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Never to old.  By Ensign Sara Crusher

Sara walked out of the transporter room and straight for her quarters. It hadn
’t dawned on her that she left with out saying a word to Lt. Asper, so she 
sent him a message as soon as she got to her quarters,

 Josh, sorry if I was rude in the TR, didn‘t mean it, have stuff on my mind. 

After sending her message, Sara moved across the room and flopped down in her 
favorite chair. Sitting with her head in her hands, she begin to cry softly. 
"I can’t believe we missed them. If only,, maybe I could have,,," 

Her thoughts were interrupted by something small and furry nudging her. It 
was the small Yorkshire Terrier she had found during her first trip to the 
Hindenberg. Sara picked up the small puppy that she named Tramp, to match her 
kittens name Gypsy,  and placed in on her lap. The puppy fell fast asleep, 
and it helped Sara to feel better if only for a little while. 

Sara sat there a few more minutes just holding the puppy and trying to 
claiming herself, but it wasn’t working. So she got up and decided to get 
some things done. She need to distract herself from the feelings she was 
having. She updated her logs, both professional and personal and sent letters 
to her father, her older brother and her Aunt Bev. But nothing she did 
helped. She sent the last letter and the walked out of her quarters. She 
headed straight for the morgue. 

"How may I help you Doctor?" Asked the Lieutenant standing behind a large 
steel table which held one of the bodies. 

Sara still wasn’t use to hearing herself called that, she smiled only briefly 
before looking at the two tables. She swallowed hard as she asked. "Have you 
ID’ed them yet?" 

 "The one on my left is Crewmen Yolanda Diller. The one on my right is Dr. 
Randy Baker." His voice was so cold as he spoke that it sent chills down Sara’
s spin. 

"And the cause of death." She asked.

"Unknown." replied the Lieutenant.

"Very well, I would like to be notified as soon as you know." She told him. 
Normally she would never dare use that tone of voice with a higher ranking 
officer, but being a doctor gave her the slight authority to do so in this 

"Of course Doctor." replied the Lieutenant. 

Sara nodded and then turned to leave when her comm badge chirped at her. 
"Crusher here, go ahead." She replied. 

"You have an incoming communique." Replied an older man’s voice.

"Send it to my quarters, I’ll take it there." Sara told him as she moved 
towards the turbo lift.  

Sara walked into her quarters a few moments later and sat down at her desk. 
She settled herself and then pressed the button on her desk top display. With 
in an instant the image of an older woman appeared on the screen.  She was a 
older version of Sara with only two differences. Although her eyes were brown 
they still showed the same sprit that shined in Sara green eyes.  The other 
difference was pulled back in a long blond braid.

"Did I catch you at a bad time, Little Girl." Asked the image on the screen. 

Sara smiled at the sight of her mother. It had been weeks since they had 
talked, between Sara’s duties on the Banshee and her mother’s classes at 
academy it seemed they never had time to talk face to face. 

"No, you didn’t. I was just checking up on something that’s all." Sara 
replied to her mother’s question.  

Captain Stephanie Crusher looked very concerned as Sara smiled back at her. 
She knew that there was something wrong. It was her mother’s instinct that 
told her to call her youngest child in the first place. And now she knew why, 
but she also knew it would not be easy to get Sara to talk about it. 

"Are you sure I didn’t call at a bad time, you look up set." She asked.

Sara looked annoyed, and in a snippy tone of voice said,  "I’m fine Mom, it’
s nothing I can’t get thought." 

It was times like this that Stephanie wished she were still sitting in the 
big chair of a star ship and not behind a desk. On the other hand, she knew 
that her daughter needed to grow up on her own, so being behind the desk is 
probably better. However that doesn’t mean she can’t still get involved 
a distance. 

"When are you going to learn that you can’t hide the truth from your mother, 
expressly when she’s betazoid." 

Sara laughed, then started to cry again. Stephanie said nothing, she simply 
waited. It wasn’t long before Sara was telling her everything.

"Sara it wasn’t your fault. You had no way of knowing that those two people 
where there." Said Stephanie after hearing the whole story. 

Sara looked deep into the screen, "But maybe if I could have found them 

"Could you sense them?" Her mother asked. Sara looked confused for a minute. 
"You said that the sensors couldn’t pick them up because of an inhibitor, but 
could you sense that they were there?" 

Sara shook her head, "No, but I couldn’t sense the rommie either till I was 
in the J tube."

"Romulan, Dear." Her mother teased trying to get her to lighten up.

"What ever." Sara huffed, as she started to get defensive. 

Stephanie could sense that there was more then just the deaths of the two 
crew members that was bothering her daughter and she knew exactly what the 
other thing was. 

"Now look here Sara Rhiannon Crusher, don’t snap at me because your mad at 
herself. Those two people were in sick bay, several decks away, and my guess 
would be that they were dead long before the Banshee even got there. All the 
other reports form the other team members clearly stated that there were no 
survivors. You discovered an injured and dying man, your first responsibly as 
a doctor was to save him and that’s what you did. And as far as you not being 
able to sense him right away, Romulans are trained to mask there thoughts and 
emotions, especially if he is Tal Shiar."

Sara sat and listened to her mother scold her and comfort her all at the same 
time and wondered how in the world she does that. But she knew deep down that 
everything her mother was saying was the truth. She slowly started to come 
out of the cloud of self doubt she had placed herself in. Then when she was 
sure that her mother was almost though she began to laugh.

"What’s so funny?" Asked Stephanie.

Sara laughed a bit more then wiped a tear from her eye. "It’s just that,, I 
guess it doesn’t matter how old you are, your never to old for you mother to 
chew you out for being a brat." Both women laughed for a moment then Sara got 
all serious again. "Thanks Mom, I needed that. Your right I was mad at myself 
for feeling like I failed when I really didn’t. I still feel sad about what 
happened, but I felt that way before we went back. Actually, I’m glad we 
found them, because now they can be put to rest properly and their families 
can have closure."

The two women talked for a little while longer about the other things going 
on in there lives. Then with two blown air kisses, two I loves yous and two I 
miss yous. They ended their communique. Sara stood and was about to walk over 
to the couch to play with Tramp and Gypsy, when her door chimed. She walked 
over and opened it, only to have something large and ugly jump at out at her.

"AHH" She yelled as she jumped. "ANTHONY! You scared the crap out of me!" she 
scolded as she hit Ensign D’Vorak hard on the arm. 

Anthony laughed for a moment and then said, "Had to make sure you were still 
a live tribble."

"Very funny." She giggled as she slugged him again.

Anthony smiled, "I know it was."

Sara rolled her eyes. "Is there something you wanted?"

Anthony walked into Sara’s cabin and snarled at the two small animals on her 
couch, they both growled back at him and he backed off as Sara laughed at 
him. "Yea, I wanted to see if my best friend wanted to join me in three 
forward for a bite to eat, I‘m starving and I hate eating alone." 

Sara huffed "I honestly don’t know why your my best friend when you pull 
stunts like that." Then she laughed, "But I’m glad you are."

"Does that mean you’ll have dinner with me?" He asked.

Sara smiled, it was her turn to play around. "Why not ask one of your many 
many girlfriends."

"Cause I would rather eat with some one I like." He joked back.  

Sara giggled as she nodded her head. "Ok lets go. But no Klingon food, it 
doesn’t agree with you and I’m not coming down to sick bay at 3 in the 
morning again." 

Anthony smiled as they walked out of Sara’s quarters. "Don’t worry, I have 
no intentions of getting anything Klingon." His smile grew as he added. " I 
hear that some one in the isometric lab programmed the replicaters to make a 
killer nausicaan soufflé."

Sara just rolled her eyes as the friends walked into the turbo lift. 

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