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Rank: Ensign 
Full Name: Sara Rhiannon Crusher 
Date of birth: May 1 2352 
Place of birth: Phoenix, Arizona. North American continent of Earth 
Parents: Captain Stephanie Crusher and Commander Jake Crusher 

Sara is the youngest child of Captain Stephanie Crusher, a professor of 
history and culture at Star Fleet Academy, and Commander Jake Crusher of the 
Diplomatic corp.  She grew up in a Star Fleet atmosphere, her father’s twin 
brother Jack Crusher as well as his wife Dr. Beverly Crusher are also in Star 
Fleet. Her older brother Matthew is a Lt. in the JAG corp. Sara has always 
had a passion for flying and medicine. She has a very close relationship with 
her Aunt Beverly, who is the CMO of the federation’s flag ship, the 
Enterprise. When ever she had the chance she would be with her aunt studying 
medicine as well as holistic treatments that Beverly learned from her 
grandmother. When she was not with Beverly or at home with her mother in 
Phoenix, Sara could be found on her mother’s home world of Betazed. Her 
mother is half betazed and half human and Sara has inherited her empathic 
abilities as well as having a small amount of telepathic ability. 

Sara excelled at a young age and was placed several grades ahead in school. 
After spending her senior year of high school (At the age of 16) on Betazed 
working for Ambassador Lwaxana Troi, who is a close personal friend of her 
mother’s family, as is her daughter Deanna. Sara decided to attend Star Fleet 
Academy. She completed the Command task program with a specialty in 
navigations in two years.  She then attend Star Fleet Medical School were she 
graduated in the top five of her class. After completing her internship with 
her Aunt Beverly aboard the Enterprise she was assigned as the AMO of the 
U.S.S Banshee.

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