<USS Banshee> USS Banshee Sim chatlog 0306.12

  • From: ElRiovtrIdrys@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 23:37:54 EDT

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WatcherCMS:     run awaaaaay!!!!
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AdmiralGem:     ::tosses the keys to Rhiannon::
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AdmiralGem:     Have fun, Banshee!
ElRiov trIdrys:         we will
CptKetchum:     ::Staples Sara to the floor::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Ouch
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Cpt Morrigan:   ::::palms the keys and puts them in her pocket:::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::whew:: My third sim running tonight. This is a 
for me ...
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Lt Sara Crusher:        Crickets&gt; Chrip!
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::holds out frog ... frog eats crickets::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::smiles::
Lt Sara Crusher:        =-O
LtJoshuaAsper:  Poor Crickets, never saw it coming.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Well, you gotta keep 'em fed.
ElRiov trIdrys:         How was everyone's week?
Lt Sara Crusher:        Tumbleweed&gt; ::tumbles::
Cpt Morrigan:   It's a week
Lt Sara Crusher:        Who cares.. It's Thrusday! :-D
ElRiov trIdrys:         Was it a weak week or a strong week? ;)
LtJoshuaAsper:  Busy week?  Dull week?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::slaps himself::  I'm fine.
Lt SamanthaMason:       I worked all week.
Lt SamanthaMason:       umm... 
Lt SamanthaMason:       which is...about it.
EnsAaron Markus:        ::slaps Asper:: So am I....:-D
LtJoshuaAsper:  Oh, don't go there. ::slaps him back::
EnsAaron Markus:        ::is slapped::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ;)  
EnsAaron Markus:        Gee that was fun.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ You do know, dear Sister, these Humans are SO 
... well, full of shortcomings and all. So fun to watch them!!~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::sighs::  Good times, good times...
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Lt Sara Crusher:        You two smack like girls
Lt SamanthaMason:       so tired.
EnsAaron Markus:        And.....
LtJoshuaAsper:  It's called horse play, Sara, if I wanted to kill him he'd be
dead all ready.  ::eyes Aaron and then smiles::  :)
LtJoshuaAsper:  *already
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::laughs at Asper::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Oooo I get it ::winks at Josh::
EnsAaron Markus:        LOL
EnsAaron Markus:        I'm sorry that was soooooo funny.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::whispers to Sara::  Lead him on that everything's cool,
then, BOOM, dark alley.  
EnsAaron Markus:        ::rolls eyes::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Asper are you even allowed to cross the street?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::rolls 'em back:: Yours I believe ...
EnsAaron Markus:        ::laughs hysterically::
EnsAaron Markus:        Thanks ElRiov. ::puts eyes back in::
LtJoshuaAsper:  I can cross the street, but only with my mommy.  ::sucks his
thumb, then glares at Mason::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Hmm.. Cy was heading home this weekend.. I wonder if 
out today or not...
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::glares at Asper::
Lt Sara Crusher:        I always wondered what happen to Linus...
Cpt Morrigan:   I don't know.... I haven't heard from her lately.
ElRiov trIdrys:         At least there's more of us here this week than last. :)
Lt Sara Crusher:        Lucy&gt; ::rooms up and grabs Josh's blanket::
Lt Sara Crusher:        *runs
LtJoshuaAsper:  Ah!  Lucy!  You in big trouble now!
EnsAaron Markus:        I hear that ElRiov.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::runs after her screaming like Ricky Ricardo::  Lucy!
Cpt Morrigan:   :::pokes Victor:::
Victor Andros:  ::pokes Rhi::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::pokes Sara::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::pokes Josh::
Victor Andros:  ::Pulls out his whistle and blows into it::
Victor Andros:  TWEEEEEEEET
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::AA::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::attn::
EnsAaron Markus:        ::AA::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::@@::
HeatherMclouson:        ::AA::
Victor Andros:  Attention!
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::moves his AA::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Victor Andros:  ::hits his computer for being laggy::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::ditto::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Vic's Computer&gt; ::whimpers::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::once took a T Square to computer::
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay.... another Thursday, another sim.
Cpt Morrigan:   I'm currently in Ohio on my laptop using this lousy hotel
connection... so I'm not going to be able to be my usual chatty self.
Lt Sara Crusher:        (and enjoying the crap for crap ohio weather)
Lt SamanthaMason:       I get to go back East this weekend.
Cpt Morrigan:   I also have the misfortune of having left my sim notes on my
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::holds up back of left hand, points to left wrist:: 
here. ::wink::
Cpt Morrigan:   Including the names of all the NPC's.
ElRiov trIdrys:         well we were going to Delphi VII
ElRiov trIdrys:         and Mrs Troi and Mr Homn were picked up
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::smiles.. has them::
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ElRiov trIdrys:         those zany doctors ... errrr ...
OnlineHost:     Lt SamanthaMason has entered the room.
OnlineHost:     Cdr Michael Hill has left the room.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Zoltan is one of em
ElRiov trIdrys:         Moe
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay.... let's begin, shall we?
Lt Sara Crusher:        Yay!
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::
Cpt Morrigan:   The Banshee is currently underway to Ju Ju III to help with a
mysterious plague.
Cpt Morrigan:   The doctor's and the medical staff are aboard.... along with
the vivacious Mrs Troi and Mr Homn.
Cpt Morrigan:   Simmers take your marks.
Cpt Morrigan:   Get set.
Cpt Morrigan:   :::raises her simming pistol and fires::::
Cpt Morrigan:   Begin Sim
Lt Sara Crusher:        (::ducks::)
Cpt Morrigan:   Begin Sim
Cpt Morrigan:   Begin Sim
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( ::geese:: )
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::standing on the bridge at the tactical console::
Victor Andros:  ::In his quarters, &quot;freshening up&quot;::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::oversleeping::
EnsAaron Markus:        ::sits in the corner and watches::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::in engineering:: 
HeatherMclouson:        ::in sick bay::
Cpt Morrigan:   :::in her ready room, thinking:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace/Janice&gt; ::also in engineering, they're in 
all sitting around the main diagnostic console ignoring one another:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::approaches Mrs Troi's quarters:: ~~It is I, big Sis 
another day, here again!~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::realizes no one is on the bridge, so he assumes the center
chair as protocol allows::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps a PADD and looks at the current state of the defenses
and the tactical situation::
Lt Sara Crusher:        {Try not to get cookie crumbs in it this time, Josh}
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Take it easy on me tonight, guys....  I've had a long,
hard day. =) &gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::hopes Mr Homn will have prepared the usual Uttaberry 
for her breakfast::
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{S  ;)}}
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Hey!  Shhh!  You promised never to speak of 'THE INCIDENT'
ever again!  ::shakes fist::  ;)}}
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Lark+  Bridge to Ensign Lark.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; +Bridge+  Go ahead, Lieutenant.
HeatherMclouson:        ::looks around and is glad to see that the imported 
team is chosing to do a late breakfast somewhere::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::reaches across the bed and opens eyes when there's
nothing there put a pillow::
OnlineHost:     Ahmai DaCleric has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Soooo... 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::looks up:: What? ::glares:: 
OnlineHost:     Captain Radetzky has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::working on inventory:: 
OnlineHost:     Captain Radetzky has left the room.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Nothing.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::shifts positions, eyes staring into the PADD::  +Lark+  The
recharge rate on the starboard ventral phaser strip is recharging slowly, and
the port ventral phaser strip is taking a beating too.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::goes back to work:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; It's just so quiet.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  ::in the torpedo launch bay::  +Asper+  OK, do we
have any idea what it is.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; Yes, shut it up Wallace before I put this
stylus through your eye.
Cpt Morrigan:   Homn&gt; :::opens the doors to Troi's quarters and bows
gracefully for his large frame:::
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Lark+  No, Tom, I'm afraid we don't.  If you'd talk with
Lieutenant Mason in engineering maybe she'd know more.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::shifts her eyes between Wallace and
samantha:: I'll...move slightly out of arms reach:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::nodding::  +Asper+  Sure thing, Lieutenant.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::sits up frowning.. then realizes her head is 
Oww.. This is why I knew go to Betazed to see my grandparents.. ::groans::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::returns bow:: Ah, Homn, how delightful to see you 
Is my sister awake?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::gets back to work...:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::smiles, likes being in the center chair::  +Lark+  Thank
you, Tom.  Get back to me.
Lt Sara Crusher:        *never
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  +Asper+  Of course, Lieutenant.  Lark out.
OnlineHost:     Ahmai DaCleric has left the room.
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::it's very quiet in engineering...which means something
bad will happen for no apparent reason:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   Ensign Katt&gt;  ::::stands in a corner of the corridor,
apparantly staring at nothing:::
Lt Sara Crusher:        (:-D!!!)
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; SOO... 
Lt Sara Crusher:        (YAY Bucky!)
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; WHAT?? 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods and switches to a new PADD, the Shogun Fighter updates
and crew assignments::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Can I turn on some music or something? 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::strides down the corridor out of torpedo control
and into Main Engineering, beelining straight over to Mason, two PADDs in
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  Lieutenant Mason?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; Yes? ::looking up at Lark:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::wooshes into the room with a flurry of movement,
her outfit more brilliantly colored than the one she had arrived in:::
~~Greeting, brother.... what brings you awake at this hour of the day?~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::hums while rearranging the pilot slots and shifts, and
planning some holographic tutorials for the new pilots transferring in from
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( Poor Bucky ... he thought To Kill a Mockingbird was a
"how-to" book ... ))
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks for her hypos for the headache and realzies 
out:: Damn.. ::gets ready from her shift::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Soo...did they ever get that monkey?
Cpt Morrigan:   ::::stands and walks out onto the bridge:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; Monkey?? 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Yeah...you know...the monkey... 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Ah, dear Sister! Looking as ravishing as usual! Well, 
won't beat about the bush. They're demented, totally demented, I tell you.~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::offers a PADD to Mason::  We are having some
problems with the recharge rates on the ventral phaser strips, the starboard
is sluggish, and the port is overcompensating.  Yet, we can't find a problem.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~From what I hear, they think your idea of a nude 
is ... offensive.~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::stands::  Captain on the Bridge.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::mentally wrinkles nose::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::banding her head on the shower wall:: My head's going 
explode by the time that woman leaves!
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::steps quickly back up to the Tactical console with his
PADDs in tow::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Mason&gt; ::looks at the PADDs:: Lockheart did you do
something with the timing software? 
Cpt Morrigan:   ~~Who, brother?~~  :::gestures to Homn, who immediately pulls
a overly fluffy chair up to a lavishly set table:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::pulls up the phaser drivers:: Looking. 
Must be a physical hardware problem.
Cpt Morrigan:   ::::nods to Asper:::  How goes the watch, Lieutenant?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  ::hands Mason another PADD::  These are the test
results that alerted us to the problem.  Starboard is recharging at 62%
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Oh, just a few here ... a few there ... well, 
almost the whole ship.~~ ::hands her a PADD:: ~~See for yourself!~~
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Vic... any word from Joe?&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~I swear, these people will never adapt to our ways. 
the pity.~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::smiles::  Same as always, Captain.  We are currently on
course for JuJu III.  Medical teams on board along with Ambassador Troi and
her advisor, Mr. Homn.  We're set.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;he's outta town&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::reading:: These bloody things were
recalibrated just...Hutchinson!! ::glares at Wallace:: 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::gets dressed and heads for sick bay.. braiding her 
as she goes since it's still wet:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::waves it away impatiently::: ~~You know I can't
abide those things..... and of course they do.... it is their nature... which
brings me great pleasure.~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Walking and braiding at the same time?  And you said you
couldn't multi-task.  ;)}}
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::throws his hands up:: Hotcakes! I'm a 
not a fighter! I don't do phasers! If you're pointin' the finger, J-Lo be
messin' wid 'em... 
Lt Sara Crusher:        (I can't.. Sara can)
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Of course. Always something for us to laugh at, and 
can't HEAR us!~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; I didn't touch them you retarded bag of crap.
::says so calmly:: 
Victor Andros:  ::Steps out of his quarters, all dressed and ready to go::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Did you hear what she just called me!?
Victor Andros:  ::Walks to the TL:: Deck 1.
Cpt Morrigan:   :::sighs wearily and sits in her chair:::  Very good,
Asper.... efficient as always.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~On the other hand, you'd think that a simple request 
show up au naturel to a reception would be received by them as though we were
Borg, telling them it's futile and all~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::walks past the Tori's quarters and gets a strong back
lash that nearly knocks her over::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::to Wallace:: Stand in the corner!! :;to
Janice:: Work. ::to Lark.:: I will go see what is wrong with them myself.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::  Thank you, Captain.  ::Goes back into analyzing
Shogun assualt patterns and inventory check:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~I'll never understand them, Sis. I swear I never 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::rushs to sickbay::
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::clucks mentally::: ~~Brother... have you learned
nothing from living amongst them?~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Yeesh... ::sits in the corner:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  Mind if I accompany you?  Then, maybe, next time I
won't have to bother...::looks around at the motley crew::  you or your team.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::gets a toolcase:: I said stand! 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; :;stands::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::rushes in:: Heather! ::heads for her office::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Oh, Sister, dear, I have learned SO much! But so much
that's ...
Cpt Morrigan:   It should take us 5 days to reach JuJu III.... I've scheduled
the reception for two days from now.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; This is an engineering problem, we can fix
it. Lockheart you...::sighs:: have Engineering. Keep Wallace away from the
M/AM injector console. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         that's ... ::mental shrug:: ... lacking, I guess ...~~
Victor Andros:  ::Steps out of the TL onto the bridge::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; I thought that was his speciality?
HeatherMclouson:        ::runs into Sara's office:: What's up?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods and then turns and looks at the Commander::  Good
morning, Commander.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::slowly turns her eyes to Janice:: 
Victor Andros:  ::nods at Josh::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::banging head on desk:: Aeponffrine please
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; Ummmm...ummb... yeah. Yes ma'am, ::wimpers::
Don't kill me... 
HeatherMclouson:        Woah....
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::to Lark without looking at him/her:: 
go. ::walks out of ME::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  ::follows in stride behind Mason::
HeatherMclouson:        You want twenty? Or do you need 35?
Lt Sara Crusher:        40
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::tsks as Homn pours tea and reveals tray of lovely
delicacies:::  ~~They are but children in this world, Brother.  Much to learn
and we've much to teach.~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::makes a sizzling sound:: She's icy hot 
she's mad!! ::grins:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; Shut up. 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Mason&gt; ::walking briskly:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   :::turns and looks at Victor, the lack of rest evident in her
face::: Commander.
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Children!?  Josh resembles that remark!  Ugh, I mean
resents, yeah, that's it.}}
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~And how, Lwax. And how.~~ ::takes cup of tea, sips::
~~Ahhh, Uttaberry ... delicious. I've missed the taste. You know, these
replicators can only do so much.~~ ::winks::
Victor Andros:  ::nods:: Captain. ::Takes his seat::
HeatherMclouson:        40? Holy shit Sara...what did you do? Stick your head 
in a
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the console and brings up the shogun bay and the
current state of affairs there::
HeatherMclouson:        ::makes the hypo::
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::smiles:::~~Why do you think I travel with all of
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks up at her:: It's that woman.. We couldn't get a
normal Betazed.. Nooooo..We had to get one of the strongest minds on our
world here... 
Victor Andros:  ::Pulls his console around and looks it over::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::giggles:: ~~They never learn, do they?~~
Victor Andros:  Not much on the agenda, today, eh, Captain?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::enters an engineering cooridor near the
phaser arrays on the hull and finds the main phaser diagnostic console board
subsystem mechanism control device box thingamajig:: NOw let's see.
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~Now, tell me.... have you spent any time WITH any
of them?  Any in particular that I should pay attention to?~~
Cpt Morrigan:   Thankfully, no.  The reception is set for two days from now.
Victor Andros:  ::Looks over at her::
Victor Andros:  Good.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Guess it's really my own fault for not spending more 
around Betazeds... ::groans:: My head hasn't felt like this since my own
telepathy kicked in.. Oh god that winter was hell..
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Some time, Lwax. Not a great deal. Let me see ... 
there IS
Commander Andros. Oh, my. I know you ... your heart's set on him, right?~~
HeatherMclouson:        Oh...I can give you some kioxinto couple with the
Aeponffrine. It can be combined with pain relievers, it's been shown to dull
Victor Andros:  ::Streches languidly:: So go get some rest.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::looks up at the Commander and Captain::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Spider&gt; ::crawls out of the console when Samantha
touches it:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; AHH!!! 
HeatherMclouson:        I'll bet. IT's been said that the inital onset of 
causes some of the nerves in the brain to overstimulate. Causing massive
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~How romantic... but now... my heart has nothing to
do with it.  That you should well know by now.~~ :::mentally winks::::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::staring absently at Mason, then squashes the
spider with his boot::
HeatherMclouson:        ::adds some kioxin::
Cpt Morrigan:   :::grumbles::: How do you do it?
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Lt SamanthaMason:       Spider2&gt; ::follows... along with 3... 4....5... 
scatter out of the console:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::eyes grow large:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Oh. That's right. Minister Campio sort of ruined it 
and then your affair with ... Odo was it? Yes.~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::continues squishing them::
Victor Andros:  I've always needed less sleep than you. You know that. Now
shoo. Before I get Sara up here.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Well, they all run a fine ship, be assured of that.~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::notices something:: wait... is it me... 
is it warm in here? 
Cpt Morrigan:   :::chuckles::: Next thing I know.... you'll be offering to
tuck me in.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  ::looks at Mason::  No, it's just you.  ::raises
his eyebrows a couple of times at Mason::
Victor Andros:  ::Snorts:: Not very bloody likely.
Lt Sara Crusher:        I'm starting to understand why my Aunt's ship has it's 
Mrs. Tori alert... And I haven't even met the woman! ::laughs then stops
cause it make it worse::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::wears a stupid grin::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; No it's definitely warm in here... 
HeatherMclouson:        ::applies the hypo to Sara's neck:: There, you should 
some relief now, the kioxin takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to kick in,
variying depending on blood pressure and oxygen intake.
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~They all do.... that's the problem.~~ :::pouts:::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  I don't notice a difference.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::glaring at lark, hesitantly punches some
buttons on the console:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   ::::gasps::: What?  No bedtime story
Cpt Morrigan:   ?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::sucks in more air::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::again looks at the command staff and chuckles a bit,
returns to his PADDs and console::
Cpt Morrigan:   Asper......
Victor Andros:  There once was a Captain. 
Victor Andros:  She refused to get any sleep.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; This place should be cool... 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~The Captain may appear edgy ... but she is good. I'm
finally coming into my own as a Counselor!~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::smiles and looks up::  Yes, Captain?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::brings up the environmental controls but
they're not displaying:: Dammit... ::opens the console side to fix the
Victor Andros:  Until one day, she fell down, bumped her head, and couldn't
get up in the morning.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sets tea down:: ~~You know, Lwax, I have it. Just the
ticket for these people.~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::rubbing her temples:: Ok.. I think I can stand a 
work... How's the new shifts working out?
Cpt Morrigan:   I'd like a display of the fighters for the reception.  Do you
think you could engineer some interesting manuevers from  your pilots for
Lt Sara Crusher:        and has the medical team settled into their lab?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Nude calisthenics the length and breadth of the ship 
two whole days with breaks for orgies.~~
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::grins impishly::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;LOL!!!!&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; EW EW EW EW EW EW EW!!
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~That'll whip 'em into shape!~~
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Guarenteed to break up to monotony of any
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Has he been watching the sec tapes?)
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+Lockheart!! 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; =taps+ Wha...yes? 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods and smiles::  I'm sure I can throw something together,
ma'am, anything in particular?
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::shakes head::::  ~~Interesting, but I fear that
Fleet regulations will prohibit you.~~ :::snickering:::: ~~They SO love their
rules and regulations.~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::looks down and sees only a couple, stomps them to
HeatherMclouson:        ::sits across from Sara:: They are working fine. We've 
a few run-ins with compatability problems but I switched off people until
they don't have them any more.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looking though padds and listening::
OnlineHost:     Nazeeya Sakeena has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Spiders&gt; ::about 200 medium and small ones come 
out in case Lark missed that::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Oh, my dear, I can always declare the Medical staff
incompetent, and rule the CO unfit to command~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Okay.... I'm intrigued.... something called Real Sex
is on my TV.  :::peers around the laptop:::&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ What's the environmental control
reading for the starboard phaser control room? 
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((I've heard of that show... ))
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Not much different than what's on your
HeatherMclouson:        I also looked through their research, they have a few 
where some testing data seemed to be missing, but my assumption is that the
simulations couldn't annalyzed those aspects.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Checking... 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~It IS good for morale, after all.~~ ::winks::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;That's on HBO, right?&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  ::frowns and steps back::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::it's warm in the phaser control room, humid warm... 
kind of temperature that spiders like to thrive in:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( that'd be Sex and the City ))
Lt Sara Crusher:        I took a look myself before they arrived.. There's a lot
missing.. More then I like..
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;That, too&gt;&gt;
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::bursts into a fit of laughter::: ~~And your career
would be one of the shortest on record..... I hear tales of a Rihannsu Maenek
who tried something similar.....~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::steps away from the console, pulls the
front zipper of her jumpsuit down and fans herself: Yuck! 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Yes, HBO.... underwater erotica.....&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;::Wishes the TV in his room had cable::&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; This is disgusting! Are you sure you're not
feeling the heat??
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Oh, dear ... HIM. You're right. The Ice Queen 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::figures Lark must be used to jungle 
like this.::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  ::Shrugs::  No, I'm just fine.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::furrows brow, ponders::
Victor Andros:  ::hovers around Rhi:: Now go get sleep.
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~I seem to remember a brunch...~~
Cpt Morrigan:   :::grumbles and stands::::
HeatherMclouson:        Well I figured that there was only so much computer
simulation could duplicate with enough accuracy to give results. The
hubitinol is very unprdictable in nature, and I think under the conditions it
could act much differently.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::looks at the Captain and then down into the PADD, again::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::gets a new message and opens it:: Two days! 
::groans:: Ok
I still say there are people on this ship I don't care to see nude.. I should
give myself a medical excuse...
Cpt Morrigan:   :::looks at Asper:::: I'm seeing phaser shows and colors and
pretty lights and...... :::yawns::::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Sleep, Captain?  ::smiles::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Yes, she was famous for that ... although she usually 
Kheinsa'in for breakfast~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +Samantha+ Well my controls can't get a
definite...it seems like those sensors are offline...let me reroute them...
here we...what the hell?? It's 90 degrees in there! 
Victor Andros:  You won't be seeing much of anything if you pass out up here.
OnlineHost:     Washuu has entered the room.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ Why is it 90 degrees in here???
::looking at the spiders coming from the console, to Lark:: WEll just don't
stand there, STOMP!!! 
Cpt Morrigan:   ::rubs her eyes::: Has anyone ever told you that you are a
nag, Victor?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  Or we could cut off the air to this compartment and
kill them.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; STOMP!!!!!!! ::pointing at LARK::
Victor Andros:  Just you. And often.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ Bring the environment back down!! 
OnlineHost:     Washuu has left the room.
Cpt Morrigan:   Wicca&gt; :::appears from the RR and heads to the TL, waiting
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::laughs sparklingly:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::to Lark:: That's probably your problem. 
phaser arrays need to be kept cool. Although a coolant runs through the banks
themselves, the electronics that govern the phaser
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Well, so much for that idea. Rules, regulations ... 
enough to pee on anybody's parade!~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks up:: Have you talked to Dr. Curly at all.. He
intriges me... 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  ::thinks::  You are a strange woman.  
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::starts stomping::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; banks need to also be cool enough to 
as quickly as possible... you're basically talking about overclocked
nanoprocessors. ::glares at Lark and watches him STOMP:: 
HeatherMclouson:        No, I haven't had a chance to converse with any of the 
yet. ::mumbles:: thankfully
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Ummm...ma'am? You're not going to like
this... apparently I can't change the environmental controls. The sensors in
the room must be blocked... you'll have to manually do it from the junction
in the
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Adjacent Jefferies' Tube.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::brightens:: ~~So! What's on your agenda for today, 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::moves around all the dead spiders and 
the JT hatch... there are SPIDER WEBS everywhere!!:: +taps+ EWWWWW!!!!
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::sits back in her chair:: I won't mind talking to him..
Though it might be odd since he's from Delos and all.. ::laughs:: Though I'm
not ever sure if talking to him would be appropriate
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ the box in the junction is a little 
in but you can manually adjust the temperature knob...what?? 
Victor Andros:  Miss Wicca, I assume you will be escorting the captain to her
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~A little bit of this... a little bit of that... I
believe I shall try to corner the Captain....~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ It's covered in spider webs!! How 
this happen??
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Umm... look... I don't know. 
Cpt Morrigan:   Wicca&gt;  Aye, sir.... I will see that she makes her
appointment with her bed.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  I think I'll learn some other time.  ::walks out of
the room and back to the torpedo control room::
HeatherMclouson:        Why would his being from Delos have any effect on it? As
far as I know there are no cultural inhibitions between the two races.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: ~~Do that. She is quite a case.~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        Oh.. The captain hasn't canceled her check up again has
she? She's come up with an excuse for the last four
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::eyes get wide::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~I may have to order her to seek an appointment with 
you know. Soon.~~
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~Tell me, Brother.... so I can be prepared.~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        Um.. Heather.. ::laughs:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::watches Lark leave:: +taps+ Bloody 
the dolt left. Wait!!! WAIT!! OH NO!! ::sees spiders EVERYWHERE!!::
HeatherMclouson:        ::checks her well-organized pad:: No, she is still
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::cringes:: 
HeatherMclouson:        ::looks up:: What?
Victor Andros:  Good. ::looks at Rhi::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Well, does "paranoid" tell you anything? Not in a
mean-spirited way, mind you, it's just that she's ... she's ...
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  ::sighs and walks back in, scoops her up, closes
the JT door and walks out into the corridor::  
Cpt Morrigan:   Wicca&gt; :::follows the Captain into the TL, catching her
elbow as she stumbles:::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::reaches for word::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Delso is Cyanah's home world
ElRiov trIdrys:         well, she just goes off at the drop of a hat, is all.~~
Cpt Morrigan:   :::muttering::: I'll get you for this, my pretty.... and your
little dog too.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::Sets her down::  Computer, lower the oxygen level
in the starboard ventral phaser control room to zero.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Computer&gt;  Acknowledged, levels lowering...
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::embarrassed::
Victor Andros:  ::Smiles sweetly:: Nighty-night, Captain.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Computer&gt;  Oxygen levels at zero.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Men are.. well.. they're... ::thinks of how to put it::
They're mostly there as studs... 
HeatherMclouson:        Yes I'm aware of that. I assumed the men were merely
discouraged form takeing positions, not forbidden...
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~Hmmmm.......emotionally?  Or in one of those....
stuffy, trying to control her world ways?~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +Samantha+ You're really stupid, aren't you?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ ::sighs:: 
HeatherMclouson:        Yes, the breeding situation on Delos is rather
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( Oooooooooooooooooo thanks heaps Sara :-Þ )
Lt Sara Crusher:        They are.. But very few take on such roles.. and from 
I've seen of Curly he fallowes most of the rules
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ i could get you for insubordination.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~The latter, I'd say.~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Yeah, but you're still stupid. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  Now that they are all dead, we just have someone
scoop them up.  Computer, raise oxygen levels back to normal and reset
environmental controls.
Cpt Morrigan:   :::bites her thumb at Vic as the doors close:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ Yes... yes... 
Victor Andros:  ::Chuckles:: 
HeatherMclouson:        So there should be no problems between him and Cyanah.
HeatherMclouson:        Right?
Victor Andros:  &lt;m&gt; &quot;Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?&quot;
Victor Andros:  ::Laughs::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::walks into the room and sees the dead spiders and
the temperature just fine::  Was that so hard? 
Victor Andros:  ::Sits in the center chair and abruptly stops laughing.
Victor Andros:  ::
Lt Sara Crusher:        I guess not...::shruges:: Though he did walk 15 paces
behind her the other day 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Lockheart&gt; +taps+ Well you asphixiated the spiders...
umm... but the environmental controls reset to the last setting... 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;I LOVE my first officer!&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::hears the Commander::  Romeo and Juliet, Commander?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::Feels the heat rise::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; Bloody hell.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::steps inside to see the mess of dead
spiders:: It's getting warmer... 
Victor Andros:  Aye, Lieutenant.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  Can we fix the phasers and then you can make this
place into something a little less Vulcanish?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; I'm going to go in there and... manually
readjust the environment... 
HeatherMclouson:        Would that pose a problem as far as sharing research 
Victor Andros:  She does have to have the last word all the time, doesn't
Lt Sara Crusher:        I still have a lot to learn before our next layover and
shore leave... ::shakes her head::
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~What are you planning today, brother?~~
LtJoshuaAsper:  Yes, sir.  Then again, I think all Captains are like that.
HeatherMclouson:        Ah yes you two are planning to head to Delos.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::walks through the spider corpses and 
the JT hatch again:: At least they're all dead right? 
Lt Sara Crusher:        I don't think so.. She did say she was going to have a 
with him
Lt Sara Crusher:        Shh!
Victor Andros:  ::Wiggles his lips a little:: Perhaps.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::brushes the spider webs away and enters 
HeatherMclouson:        What?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Not much, Lwax. Just ... going over some PADDs and
familiarizing myself with what these people are like. Or what they say
they're like.~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        That's a secret.. *She* doesn't know we're going to 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::nods and follows Samantha in, stealing a look at
her butt::
HeatherMclouson:        Oh.
HeatherMclouson:        ::nods::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::JT doors close behind both of them:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~~There are others of us onboard... perhaps you
should seek them out... spend time with them.~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        I still have to get the Captain's permission and I 
want to say anything until I do
Lt SamanthaMason:       Lock&gt; +lark, Sam+ Oh you guys... um... since you shut
the JT hatch before killing the Oxygen... um... and the JT hatch is
airtight...you get my drift?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt;  Crap.  ::Turns around and reopens the JT doors and
crawls out::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: ~~Yes, but ... well, there seems to be ... how
shall I put it? ... almost a bit of resentment now that they know who my
sister is.~~
Victor Andros:  So what are you planning for the show, Mr. Asper?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; AHH!! ::sees a huge spider in front of her,
slaps it, going a bit crazy with all those webs around:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ How far is the box? 
HeatherMclouson:        I think it'll be fine. Even if we get into the next 
there are bemaing stations positioned at proper intervals to take you most of
the way there. In fact your only shuttle time would be the last fifteen
minutes to Delos.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Right up ahead... 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::holds her breath:: +taps+ I'm going for 

ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~I have no idea how come ... except there are so many
stories about you and that Picard fellow.~~
HeatherMclouson:        If I read the maps correctly.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::crying on the inside...but forges ahead
through the thick spider webs:: 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::blinks in surprise::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~Not only that, but I have heard through the grapevine 
encounter with Q ...~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::makes her way through and sees where the
environmental junction is with something huge covering it:: What...IS...THAT?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ I don't know... I can't see anything. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::shakes head:: ~~I just don't get it ...~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        have you read everything in the computer banks?
HeatherMclouson:        ::rolls her eyes:: Just about....I'm up to
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::shaking, breathing irregularly, and
generally on the border of passing out :: 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::luaghs::
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::chuckles::: ~~My poor, poor brother....~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Just phaser it. 
HeatherMclouson:        ::shakes her head:: I know more than I did before
Lt Sara Crusher:        The computer wore a Star Fleet Mini Tunic...
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ I don't have a phaser!! ::hands 
to grab that thing:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the PADD::  I don't know, sir, any ideas?
HeatherMclouson:        Huh?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Lark&gt; ::looks in after Samantha::  Lieutenant?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; Yuck...yuck... yuck...::puts her fingers
around the mass:: EWWW... ewww... it's WARM!!
Lt Sara Crusher:        It's an old movie my brother liked.. The computer wore
Lt Sara Crusher:        nevermind
HeatherMclouson:        Oh! That movie. ::grins:: Yeah I see what you mean.
Cpt Morrigan:   END SIM
Victor Andros:  You know, I can't think of any witty Shakespeareanisms about
having to go to a nude ball.
Cpt Morrigan:   END SIM
HeatherMclouson:        ::apsued::
Cpt Morrigan:   END SIM
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::tugs at it, tugs harder:: Sunnvabitch!!
::pulls really hard tearing it off:: AHHHHHHH!!! ::spiders explode out of the
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::paused:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::paused::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ends
HeatherMclouson:        ::paused::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::desaup::
Cpt Morrigan:   Damn!  I was hoping to end before I got to see what Sam was
Victor Andros:  ::Blows into his whistle:: Attention!!
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Nazeeya Sakeena:        :::::paws trIdys:::::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::@@::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::AA::
ElRiov trIdrys:         =-O
HeatherMclouson:        ::AA::
Lt SamanthaMason:       so for a week Samantha will be trapped with 100s of 
Lt SamanthaMason:       and covered in spider goo
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay.... next week will occur approximately 12 hours after
HeatherMclouson:        yeah they'll be crawling in her ears and laying eggs in 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Neat.  ::thumbs up::
Nazeeya Sakeena:        Chip you have a ship full of spiders???? ewwwwwww thats
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::glares at Asper, who thinks that's neat::
Cpt Morrigan:   :::laughs:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       and there's a Minkey on the loose!!
Lt SamanthaMason:       and a milipede!
Lt SamanthaMason:       :-D
Nazeeya Sakeena:        and I was thinking of joinin, I'll have to rethink this 
Lt SamanthaMason:       and probably some rats and gerbils pumped full of 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Minkey&gt; ::hding in Morri's sonic shower::
Cpt Morrigan:   Always something going on at the Banshee!!!
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay... one quick announcement.
Nazeeya Sakeena:        I like trIdrys naked calisthenics and orges tho
Lt SamanthaMason:       wait till that Monkey gets ya!
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~FINALLY, Sis ... someone appreciates my idea!!~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       while you're naked and doing calisthetics!
Lt SamanthaMason:       I say we have a shipwide nude Twister tournament. ;)
Lt Sara Crusher:        next week everyone gets monkey pox vaccines...lol ::gets
out the big needles::
Nazeeya Sakeena:        ohh fun
Cpt Morrigan:   The LotM for the USS Banshee and entry for the Muse Award for
the month of May was.....
Cpt Morrigan:   Eye of the Storm by our dear Doctor Crusher!
Lt SamanthaMason:       Monkey&gt; ::hiding in Crusher's closet:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::claps and cheers::  Congratulations!
Victor Andros:  ::applauds::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Thank you ::smiles::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wooo!! Crusher!!! 
ElRiov trIdrys:         WOOHOO!! ::clappityclappityclapclap::
HeatherMclouson:        ::claps::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::moved in with Cy.. Monkey can have my closet::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Monkey&gt; ::in Crusher's *current* closet::
ElRiov trIdrys:         WTG Sara! I get a Frog on the Hal and you get a LotM on 
Banshee! Same night!
Lt Sara Crusher:        :-D
Lt SamanthaMason:       and all I got was trapped with 1000 spiders...
Lt SamanthaMason:       way to stomp on them Lark
Cpt Morrigan:   :::hugs Sam:::
Nazeeya Sakeena:        use a fire extingisher on them
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay, Vic... put these crazies to bed.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Spider: ::crawls onto Morri's shoulder::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::hugs Morri... although covered in spider goo::
Victor Andros:  Banshee....
Victor Andros:  Dis-miSSED!
Lt Sara Crusher:        no school no bed!
Cpt Morrigan:   :::shudders:::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Niters all

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