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Meeting New People
By Ensn Joe Castillo
     Lt. Sara Crusher

Sickbay was busy and once again seemed to be the place to be. The Captain was 
zooming around in her new hover chair and Heather had just released Josh 
after treating him for injuries he got on the holodeck. Sara was grateful for 
Heather being able treat him. She still felt a little odd for some reason. 
After watching Josh leave and Heather head back to the AMOs office, Sara 
turned her attention back to the young security officer she was attempting to 
give a physical too. She ran her tri-corder over him and smiled. 

"So how do you like her so far?" She asked as she read the scans results. 
"The Banshee I mean." 

The young man on the bed was older then her. He was tall and very nicely 
built. His short hair neat and perfect. He smiled kindly at her. "This is my 
first ship." He started. "It fact, the only ship I've been on besides the on 
that brought me to DS9. So I‘m kinda like a kid with a new toy." 

Sara smiled back at him. "Then you and I have something in common.. This is 
my first real assignment as well." She hoped that her soft tone was easing 
his tension a bit. She knew that most people didn’t like coming to sick bay. 
Hell, she didn’t like coming to sick bay as a patient, so she tried her best 
to make it some what of a relaxed atmosphere. The fact that Captain Morrigan 
was in the back ground crashing into things made it a silly atmosphere. 
"Really?" Joe’s surprise was clear on his face. Sara was young. She looked 
young. He would have put his money on this curvy little red head being no 
more then twenty-one, maybe twenty-two. "Wow you have risen in the ranks 
fairly quickly then." 

The tri-corder in her hand beeped and Sara pressed a few buttons on it to 
check the read outs. She blushed a little at Joe’s comment. It bothered her 
at times, her age and her position, but no one knew that. Not even Cyanah. "I’
ve only been CMO for a short time." 

Joe nodded and then flashed her a smooth smile. "Of course with your family 
history of greatness it’s no wonder that you would be so talented." He looked 
around the room, taking a moment to watch the Captain in her pursuit to 
master her chair. "I'm the first in my family to ever go to Star Fleet so I 
really didn't know what to expect." 

Wow, Sara thought to herself, this one’s smoother then Josh, yet there was 
something about him she liked. Then again, Sara liked most people. "My family 
is a lot to live up to." She admitted as she shrugged off the comment. "And 
even when you do come from a Fleet family you still don’t know what to expect 
out here." 
Joe fidgeted a bit as Sara walked around him scanning his head. "I'm sure you’
re making them very proud Doctor, I bet you’re one of the youngest ever chief 
of medical in Star Fleet."

It was Sara’s turn to be a little uncomfortable and the blush that colored 
her cheeks showed it. "Kinda." She said as she stood in front of him again. 
Her voice became soft and almost child like. "I still question if I should 
have this position." She paused and looked over his shoulder at Morrigan and 
smiled. The Captain had tamed the chair just as Sara knew she would. Sara 
remembered Morrigan telling her she was proud of her and she thought about 
the real reason she was so damn scared of her. She was afraid of letting her 
down more then she was of her bite. "But I trust the Captain's judgement. She’
s the one who put me here and damn if I’ll prove her faith in my is well 
placed." Her voice had become strong and very confident again. 

The respect and admiration this young woman felt for their Captain was clear 
to Joe. In fact since he‘d come aboard he‘d seen that look on almost every 
crew member is passed. This woman must be something alright and Joe felt 
himself lucky to be on the ship. "She's a great brave confidence I admire her 
tremendously and if she made you Chief of Medical I'm sure it was with good 

"That she is.. Scary as hell though." Sara grinned. "But I wouldn't want to 
serve any other." Sara nodded and smiled to accentuate her point. It was time 
to change the subject.  "Your Security.. One of J'van's men, right?" 

Joe nodded at her and seemed to beam a bit. "Yes ma'am that’s another awe 
inspiring individual, although he’s giving me gray hairs prematurely."

"You and me both." She laughed. "I didn’t like him much at first. Thought he 
was pushy and full of himself. Still do.. But I owe him a lot and have found 
that he‘s really an ok guy. Lie back for me, please."

Joe went on after nodding to her again. "He told me today that I was doing a 
great job but sometimes just like you I wonder what I’m doing here." He lied 
back on the bio bed and his body seem to react almost in an instant. His 
guard was up even thought it didn’t need to be with Sara. He couldn’t help 
but think that she wouldn’t be able to hurt a fly let alone take him out. 

Sara watched as the Captain buzzed past her and towards the door. They nodded 
to each other and then the Captain was gone. Sara then looked at Joe and 
sighed a bit. "We all question ourselves at times.. Can't help it when your 

"I went to Star Fleet because my Grandfather wanted someone in his family to 
go to Star Fleet, but when my uncle died and my mom met my dad that never 
happened. So when he told me that on his deathbed I broke down, he told me he 
was proud of me but that was one of his biggest regrets not living to see 
someone from his family go to Star Fleet." Physically he was on guard but 
other wise.. He had never been so open. What is it about this young woman? 
Why is it so easy for him to talk to her?

Sara continued to run her scans and tests while she listened to Joe. It didn’
t take long to finish his exam. He was above normal standards in most of his 
tests. Now the only thing to do was start making notes in his file. 

"That and my father never approved of anything I ever did so I wanted to get 
away from him, grow-up, and meet new people." 

"I understand the wanting to grow up part." She finally said. When she had 
come to the Banshee she was a little girl playing at being a woman. Now, even 
though she was still very young and very naive, at least she was a woman 
playing at being a woman. "You can sit up now."

Joe sat up slowly and watched as Sara moved towards a computer consol. He 
watched her work for a while and then sighed to himself. "All my life 
everything came so easy to me but all that changed when I joined. Man was it 
hard I had to study day and night to meet minimum marks in some classes 
especially the science ones." 

Sara turned at the sound of Joe‘s voice. "It was the other way around for me. 
I had to work for it all. I had to prove myself." 

"I know what you mean." Joe replied softly. 

There was another long silence in the room as Sara filled out the rest of the 
paper work and Joe looked around the room. Then Joe smiled again. "You know 
Doc don’t take this the wrong way but I like you. I haven't opened up to 
anyone in a  long time." 

Sara returned the smile. "Thank you, Joe. Your a good guy yourself." 

Joe blushed ever so slightly, then quickly changed the subject. "Was it hard 
growing up with the Crusher name?"

Sara was caught a little off guard. She had often caught flack from her name. 
Being a  Crusher people thought she should meet up to higher standards. Your 
mother did this so you must do that. Your Aunt would have done it this way, 
why did you do it that way. Only once did she ever get so up set by this that 
she exploded and that was only because she was on a date with a guy who 
really had a thing for her aunt. "Not really.. It got to be weird in medical 
school and at the academy. But that was only because my mother teaches 

"Ooh did you have her as a teacher?" Joe asked. 

"Telepathic Cultures of the Alpha Quadrant.. First term there." Sara said 
with a laugh. 

"Was she hard on you?"

"She expected more from me I think.. But then again she expects a lot from 
all her students." 

Joe looked at Sara closely and then thought about it. "Short, blonde, with 
big brown eyes. Taught "History of the Federation Council" and "Cultures and 
Races of the Alpha quadrant?""  

Sara laughed again. "That would be her and two of her favorite classes to 

"I had her. I can’t believe I didn’t put it together," Joe laughed and then 
in a teasing tone of voice added. "Ok. Give it to me straight Doc. I’m a 
mess, right?" 

"Your fine, Joe. I’d be out of a job if the others were as fit as you are." 

Joe smiled and was about to get up but instead looked at Sara with a rather 
puzzled look. "Where do you people go for fun and to meet other people? Your 
the first person I have introduced myself too. Which is sad considering how 
many different personalities
there are on this ship. But it’s so hard to meet people." 

Sara couldn’t help but laugh as she sat on the stool next to the counter. "Ya 
know your right. It is hard to meet other crew members. This is how I've 
first meet all my friends on board.. By giving physicals. It's even how I met 
my.." She paused and blushed a little. "how I met Cy for the first time." 

Joe was curious. Sara was cute but Jenny had said something about not 
flirting with someone. Did that mean, Sara was taken? "Who's Cy if you don't 
mind me asking?"

The smile on Sara’s face grew and before she could catch herself she blurted 
out. "My girlfriend. Lt. Cyanah Kaelyre.. She's the Chief of Science."  

That was it. Jenny said not to flirt with the chief of science. Joe then 
became very serious "Oh that’s nice. That you have someone. How does that 
work for you? I always heard growing up that relationships on the job have 
ways of getting messy." He paused and then added. "Of course a lot of things 
I heard growing up are archaic but oh well South America never progressed as 
rapidly as the rest of the World I guess." 

"It hasn't been easy.. She was on the away team with the Captain." Sara 
swallowed hard as she rubbed the back of her neck. The mere thought of that 
whole damned mess seemed to cause her neck to spasm. 

"Oh that’s right that must have been hard on you." Joe said with concern. 

Sara nodded. "It was, but she’s home now and that’s what matters." 

Joe tried to smile, "It’s great though that you've been able to find somebody 
out here in the middle of nowhere." But he couldn’t and his gesture ended up 
in a frown.

Sara noticed his reaction and knew that the deep hearted sigh he just did wasn
’t a happy one. "Is there something wrong?" She figured he was uncomfortable 
with the idea of her relationship. Cyanah had warned her she’d run into more 
then a few people who would be. 

"Oh nothing.  I’m just remembering my father, he's very old fashioned. Lets 
just say if any of his children ever had a relationship with someone of the 
same sex he... well, he just wouldn’t stand for it. That’s kinda why I 
wanted to get away from him there are just too many things he frowns upon."  
Yeap there it was the human close mindedness she was expecting. She was glad 
to see however that Joe didn’t share in his father’s ideals. "That's a 
common ideal with humans. I'm lucky I guess, being Betazed.. There's more 
understanding there." 

Joe laughed a bit. "If you think humans are bad I hope you haven’t met any 
Humans.. Their the worst.." 

"I'm human as well, Joe, and I grew up in Arizona after my mother gave up her 
ship... I've met Latin humans.. dated a few in fact." Sara laughed. 

Joe sighed again. "I was starting to have weird feelings when I decided to go 
into Star Fleet." 

"Weird feelings? Like what?" The words were out of her mouth before she could 
stop them. "I'm sorry,  I'm being nosy." 

"No No it's ok." Joe said as he watched the young woman stand up. Her face 
full of embarrassment. "I haven’t talked to anyone about it at all in like 5 
years and I don’t mean to dump on you but maybe you would understand what I 
mean. I began to be curious about "same sex relationships" but I haven’t had 
a chance to "explore" it." Joe paused and look at Sara for a moment. He 
smiled at her and the with a wink added.  "Don't get me wrong.. I love women 
and their bodies but I’m curious about men's bodies as well. What‘s it like 
for you?" 

Sara was a little uncomfortable, only because she was still new at this 
herself and was the last person to be giving advice or anything. "Well.. It’s 
different for me. I think. Or maybe not. It’s weird for me.. Not as much as 
it was at first but that’s because of Cyanah. She’s very understanding and 
supportive. I mean I hadn‘t planed on falling in love with my best friend.. 
Let alone my best female friend." Sara smiled happily. "But you know what. 
Now that I have her, I wouldn’t give her up for anything in the world." 

Joe couldn’t help but laugh, "That’s how I knew the feelings started. I got 
curious about my best friend while working out at the gym. And I’m glad you 
were able to find someone to be happy with." 
"Thank you." She replied softly. 

"So I guess the best relationships begin as friendships huh?" He asked trying 
to lighten the mood. 

Sara smiled. "That’s what I’m learning. Or at least that's how it's worked 
out for me anyway." Suddenly something dawned on Sara. "Ya know I never did 
answer your question about places on the ship. We have a great gym here as 
well as some other cool
places like a botanical garden, and there’s the Down Under Lounge, but most 
people meet in 3F. You should check them out. Doctors orders..’ Sara smiled. 
"And who knows maybe we’d run into each other and I could introduce you to 

"What’s 3f?" 

"Three Forward.. It's one of our lounges." She laughed forgetting that he was 
new and didn’t know about it yet. Then added, "They have great ice cream." As 
if that was the deciding factor that made it a cool place to hang out. 

Joe got a bit of a gleam in his eye. "Oh that would be a great place to start 
regaining my
confidence, Say Doc is Jenny seeing anybody? Like I said I’m curious about 
men but I love Women." 

Sara laughed hard this time. "Not that I know of. You should ask her out. She 
works to much."

"Think shed say yes?"

"You never know till you try." Sara answered him with a smile and a wink. 

"I haven't asked anyone out on a date in about 5 years but I guess I'll give 
it a try. No guts no glory, right." 

"Right!" Sara said with a smirk. 

Joe smiled at Sara and then hopped down off the table. "Yup, well Doc thanks 
a bunch, I’m gonna go see when she’s off duty and see if  she wants to have 
a drink."

Sara smiled back. "Well good luck, Joe. It was nice meeting you, and 
chatting. But now I have a get ready to go. I have a dinner date with a 
certain red head later and I have a ton of work to finish up." 

"Ah the infamous Cy." He teased. 

Sara laughed as she nodded her head. "See you around the ship Joe." 

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