preoccupied with the PADD in her hand, 
so Telsia turned back to her PADD and continued flipping through pictures of 

After ordering an Andorian sunrise, Sara made her way towards the tables. Her 
eyes still fixed on the padd. She’d just taken a sip from her glass when she 
bumped into a table. She looked up from the padd and at the young woman 
sitting at the table she’d run into. "Ensign Ehling.. I’m sorry.. I 
wasn’t paying 
attention." Sara smiled softly as she reached down to pick up a picture that 
had fallen off the table. "That’s a beautiful dress, Ensign." She said as she 
handed the picture back. 

"It's okay," she said softly, taking the picture and putting it with the 
rest.  Telsia felt slightly intimidated by Sara Crusher, she knew that Josh had 
had a relationship with the doctor at one point and for that simple reason felt 
a bit self conscious around her.  "I'm not sure if I like it enough yet or 
not.  There are just so many dresses out there, it's hard to pick one." 

A bright smile danced across Sara’s face. "Yes I know." Sara looked around at 
the padds and pictures on the table and knew right away that she wasn’t the 
only one making wedding plans. "Planning a wedding as well I see." 

"Yes, Josh proposed to me.  We haven't set a date yet, but I figured it would 
be good to start now."  Tel motioned to a chair for Sara to sit in if she so 
wished.  "I hear that you're the planning your wedding to Lt. Kaelyre, the 
chief scientist right?" 

For some reason the idea of Josh getting married stunned Sara. She gratefully 
slid into the offered chair as she looked at the young women before her. She’
d known Josh had reconnected with the mother of his son but had no idea he’d 
decided to marry her, and now of all times. It took a few moments before Sara 
realized that Telsia had said something to her. She nodded once she was sure 
what the question was. "Well we’re trying to anyway. It would seem that there 
are other parties who feel they should have the honor of planning it for us." 

 Laughing lightly, Telsia smiled at Sara.  "I haven't told my family yet of 
my engagement and when I do, I'm not letting them or anyone but Josh and I plan 
our wedding.  I just don't think I would be happy with it, if someone else 
did it."  She took a sip of her tea, trying to think of things to talk about 
with this woman.  "Are you guys going to try to go with traditional Betazoid 

"We’re going to blend traditions. Hers and mine.. We’ll have something 
betazoid but no.. We’re not doing the whole nude betazoid thing." Sara took a 
from her glass and then shifted though some of the wedding padds on the 
table. "We don’t intend to allow my grandmother to take over.. It’s just 
she’s a 
very hard headed woman." 

Telsia nodded in understanding.  "A lot of my family is like that, one of the 
many reasons why I have not told them about Josh and mine impeding wedding."  
She paused for a moment, "well, that and the whole ex-husband thing.  I'm not 
in the mood to hear it from everyone.  I've been tempted to not tell them 
anything and let them find out when I send out the invitations, but that is a 
to rude for me to do."  She picked up a cookie from the plate she had sitting 
next to her and started to nibble on it.  "It's awesome though, that you are 
going to be mixing the traditions, that’s a great idea." 

Sara smiled as she ran her finger along the rim of her glass. "Combining our 
cultures has always been import to me and Cyanah. She’s never taken for 
granted that I’m not totally human. She takes the time to get to know all 
parts of 
me and she’s open with me about herself. It was one of the biggest issues 
between me and." Sara paused. She didn’t know how much Telsia knew about her 
with Josh. "most of my other relationships." 

 "Do you mean your relationship with Josh?" Tel asked flat out, curious to 
know what had happened between the two of them but never having the guts to ask 
Josh himself. 

Her mouth was suddenly very dry. Sara nodded as she took a large drink of the 
orange and red swirling synthehol in her glass. "I didn’t know you knew about 
that. About Josh and I being more then friends before."

 Telsia blushed, maybe she shouldn't have brought it up, she didn't want to 
alienate one of the first people she could possibly become friends with.  
"Well, I don't really know anything outside of knowing that you two had a 
relationship before," she shrugged lightly, "Josh doesn't tell and I don't ask, 
it's a 
bit awkward for us to discuss past relationships."

Sara nodded. "Josh isn’t much of a talker. He feels deeply but he keeps it 
all to himself. It was hard not being allowed all the way in with him. I 
t handle his walls." Sara flicked the side of her glass and watched as the 
orange and red danced inside it. "He wanted more, I just couldn’t. Then 
and I happened.. and.. Well.. I’m just glad he’s found someone who can love 
and understand him the way he needs." 
 Telsia smiled sadly, "I have always loved him and I'm glad we could once 
again find each other, I just hope it works out right this time.  No offense to 
you, but I am glad that you couldn't go farther with Josh and that your with 
Cyanah now, if you had stayed with Josh, I would probably still be married to 
that asshole and Josh wouldn't know about Cameron." 

"I tried to tell Josh once that what happened.. That my falling in love with 
Cyanah and that us not being able to be more then friends was fate. Our lives 
were meant for other things and other people." Sara laughed a little. "He 
stormed out of my office after telling me it was bull. Guess I could tell him 
I told him so."

The smile on Tel's face became more genuine and she let out a little laugh.  
"That sounds like him alright but I don't think telling him you told him so 
would be such a good idea, you know how he is," she said with a little wink.  
"It's great to hear you believe in fate as well though, I don't think enough 
people do." 

"How could I not?" Sara asked as she laughed. "I mean how could it not be 
fate that the things in our lives happen. I’d never be lucky enough on my own 
have what and who I have. But your right. More people should believe in it." 

 She nodded, "though you have to wonder why something's happen, if it is 
fate, why does fate want it to happen?"  Telsia sighed and scratched her head, 
"but that's going to deep I know.  So, what have you and Cyanah decided for 
wedding so far?"

Again Sara laughed. "Well.. We know we want to wait for Rhi." Sara stopped 
herself. She’d gotten to use to calling the Captain by her first name with 
Cyanah and Kathryn that it was becoming hard to switch gears with out her 
around to 
‘remind’ her to. "I mean for Captain Morrigan, and that we want to be 
married here because Banshee is our home." Sara laughed again. "And that we 
want to me naked. What about you and Josh?" 

 "Sounds like you guys have a lot more planned then we do," she said 
laughing.  "We have nothing planned, I have a few ideas but Josh and I haven't 
able to sit down and discuss it yet, we're still trying to figure out the whole 
transfer thing.  But I'm still looking at things and gathering ideas.  Are you 
and Cyanah going to both be wearing wedding dresses?" 

Sara nodded as she sipped her drink and then put it down. "Still not sure 
what we want but we’ll both be in dresses. We have different style tastes." 
smiled. "But we have time since we have no idea when the Captain will return 
from her assignment."

 "Where is the Captain anyways?" she asked.  Telsia and her ex-husband had 
come aboard after Captain Morrigan had left, she sort of hoped she would get to 
meet the captain before Josh and her left permanently.

"I have no clue." Sara said with a shrug. "No one tells me anything. All I 
know is she had something to do and that she was required else where. She’ll 
back though. She has unfinished business here, besides, Banshee is her baby."

"It's gotta be great to have a place that no matter what, you can call home," 
she said smiling.  "I bet you and Cyanah can't wait for the captain to return 
so you can get married."

Sara nodded with a smile. "The waiting is getting on my last nerve, but I 
wouldn’t dream of getting married with out her." Sara looked away for a 
Her gaze fixed out the window. When she remember her life with Rhiannon as 
child she also remember all the little girl dreams she had. "Wouldn’t be the 
with out her." She said softly as she turned back to Telsia. Then with a laugh 
she added. "Looks like you and Josh just might make it down the aisle before 
us at this rate." 

 Tel laughed back, "I'm not so sure about that but we'll wait and see.  I 
think it's awesome though, that you want to wait for the captain, you guys must 
have a close friendship." 

A warm blush colored Sara’s cheeks when she realized just how much she’d 
given up freely during the conversation. She still wasn’t sure how Rhiannon 
about people knowing they had a connection. "I guess you could say that." 

 "That's cool," Telsia said nodding.  "I think it makes for a strong bond 
between Captain and Crew and also helps in building more loyalty.  I have yet 
the chance to really establish relationships with anyone yet, to really build 
up that loyalty but I'm still hopeful.  The crew seem all so nice and 

"The Banshee has a great crew. I guess that’s why everyone who comes here 
wants to stay for as long as possible. Even if they’ve been barbequed." A 
smile spread across Sara’s lips as she pushed her empty glass out of the way.

Telsia raised her eyebrow slightly at that comment.  "Barbequed?  Interesting 
way to put it but your right, it's impossible not to want to stay here."  A 
wishful look passed over her face for a moment before it disappeared.  She 
looked at the time and was shocked to see just how much time had passed.  "I'm 
sorry Doctor, but I need to get going, I promised the woman watching Cameron 
I would be back five minutes ago.  You will excuse me?" she asked, gathering 
up her PADDs quickly. 

Sara looked at her own watch and laughed as she stood. "Of course. I need to 
be off as well. I have a date with a redhead who hates to be kept waiting." 
Sara picked up her own padd and then smiled. "And please.. Call  me Sara.." 

"Alright and I'm Telsia by the way," she said smiling.  She had finally made 
a friend on this blasted ship.  "It was great talking with you, I'll see you 
around Sara." 

Sara nodded with a smile and the watched as the young woman walked out of the 
lounge. She thought about what they had talked about and about what it all 
meant. She nodded happily and then headed out herself so she could get ready 
her evening out with Cyanah. 

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