<USS Banshee> Avoidance

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Joe was once again in the security office in his ongoing struggle to find 
able bodied new crewmen after the loss of several members of the security 
personell in the operation to rescue the captain. When he wasnt there he was 
ususally in holodeck training them or just working out. There was no hiding 
his well musceled body in the standard issue Star Fleet Uniforms but his body 
was not an issue of vanity, it's just that working out had been one of his 
early defense mechanisms in life a good way to avoid his father's constant 
disaproval and a good way to forget about the weird feelings he always had 
that were just not proper in his culture. Truth be told he really did enoy 
working out not just because it was his escape from the real world, but 
because it was a way to constantly punish himself for not being good enough, 
after all no pain no gain.

     He didnt think he had been ready to be C-sec, he still didn't, even 
temporarily, but he had been told he did a good job. In a way he had been 
greatful when the whole situation started because Commander Andross had just 
sent him to Sick Bay when it had begun, and as big and tough as he looked he 
dreaded needles. But more importantly he would have been forced to interact 
with more members of the crew, which he had been avoiding because he still 
felt like he didnt belong.He had gone to Star Fleet because his grandfather's 
dream had been for one of his children to go to Star Fleet which had never 
hapepned in his family because they were a long line of farmers in Colombia 
on the continent of South America on Earth, but when his only son died and 
his only daughter married Joe's father Edison that never happened. When the 
old man told him on his death bed of his lifelong desire he saw it as a way 
to make his granfather proud but even better to get away from his dad and get 
to a new enviroment and find out about himself. 

     However, Star Fleet had truly been a challenge for him like nothing 
before had ever been. School had always come easy to him just like sports and 
the martial arts had ben easy, but Star Fleet was complelty different. He 
found himself spending every waking moment studying hard just to make the 
minimum  marks in some areas especially the physical sciences, those had been 
excruciating. So he never got a real chance to interact with his peers and 
many beleived him to be anti-social, he never got to grow up and find himself 
like he had intended when he came to Star Fleet, and now he was an Ensign on 
a great ship and he was doing the same thing innundating himself with more 
work than truly needed to be done in order to avoid people, but no more. 
Tonight he was going to go to sickbay get that physical and try to meet 
people, tonight at the age of 22 Joseph Castillo was going to begin growing 

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