<USS Banshee> "A Posable Breakthrough"

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"A Posable Breakthrough"
By: Lt. Commander Sara Kaelyre

It was late, after midnight, the lights in sick bay were all turned down low 
so the patients could sleep. The only lights on at full in the whole area 
where in the night shift’s lounge and in the lab next to the chief medical 
s office. 

Sara sat at her lab table staring at the four vials of serum that rested in 
the long metal rack that she traced with her index finger. Weeks worth of work 
and research had helped her to create the serums, but the results she wanted 
still seemed so far away. The treatment worked to a point, the combination of 
the four vials and the addition of a fifth, would change the structure of a 
humanoid cell which would slow it’s aging. The problem was that the treatment 
weakened the cell as it rewrote it’s nucleus. If only she could find a way to 
keep the cell alive until it’s reconstruction was complete. 

"Computer after analyzing the data on experiments S-75, S-89, S-93, and S-104 
what could be added to decrease the chance of cellular deconstruction?"


Sara sat the rack of vials down on the table and stood up, stretching out her 
tired and tight muscles. She really needed to take a break from this, to step 
back and regroup. She was being awfully bitchy to her staff and restless at 
home, but every time she tried to put the project aside something or someone 
would bring up something that would remind her why she was doing this. 

"Computer do you have an answer for me yet." Sara asked as she paced the 
length of her lab trying to work out the cramp in her calf. 

"There are no known approved additions that will maintain the cellular 
structure during treatment." 

A slow hiss passed from Sara’s lips as she threw herself into a chair. She 
leaned her head back against the edge of the chair and closed her eyes hoping 
clear her mind long enough to think clearly. Sara sat there for a long time. 
Her breathing began to shallow and for a moment it appeared that she’d fallen 
asleep, which she almost had. It was in that small moment before sleep that an 
idea hit her like a ton of bricks. 

"Computer, you said there were no approved additions but what about 
unapproved. What about the addition of Borg nanoprobes?" 

"Borg technology is not approved for medical use in the Federation." 

Sara moaned. "That’s not what I asked. I asked if the addition of the probes 
to the serums would stop the cells from dieing while they’re being rewritten."

"Theoretically the addition of Borg nanoprobes would stabilize the procedure."

As soon as the computer had confirmed it Sara began to write the simulation 
that would show her the best way to add the probes. She’d worry about how 
d get her hands on nanoprobes later. Sara paused in her typing a moment as she 
thought back to the conversion she’d had with Russell. Would using nanoprobes 
when she knew they weren’t an approved option make her just as bad as Russell 
was? Would it make her a hypocrite? Sara shook her head as an answer. Russell 
tested on other people, she’d be using this on herself. It wasn’t the 

Was it?


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