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"Big Brother"
By Lt. Sara Crusher.. 
Guest Writer.. Rob Garner as Lt. Sg. Matthew Crusher

Two minutes and fifty-three point two seconds. It had taken two minutes and 
fifty-three point two seconds to go though the barrel course. Sara hadn’t 
over two minutes in barrel racing since she was fourteen. Granted it had been 
months since she’d used that program, hell it had been months since she’d 
been on a horse, but still, two minutes and fifty-three point two seconds! She 
could do better and she knew it, and she would have tried to, but Petty Officer 
Bell had interrupted her afternoon in the holodeck to inform her that she had 
a sub-space call coming in from the judge advocate generals office in 
Virginia.  As Sara walked down the hall she smiled at the crew who passed her. 
laughed as she entered the code to her quarters since she must have looked like 
she’d just stepped out of "Urban Cowboy" dressed in her tight blue jeans, 
button up denim shirt, cowboy boots and her favorite cream colored cowboy hat.  

Sara scanned the living room quickly and even popped her head into the 
bedroom and bathroom. There was a long, dark, green, silk night gown laying in 
heap on the bed but it’s owner was clearly locked away in her lab still. For 
brief moment Sara played with the idea of forgetting about the call and just 
taking a shower and slipping into a cute little dress and talking Cyanah into 
coming home early but the blinking light on her monitor reminded her that she 
asked him to call. So Sara plopped down in the desk chair and opened the 
channel. The moment the screen filled with his image she was glad she had taken 
the call. 

He was tall, very tall, his six foot six inches was simply huge compared to 
Sara’s mere five feet two inches.  His hair was black like his father’s and 
worn very short. He had his mother’s eyes which were a very electric blue and 
had the most beautiful eye lashes. Why do guys always have the softest and 
longest looking lashes?, she wondered as she stared at his reflection. When the 
channel was completely open Sara smiled and squealed. "Matt!" It had been such 
a long time since she’d seen her big brother and she suddenly realized, as he 
smiled his charming and disarming smile at her, that she missed him terribly. 

 "Hey, Sis!"  It had been a long time since Matt had talked to Sara, and he 
delighted in seeing her again.  He wondered if this was about the games they 
periodically played over subspace.  They hadn't finished their last chess game 
yet, and Matt wished she'd hurry up and move so he could checkmate her.  But 
something told him this wasn't the average "hi, how're you doing?" phone call.  
"Sara, is everything ok?"  His infectious smile changed into a frown of 

Sara took her hat off and placed it on the desk as she leaned forward to look 
into the screen. She had tried and failed at getting in contact with her 
mother since leaving Ireland. The last time she had seen or heard from her 
was on Deep Space Nine when she was talking about joining Banshee’s crew and 
now it seemed she had disappeared. Sara still wanted answers as to why her 
mother felt she needed to wipe out her memories but now she was also starting 
get worried. "Matt, have you seen or talked to Mom at all in the last few 

Matt inclined his head before a look of understanding crept over his face.  
"Oh, Sara, I'm sorry!  I thought you knew.  Mom...well, she sort of had a 
mid-life crisis a few weeks ago.  Dad took her on vacation." 

"I kinda knew that. The mid life crisis thing I mean. She was on DS9 a few 
weeks ago. She said something about leaving her job at the academy to come work 
on my ship of all places." Sara looked even more worried now then she had a 
few minutes ago. Was it so bad that her Dad had to whisk her off or was this 
just one of their spear of the moment things? "Is Mom ok? I mean is it really 
bad? Where did they go? I need to talk to her but I guess it can wait?" 

 Matt grinned widely.  "Slow down, Sara!  She's fine!  She just needed a 
break from the ordinary.  They went off to some exotic and adventurous place.  
don't know where exactly.  Is there something I can help you with?  It seems 
pretty important judging from the look of things."  Matt's compassion, 
especially for Sara, was strong.  He was overprotective of her, he admitted.  
But he 
had every right to be!  Sara was his little sister, and he wasn't going to let 
anything bad happen to her, as long as he was around. 

Sara couldn’t help but smile. Matt had the same look on his face that he had 
when she told him about Josh and their break up. It had taken her two hours on 
sub space and fifteen letters to talk him into not coming to the Banshee to 
pound Josh’s face in. Then it hit her. Would Matt know anything about what 
happened? He was older but not by a whole lot, although as she recalled he had 
fierce crush on Rhi. "Do you remember when Rhi took us to the academy to see 
Ambassador Spock speak.. Cause I do.. Now that I have my memory back." The tone 
in her voice had become very flat and angry. 

Matt's reaction was one of confusion, pain, and joy, all paradoxically 
expressed together.  "Sara...believe me, I wanted to tell you!  I wanted to 
tell you 
everything!  But I...I couldn't.  Mom and Dad forced me to promise not to.  
You were so inconsolable after that accident...."  Matt trailed off and ran his 
hands over his face and through his hair.  He had hated his parents for a 
long time after they repressed Sara's memories.  She had barely been the same 
person after that.  It was something Matt could never fully forgive his mother 
and father for. 

"They made Rhi and Nana Kathryn promise the same thing." Sara sat back in her 
chair. She closed her eyes as she tried not to get overly up set. She really 
did understand how up set she was. She had relived it all that night in the 
barn. She saw herself in the hover cab pulling away from the hospital crying 
begging her mother to let her see Rhi almost every night in her dreams while 
she was in Ireland. She felt it all over and over each time she looked into Rhi
’s cold grey eyes. Sara sat up again and stared hard into the screen. "What 
in the hell gave them the right to do that, Matt? Where they so caught up in 
their own lives that I was to much to deal with, so instead they just wiped 
the problem?" 

"Sara, you'll never know how angry what they did made me!"  Matt's 
characteristic calmness was but a distant memory.  "Try to understand, they 
doing it for themselves.  They were doing it for you.  The ache Mom felt in her 
heart for you drove her very close to a breakdown of her own on more than one 
occasion."  Matt paused both to collect himself, and to let what he had said 
sink in.  "It took me a long time to get to a point where I'd even talk to Mom 
and Dad after that.  Believe me, they weren't trying to make things easier for 
themselves.  Things ended up being much, much harder for us all." 

Sara had no idea that they had suffered to. Then again she had no idea about 
anything that was wrapped up in this at the time. Ok so they only did it for 
her sake, the next question was obvious. "Were they ever going to tell me? I 
mean I was assigned to Rhi’s ship and no one thought to clue in the dumb 
kid? Do they have any idea what that did to Rhi? Matt, she’d never come right 
out and say it, but seeing me everyday and not being able to tell me who she 
was and what happened, not being able to treat me as her Beanie, that hurt 
her.. Everyday for a whole year, Matt!" Sara slammed her hand on the table. 
may have been meant to help me but was easing my pain worth hurting everyone 

 "I don't know.  Mom and Dad certainly did.  I know it's hard, Sara, even 
though I'll never know how hard.  But what's done is done.  Nothing can change 
the mistakes we all made in the past.  All we can do is learn from them, and 
change the mistakes we would've made in the future."  Matt leaned in closer to 
his monitor.  "You've been given a second chance of sorts, Sara.  Few people 
ever get that luxury." 

"Seems I’ve gotten my far share of those lately." Sara said with a small 
smile. Sara really hated when her brother was right. What good would it do to 
her mother for something she thought was the right thing to do. She still 
wanted to talk to her about it but at least she knew now that she wouldn't be 
starting the conversation with "how dare you!" like she had planned. "Your 
Matt, there’s no sense in letting this get to me anymore.. Being angry at the 
world nearly cost me everything.. I‘m not doing it again. Mom was just 
another person I was venting at." 

"I'll make sure Mom knows you want to talk to her, and that she's adequately 
prepared for the bombshell that you've got your memory back."  Matt was 
smiling again.  "I'm glad you're back to your old self, Sara.  Very glad.  If 
there's anything I can do to help you, just say the word and I'll hop on the 
transport.  In fact, why don't I come visit anyway?  I could use the vacation.  
I'll be packed up and ready to leave by tomorrow, which means I could meet up 
with you in less than a week!" 

Sara’s whole face lit up. She loved the idea of having her brother around. 
d like that! You could meet Cyanah.. And see Rhi and Nana Kathryn again!" 
Then Sara stopped. It dawned on her what it would entail to get her brother 
"What about work? Your cases? And what about your wife and son?"

Matt laughed heartily.  "I've saved so many people's butts down here lately.  
They owe me.  And Kate and Mattie would be thrilled to get rid of me for a 
while."  He dipped out of view of the screen, and began packing. 

"Great!" Sara squealed. "I’ll set up things here.. Oh though I should warn 
you.. Mrs. Troi is on aboard and we’re not sure how long she’s staying." 

"She is?"  Matt seemed hesitant, but only for a brief moment.  "Well, the 
risk of a close encounter with...her is dwarfed by the chance to see my little 
sister.  I'll get all my travel arrangements made, and contact you tomorrow 
the details, okay, Sara?"  In his mind, Matt was already out the door. 

She nodded and started making plans of her own.. "I can’t wait till you get 
here." She said. Her tone was light and airy. "This will be perfect.. I have so 
much to tell you and show you.. Oh! You’ll simply adore Cy and she you.. Mom 
will be jealous she hasn’t meet her yet but you can tell her how wonderful 
is." Sara babbled on for several more minutes as she scratched notes onto a 
PADD. "Talk to you tomorrow and see you soon! I have to get you cleared with 
Rhi! Gotta go! Love you!" Then with out even thinking she cut the comm and 
bounced out of her quarters and towards her office to make plans. 

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